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New English review is pleased to announce the publication of our forty-fourth title: Bullies of Woke and Their Assault on Mental Health by Diane Weber Bederman.

Bullies of Woke and Their Assault on Mental Health is a ground-breaking work documenting the serious harm the ”Progressive Left” is doing to the mental health of our innocent children who are subject to the unrelenting pressure to conform to woke ideology as never before. Bederman is unsparing in her critique of the absurdity, anti-Americanism and anti-Western cultural ideas emanating from the Woke brigade. Our children are literally being bullied to death—committing suicide rather than endure the viscous and aggressive bullying to which they are routinely subject these days. Critical Race Theory, Transgenderism and the heavy-handed efforts to silence dissent are deadly foes of what was once broadly considered to be classical liberalism. Bederman’s book is simultaneously a guidebook to the modern woke movement and a call to action for the common-sense, silent majority to rise-up in opposition and restore our Judeo-Christian bedrock values in our homes, our schools, and our nations.

Advance Praise for Bullies of Woke:

The Bullies of Woke is Diane Weber Bederman’s most passionate defense yet of the West’s embattled, Judeo-Christian values in the face of the religious fanatics of “wokeness.” In this short but wide-ranging book, she empowers us to resist the Progressive bullying of Cancel Culture, Critical Race Theory, the abuse of language, the war on the traditional family, and more. For anyone beginning to despair that our civilization is lost, Diane Bederman points the way forward, with wisdom, compassion, and a fighting spirit.

Mark Tapson, the Shillman Fellow on Popular Culture for the David Horowitz Freedom Center

Diane Weber Bederman takes all the cultural bullies of our era to the woodshed in this compact guide to the perplexed. In well-chosen examples, she illustrates the many genres of “malignant normality” that surround those of us struggling to remain rational in a post-reason world. Rooted in the timeless principles of our Judeo-Christian heritage, the lucid, spirited prose of Bullies of Woke is a tonic call to moral arms.

Barbara Kay, columnist for The National Post, The Post-Millennial and The Epoch Times

Internationally renowned author, Diane Weber Bederman, puts pen to paper in her Bullies of Woke and their Assault on Mental Health to give us an insightful look into the attack on the principles that underpin our Western way of life. She notes that these principles, wrapped up and secured within a Judeo-Christian ethic, have come under relentless attack by a “new religion of the woke” – a religion that seeks, as a priority, to negate the fundamental building block of Western culture in the form of the nuclear family. Indeed, from the preface right through to the end of the final 22nd chapter, the author warns that apathy, cowardice and a general failure to defend the agency of individual free will, hard won after 3500 years of history, has left our children and grandchildren at risk. This clear-sighted literary offering combines the passion of a loving parent and grandparent with a full slate of expert and footnoted references. It is an essential addition to the libraries of those seeking to understand the perils faced by freedom-loving citizens and their families and what can be done to fight back.

Major Russ Cooper (Canadian Airforce Ret’d), Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms

The late, great journalist, George Jonas wrote “Don’t let Western civilization the best and most humane form of civilization developed by mankind to perish by default.”


From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”