Where have all the parents gone?

Dear parents, it’s time to “man” up. Grow a pair and defend your daughters.

A bit of an explanation before reading the article.

I can understand  the fear of some parents. It has been revealed that the Canadian government has been keeping tabs on those in the “anti-gender movement” that oppose child sex changes, suggesting they pose a “violent threat” to the country. That could frighten a parent.

Reports from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and Integrated Terrorism Assessment Centre claimed that the ideology of parental rights and opposition to the modern gender movement were tied to far-right groups, including neo-Nazis and white nationalists. Hmmm

Being accused of being a Nazi for taking care of your children and protecting them from harm can be intimidating. But… that is your job.

Fathers tend to check out any young man who comes to the door to visit with his daughter. That’s his job. How did we get to a place where parents become bystanders when their daughters are in danger from a 50 year old man identifying as a 13 year old girl in a sport? And that 50 year old man changes in THEIR change room and uses the showers. And where are the people who supervise the sports arenas? And the police?

All terrified of a transgender woman.

How sick and sad.


Nicholas Cepeda competes under the name “Melody Wiseheart.” What? A stage name? Anyway, he competed as a teenage girl in Orillia, Ontario at a venue for a swimming tournament hosted by the local swim club, the Orillia Channel Cats. Using his stage name he was able to identify as a female teenager and shower with the girls. Nicholas Cepeda has reportedly been competing against girls since 2019.

Parents have shared their views. “It’s all so confusing for the kids,” said one parent. “No one is comfortable. Everybody is accepting of all people but them swimming against our kids and being in the locker room with them is not appropriate.” 

“We have no idea why it is allowed,” said a parent. “We know it’s not fair to the girls who are training at their sport and some of whom are hoping for scholarships.” 

You have no idea why this is allowed? Someone said, hey, let’s turn a boy into a girl by just saying “Abracadabra.” And: Voilà – it’s done! And to disagree is to be a transphobe! That’s how it was done. And you let it happen.

How is it possible for moms and dads to take their daughters to swim classes and either say nothing when they find out a man – complete with penis and testicles, pretending to be a young girl, is changing in your daughters change room or you protect your children with a tent of towels, instead of throwing him out on his rear end? You have one job – ONE JOB – to protect and defend your children from harm. Do you not think that maybe, just maybe, a man in your young daughter’s change room, exposing himself could be dangerous….to your daughters? Too many parents are such wusses that they fear being labeled a transphobe. There is no such thing as a transphobe. It’s a made up term for a made up “sex” only meant to frighten you into bowing down to false gods. Boy, did you bow down and let down your children. You put your children into danger so as not to offend sick people. How did you become such wusses?

How did you get to a place where you are more concerned about being doxed or disliked than protecting your daughters from sexual abuse? What in God’s name happened to you that your priorities are based on being liked rather than respected-and even feared? A parent should be proud to be feared for protecting his child. At the very least I’d like to think you would go into the change room with your daughters and stand together against the fake female.

And it’s not just parents.

Swimming Canada, the sport’s governing body said  “locker room access is determined by facility/municipality policies in accordance with applicable law.(my emphasis)”

We must comply with both provincial law and municipal policy aligning with the human rights policies on preventing discrimination. Swim meets are normally conducted in facilities open to the public, and minors routinely share change room space with adults,” Swimming Canada said.

Great. Adults in charge intimidated by fake girls.

It takes a certain kind of society, a sick society, a Sodom and Gomorrah sick society, to tolerate, condone and promote such perversion. Why do you stand with the state against the safety of your children? I’ll tell you. You’re cowards. And you are now raising a generation of cowards who cannot think for themselves or act in their own best interests. A perfect recipe for the takeover of our government by Marxists.

In Massachusetts  a transgender girl(a guy who says he is a girl) harmed the girls playing in a high school basketball tournament. The team decided to forfeit the game rather than see more harm done to the girls.

Retired women’s basketball coach Sylvia Hatchell had the courage to speak up:

“Having to play against transgenders is not fair, and it’s not equal. It’s not a level playing field. Females should not get to play against transgenders.”

That’s great. Something was done. I should think, though that parents who truly care about their children, especially their daughters, would not allow the game to be played at all. A boy shows up to compete against your daughters you walk away. And then demand that no boy can ever compete with the girls-no matter how he identifies.

Dear parents:

Your silence is collusion. Your appeasement of this evil promotes contempt from the people who promote and support this evil ideology. And your fear of being criticized has led to your submission to this evil.


From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”