Dear Jewish organizations: What have you done for us lately?

We read that the world is much like 1939, except on steroids. It seems all the effort to teach about the Holocaust has failed.

I am writing this about Canada, but I suggest this is a problem all over the West.

This Jew hatred is far worse and more dangerous than in the Nazi era. It’s remarkable. And the worst of times began October 8, 2023, one day after the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.

October 7th:

A terrified family are held captive in their own home as a terrorist sat on their sofa and filmed them on a live stream. The terrified mother, Lishay Lavi Miran, can be seen clutching her baby as gunshots are fired outside the house. Moments later her husband Omri was dragged from the home and kidnapped. He has been held hostage ever since for 258 days. The terrorists live streamed the family being held at gunpoint and posted it on their neighbors Facebook.


We are being attacked for being “Occupiers” in our own land.

Of committing Genocide in Gaza

Of being baby killers.

Dear Jewish Organizations, what have you done, exactly, to stop the hate? To stem the hate? Hate like this?

Oh, letters and petitions and Webinars…Oh my.

We are witnessing world-wide unabated hate for Jews. Jew hating, Israel hating protests, are shared worldwide on social media. Using social media as their “main pathway,” extremist influencers have praised Hamas and disseminated antisemitic content and conspiracy theories that incite violence. People choose  to believe that Jews and Israel are evil. They yell and scream and too many Jews hide behind written complaints and Webinars.

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

In Ottawa, today, Canada’s capital city where truckers were arrested in 2022, these protests are permitted. And in Toronto.

These videos are often shared thousands of times.

The Jew hating, Israel hating and protests are spread on social media. Have you ever seen a letter shared millions of times?  Have you ever heard anyone on social media screaming – wow what a fantastic letter? When was the last time a great letter swayed anyone on social media? Who wants to read when they can watch?

I receive bulletins from B’nai Brith and CIJA and Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center,  sharing the hate of the week. A round-up. Yes, CIJA arranged a protest in Ottawa on December 4, 2023. And it is now June, but the hate goes unabated; if anything, it is worse. When will the Jewish community get a return on our investment?

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

Somehow the Jews became the bad guys for having the unmitigated gall of defending Israel after the Muslims invaded and committed the most barbaric of crimes. After all, the Muslims were merely “resisting.”  Resisting what?

There are no limits. The Jew haters have no fear. They protest on the streets, in their Kufiyahs: today’s Swastika, in Jewish neighbourhoods:

“You’re a baby killer. Baby killer. You support genocide. You’re going to be called out on it every-time.”

Oh, that’s precious. This after the Muslim barbarian Hamastinians put live Jewish babies in ovens, decapitated others and raped children. Notice, though, the police on bicycles escort the Jew haters.

And then there are protesters yelling at Jews to go back to Poland;  yelling at universities, everywhere, and no one stops them.

And guess who supports these protests? Iran’s Supreme leader!


And it seems the Toronto Police. Not only do they “escort protesters,” they bring coffee and donuts to protesters in Toronto, and the Chief of Police is going to mosques to tell them he is with them; protecting them from hate speech!  He was referring to the Rebel News Truck sharing facts about Islam. FACTS: The Chief of Police was beside himself over the truck!

I must have been asleep when he visited the synagogues telling the Jews the police are here for you!

And where were the police when Muslim Mothers walked their children through a Toronto Jewish neighborhood carrying Swastikas?

Where are our politicians? Remember when a young Muslim girl said her hijab had been cut while walking on the street?  The sturm und drang was everywhere. The PM was totally offended – Islamophobia! The Premier of Ontario, Wynn was beside herself. The mayor was horrified. They all said that despite the fact the story was NOT true, one must speak up against hate. Really? Where are they, today, when the attacks, please note plural, on our Jewish children at university at public schools are real. Where is that sturm and drang?

Where is the Mayor of Toronto, Olivia Chow? She had no problem attending a transgender event but said she was too busy to attend the 50,000-person Walk With Israel.

More importantly, where are our Jewish organizations?

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

I guess this is all just free speech. They had free speech in Germany, too. And too many Germans remained silent as did most of the world. And then the Germans watched as the Jews were marched into ovens.  An acquaintance of mine said most people don’t care about the protests, today; the Jew hatred, what’s going on. It doesn’t affect them! Oh.

It’s the hate in our schools that worries me the most. Since October 7, Jew hatred has skyrocketed, especially at our schools. At our universities, Muslims, with their left-wing woke puppets, prevent Jews from accessing the schools. And the universities? Well, they negotiate.

Adults are negotiating with Jew-hating students?

There are laws at these schools that are supposed to protect all students. But they don’t. They don’t protect Jews; neither did Nazi Germany.

Just recently the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), the largest and one of the most diverse school boards in Canada, with approximately 235,000 students in 582 schools and approximately 42,000 employees, decided it was important to include Anti-Palestinian Racism into the curriculum, while at the same time doing nothing for the Jewish children under attack at their schools. This, at a time when Jew hatred has never been more dangerous.

I am sharing the link to Leon Kushner’s excellent blog about the shenanigans at the Toronto District School Board and their need to protect “Palestinians.”

“Our Toronto District School Board is considering to promote an ‘anti-Palestinian’ school policy that would consider anyone opposing memes like ‘from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ as anti-Palestinian. In fact anyone opposing pro-Palestinians who wish to replace Jewish Israel with Muslim Palestine as anti-Palestinian hate speech.

“Despite the statistics provided by our police force where antisemitic incidents in Toronto have increased by 300% since last year and has put Jew hate in the top racist spot, way ahead of any Palestinian hate, our school board insists on pushing their narrative to protect their right to demean Jewish students, Jewish teachers and Jews at large.”

This hatred started OCTOBER 13, 2023, one week after the barbaric Muslim attack on Israel. And, continues, today.  So, I ask again, what have our Jewish organizations done since October 7?

The school board, in the midst of the worst Jew hatred since the Holocaust is worried about Anti-Palestinian Racism? What is it?  Seems no one knows. But, so what? But we do know Jew hatred.

Director of Education Colleen Russel-Rawlins admitted during discussions that defining APR was not feasible. Yet, the board adopted the strategy, highlighting a disturbing lack of clarity and foresight in their decision-making process?

Where are our Jewish organizations?

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

No wonder we are drowning in Jew hatred. Have we not learned that letter writing and speeches will not stop Jew hatred? The Jew haters know. Our Jewish organizations do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. Our Jewish people excel at writing. We have won many awards. But, think about it, how many clicks do letters and petitions get on social media?

We need to be seen and heard.

Loud and proud.

How about promoting and supporting more protests?

Let’s go for the Best Protest Award.

I have an idea.

Why don’t we march in Muslim neighbourhoods, at universities, in front of our government buildings and media outlets? We could all carry torches and wrap ourselves in Israeli flags, and scream:

“You will not replace us!”

After all, the torch parade by marching white supremacists shouting by “Jews Will Not Replace Us” in 2017 was shared everywhere! Can you imagine the uproar if Jews marched in Muslims communities? Oh the screams of Islamophobia! Love it. I can guarantee those videos would go viral!

It is time for our Jewish organizations to wake up and not repeat the “same old same old.”

Why not start with demands to end Federal funding for the grossly antisemitic CBC? Why should Jews be forced to support a media outlet that portrays us as evil?

It’s time to end Jew Hatred with education in Jewish schools. We need to remove our Jewish children from the DEI, woke, Progressive, CRT public education system and send them to Jewish schools if there is to be any future for our Jewish children and grandchildren in Canada or America – countries that are built on the Jewish ethic from the Hebrew Bible.  We need to teach our children self-defence so that they never feel fear when faced with the Jew haters that are everywhere. And we need to teach our Jewish children how to protest.

Let’s begin by placing #EndJewHatred signs on lawns everywhere: At churches and mosques and schools and government buildings and media outlets.

Most importantly, we need an organization to raise money to subsidize these Jewish schools, so all Jewish families have the opportunity to remove their children from public schools. And that organization needs to be run by volunteers so that all the money goes to the children. Surely to goodness, there are enough people in our community who can do this. And we need to push the government to allow our tax dollars to follow our children to their school of choice.

What we don’t need are Jewish organizations that talk and talk and talk.

I leave you with Ezra Levant who has done more to fight Jew hatred than all the Jewish organizations combined. What a role model!


Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”

Diane Weber Bederman