Boy, have we done a great job educating the last few generations. DIE, CRT, woke progressivism. Now we have Queers for Palestine. It takes a certain kinda stupid to be Queer for Palestine. The West now celebrates gay marriage and parades with naked gay people.

Although naked people are not permitted to march in Israel, LGBT2+ is celebrated; including this year:

LGBTQ+ supporters marched the streets of Jerusalem carrying rainbow flags, Israeli flags and yellow ribbons, a symbol for hostages still held in Gaza.”

Now, if these Queers for Palestine went to Muslim countries, they would probably be murdered – not disparaged, or demeaned or ignored. Nope. Murdered. And yet, these Queers for Palestine stand with those who scream INTIFADA – death to Israel.

Islam’s prohibition of homosexual acts is categorical, and its teachings on gender relations and sexual norms are foundational and inseparable from belief in Allah and His revelation. There is no room in Islam for the new direction in which the liberal culture appears to be dragging the West and, through its coercive ideological apparatus, the world as a whole.”

Homosexual acts are punishable by death in Saudi Arabia. In fact, for married men or non-Muslim men who engage sodomy with Muslims, the penalty is stoning, according to the Washington Post. And though the Middle Eastern country has no explicit anti-transgender laws, it adheres to a strict interpretation of Shari’a law and has arrested numerous people on cross-dressing charges.


Saudi Arabia is not the only country.

Then there was the Pride Parade in New York; disrupted by Muslim agitators. Here I thought they were friends.

“Protesters acting in solidarity with Palestine interrupted the New York City Pride March on Sunday afternoon, blocking a float from a major LGBTQ+ organization as it made its way down the West Village’s Christopher Street.”

On social media, New York Congressman Ritchie Torres criticized those who disrupted the parade to “signal solidarity with Hamas.”

“There is but one problem with Queers for Hamas: the love is not mutual. There is no Hamas for Queers,” said Torres. “Hamas would never be caught dead in a gay pride parade because it wants gay people dead. Queers for Hamas has not yet gotten the memo. Maybe one day it will. Useful idiocy can be outgrown.”

In summary: LGBT2+ in the Middle East

Then you have BLM standing with this diverse group. I doubt black people have any idea what Islam thinks of them. Blacks in Africa SOLD their own children to Muslim slave traders. They have a word for black people and it isn’t pretty.

The Arab/Muslim slave trade of Blacks in Southeast Africa predates the European transatlantic slave trade by 700 years as Islam spread into eastern Africa in the seventh century. Muslims were selling goods to the African kingdoms and the African kingdoms were paying with their own people. In most instances, no violence was necessary to obtain those slaves.

It’s estimated that between 650 CE and 1900, 10 to 20 million people were enslaved by Arab slave traders. Others suggest more than 20 million enslaved Africans had been delivered through the trans-Sahara route into the Islamic world. At the beginning of 10th century the calipha in Baghdad had 7,000 black eunuchs and 4,000 white eunuchs in his palace.

As casual association with Black skin and slave began to be established, racist attitudes towards Blacks began to manifest in Arabic language and literature. The word for slave – Abid – became a colloquialism for African. Other words such as Haratin express social inferiority of Africans.

To the Arab Muslims, African, black skin, and slave came to mean the same thing. The symbolism is astounding. And in Islam a slave is a dhimmi, if that. Freedom was not guaranteed even if an African chose to convert to Islam, his children now born to a Muslim were still not guaranteed freedom. There was and is no escape from that dhimmitude.


Today, Arab Muslims belittle black people.

“Yet year after year, racist mockery and derogatory language against Afro/black Arabs and black African migrants make it to the TV screens of millions of Arab families gathered to enjoy TV series produced especially for Ramadan.” Think about. The holiest month in the Muslim calendar and black people are stigmatized and dehumanized.

But you stand with the people who belittle you. Why?

And dear Christians standing with Muslims against Israel, are you aware of the teachings of Islam toward you, a dhimmi, especially in Muslim countries?

“This background of the dhimma is an essential context for appreciating the difficult situation facing Christians in Islamic lands today. The dhimmitude is the chief reason why the once-majority Christian populations in North Africa, Anatolia, and the Middle East are now mere tiny minorities in overwhelmingly Muslim countries. By persecution, legal handicaps, social and economic pressure, and the grinding life of the dhimmis, Christian families died out, watched loved ones convert to avoid execution and to put food on the table, or stood by helplessly as some Islamic governments claimed orphaned Christian relatives to raise them as Muslims.

The dhimma is not a mere tradition of the past: Radical Muslims openly call today for a pan-Islamic embrace of shari’a and the return to the dhimma and the jizya. History is poised to repeat itself, and the very survival of Christianity in Muslim lands may be at stake.”



And apparently, all of you intersectionalities  stand with this man: Yahya Sinwar, who  says all they want is to invade Israel and kill Jews “for the sake of Allah (God of Islam)”.

Well done. You all proudly stand together promoting the oldest hate in human history: Jew hatred. You hate the people who gave the world the ethic of freedom that includes free speech; the ethic that states all people have equal intrinsic value and all life is sacred.  The ethic that gives you the right to free speech; that you are using and abusing. These are the values that underpin Western Culture.

Well, to quote a famous philosopher, Forest Gump:


From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”

Diane Weber Bederman