Articles written by: Diane Weber Bederman

Shaming Criminals Could Reduce Crime

Have you ever seen a dog wearing a cone over his head? Those big, clunky plastic cones that keep them from licking a wound? Its official name is "Elizabethan Collar." It works. It just looks ridiculous. I sometimes think that these dogs and cats know that it looks...

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What happened to Motion 103?

“We will stand as we stood today, as we will stand in the future, for any insult that comes to the Prophet and you should know this, that this is going to continue. It will not stop, and God is our witness, we will see the day when religion of Allah will overpower all...

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Fake News:An attempt at a Coup?

At what point in time does journalism move from unethical to illegal? When does First Amendment protected hate speech become hate speech inciting an imminent threat of death to the president of the United States of America by the word or by the sword? It is the best...

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Attacks on Freedom Itself

As a Jewish grandmother with nine grandchildren, I fear for their future. Not from the right. One thing I know is the position of the KKK and the Nazis. The left is spreading hate under a veil that has been provided by the media. They talk about free speech but...

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What value citizenship?

Is citizenship to be considered an absolute right; inviable for all time? if that is the case then I suggest that we have demeaned and dishonoured our Canadian citizenship and those, too young and old, who protected and defended our Western way of life. Our citizenship has no more pride than theirs. What pride could they have in Canada, other than the fact that they were given a gift and then spit in our faces? Are we to wash off that spit and welcome them back into the Canadian fold?

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Marshall McLuhan Meets Social Media

  In 1967 Marshall McLuhan, forever remembered for the expression, “The medium is the message,” wrote that we live in a complex system of information, physically, physiologically, nervously, humanly. He wrote at that time that there had never been so much...

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