Life is likened unto two roads: one of fire and one of ice. If you walk in  the one, you will be burned, and if in the other, you will be frozen. What shall one do? Walk in the middle.

Diane Weber Bederman is a spokesperson for current events & writer on topics such as; Ethics, Politics, Religion and Mental Health. She is a book author and highly published columnist.   Diane feels, “There is a shortage of respectful dialogue, today.  And too much opinion expressed that is fact free.”  Welcome to ”The Bederman Blog- Your Passionate Voice of Reason”, Diane’s collection of articles where the opinions you read may not be yours, but they will always be based on fact.
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Is antisemitism a virus? It sure acts like one. Here is  the transcript of my presentation for CAEF. The video is not perfect-I live in an area where only Satellite is available! Is antisemitism a virus? It sure acts like one. I am going to take you on a scientific journey of...

The Nobel Peace Prize:Donald Trump and Barack Obama

Trump meets Saudi Prince                 Obama meets Saudi prince                                                                In 2009 Barack Hussein Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize - not for anything he had done but because he had been elected. He won for being black. Well, the...

HOPE: The Gift of the Jews

  One of the greatest gifts the Jewish people have given to the world is the concept of hope, for a better future.  And we make that future possible because of the belief in moral agency: free will. With free will we choose hope, because we choose life. God said “I give you the blessing and...

How does fascism take over – take a look at Covid 19

  How often have we, as a society, looked back at the well-educated German people in the 1930’s and questioned how they came to accept Nazism and Hitler? Well, look around you. See how many people are behaving like good little Nazis walking in lock step with those who want to lock us down,...

Cardi B. High Culture meets Joe Biden

  Trigger Warning: This post may make you sick. Did you know Cardi B is a star?   So much so that she was given the opportunity to interview Joe Biden! WOW! What an honour. For both of them. She wants racial equality. And she tells us Trump’s mouth gets America in trouble. Cardi’s...

       About The Book

Not only are we under attack from those who hate our way of life, but our Western culture is crumbling from the internal pressures of worshiping the false gods of absolute tolerance, inclusion, and accommodation to the point that we welcome beliefs, customs, and rituals that undermine our democracy—in the name of democracy!


“An Intimate Soul Searching Journey. I highly recommend Back to the Ethic as a must read for all people of faith and people struggling with faith…”

“I’m very impressed with this book. Diane Weber Bederman give a very thorough understanding of exactly why the Judeo Christian tradition is the very foundation of our society. She shows exactly why it works and why other belief systems do not…”