Life is likened unto two roads: one of fire and one of ice. If you walk in  the one, you will be burned, and if in the other, you will be frozen. What shall one do? Walk in the middle.

Diane Weber Bederman is a spokesperson for current events & writer on topics such as; Ethics, Politics, Religion and Mental Health. She is a book author and highly published columnist.   Diane feels, “There is a shortage of respectful dialogue, today.  And too much opinion expressed that is fact free.”  Welcome to ”The Bederman Blog- Your Passionate Voice of Reason”, Diane’s collection of articles where the opinions you read may not be yours, but they will always be based on fact.
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Diane Weber Bederman- Fake News and Fake Jews

Diane Weber Bederman returns to talk about her new book dealing with fake news in the era of Trump. We also go after the Muslim Brotherhood and their enablers in Canada and the US. This interview could land us on some sort of list, watch at your own risk...Get the book here: Star article:

Posted by Daniel Bordman on Thursday, 5 September 2019

Interview with Daniel Bordman: Fake News and Fake Jews

My interview with Daniel Bordman. Fake News and Fake Jews

Interview on UnInterrupted with Daniel Bordman

  I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Daniel Bordman about religion, ethics, current events and the Islamophobia industry on his show Interrupted. ENJOY   From the Ethics...

Dear Jews: Too many of you don’t even know what it is you are not to forget

    Just before he was beheaded, Daniel Pearl said: "My mother is Jewish. My father is Jewish. I am a Jew."   I was out the other day and heard this most upsetting statement: You don’t vote for a political party just because of the way they treat Jews. Have we still not learned that...

Tear it down? It’s all about tearing down freedom.

  Victor Davis Hanson wrote “Much of the country believes that America is racist, cruel, and incapable of self-correction of its so-called original sins — without a radical erasure of much of its past history, traditions, and customs.” How sad it that?   Americans are tearing down...

The stories my father never told me

  UPDATE July 1. Thank you to another reader for sharing information about my father's shtetl: Your father's shtetl is not Sassov (which was never part of (pre Soviet) "Russia" and was only shifted between Poland/Austria-Hungary/Poland again (and only became part of the USSR after WWII - and...

Black Lives Matter, The Black Hebrew Israelites, Ice Cube, Farrakhan and the Pogroms of 2020.

  So here we are in the year 2020 and we have Black Lives Matter with BDS, which has once again used age-old tropes of experiencing “settler-colonialism” and “apartheid” in “Israel’s regime of oppression” to try to connect their plight with those of the African-American communities, using the...

       About The Book

Not only are we under attack from those who hate our way of life, but our Western culture is crumbling from the internal pressures of worshiping the false gods of absolute tolerance, inclusion, and accommodation to the point that we welcome beliefs, customs, and rituals that undermine our democracy—in the name of democracy!


“An Intimate Soul Searching Journey. I highly recommend Back to the Ethic as a must read for all people of faith and people struggling with faith…”

“I’m very impressed with this book. Diane Weber Bederman give a very thorough understanding of exactly why the Judeo Christian tradition is the very foundation of our society. She shows exactly why it works and why other belief systems do not…”