Noah brings the heartbreaking story of a Canadian fashion firm Simons, promoting the so-called ‘beauty’ of assisted suicide into the light.  How can this fashion and home decor retailer, Simons use this as any kind of a marketing strategy.  This is a delicate topic with ties directly into mental health.  With fashion being a huge part of our lives, how does this work into Diane Bederman’s post/article “The Culture of Death and the Death of Culture”?  Is it bigger than an attempt to have your views changed, when you begin associating with their brand?  The war is spiritual.  It challenges the right of life, ethics, and everything humane.  Diane Bederman is on “Across The County” to discuss all of this, and her latest book, “Bullies of Woke and their Assault on Mental Health”. –>>  “The Culture of Death and the Death of Culture”?