No one person is alone when he can cling to a chain of tradition in which he is the latest link.  

Rabbi Lookstein

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•    Episode One-Accessing Mental Health Care:  Listen Now
•    Episode Two-Mental Health Therapies:  Listen Now
•    Episode Three-Suicide and Involuntary Commitment:  Listen Now
•    Episode Four-Concurrent Disorders-Mental Illness and Addiction: Listen Now
•    Episode Five-Mental Health Care in the Community: Listen Now
•    Episode Six-Living Well With Mental Illness: Listen Now

Episode 1-Accessing Mental Health Care

  I will take you with me on a first visit to a psychiatrist with Dr. David Koczerginski, Chief of Psychiatry at William Osler Health System. Some people are afraid of the questions that might be asked. We’ll remove that fear together. There are some people who...

Episode 2-Mental Health Therapies

  There are many therapies for mental illness. We’ll learn about the different talk therapies from psychiatry to cognitive behaviour therapy and psychoanalysis, drug therapy and spiritual care. We’ll hear, again, from Dr. Koczerginski, psychoanalyst Dr. Stephen...

Episode 3-Suicide and Involuntary Commitment

  Too many of our children are taking their own lives. We will hear from a mother whose nineteen year old son tried to commit suicide. Then we will talk to Robin-Lee Norris a lawyer in Guelph, Ontario, Jacqueline Long a social worker in Guelph and Constable Mark...

Episode 4-Concurrent Disorders-Including Addiction

  I visited the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, CAMH, in Toronto, to talk to social worker, Jodi Wolff, Addiction Therapist, about concurrent disorders. Recreational drugs can sometimes, for some people, be life threatening and life altering. With all my...

Episode 5-Mental Health Care in the Community

I discovered that there are mental health care providers in health clinics around Ontario. Hopefully, those with mental health issues will be encouraged to take advantage of that help and seek early intervention. I spoke with Kim Bell at the East Wellington Family...

Episode 6-Living Well with Mental Illness

This last episode brings everything we have discussed, together. Amy and Fred Cusineau were the only people who would talk to me using their names. They take us through living with mental illness, the darkness of it as well as the transformation that comes with facing...