It seems that the REAL Yitzhak Rabin, who was skeptical of a deal with the Palestinians, was right, and not the mythological poster boy for the Israeli peace camp. 


Yizhak Rabin has been painted as the poster boy for Peace in our Time. A hero prepared to give away half of the Israel that was left after Britain gave away two-thirds to the Arabs in 1921. Then the  Arabs refused to accept their portion in 1948 and went to war and lost. Then lost again in 1967 and started demanding that the land they lost be “returned” to them. No other victor in a war has been coerced into giving back land. Only the Jews.  Yet, Rabin never offered to divide Israel or Jerusalem. Never.  And at the last minute he shared his ambivalence at the signing ceremony on the lawn of the White House September 13, 1993. 

“A reluctant Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was pulled along by Israeli leftists (primary among them Foreign Minister Shimon Peres) who had initiated secret negotiations in Oslo, Norway.”

And here are first-hand reports from “The Lawn” from the perspective of the New York Times‘ Thomas L Friedman:

“Moments after the documents were signed, Mr. Clinton took Mr. Arafat in his left arm and Mr. Rabin in his right arm and gently coaxed them together, needing to give Mr. Rabin just a little extra nudge in the back. Mr. Arafat reached out his hand first, and then Mr. Rabin, after a split second of hesitation and with a wan smile on his face, received Mr. Arafat’s hand. The audience let out a simultaneous sigh of relief and peal of joy, as a misty-eyed Mr. Clinton beamed away (emphasis mine).

Arafat said, “Mr. President, I am taking this opportunity to assure you and to assure the great American people that we share your values for freedom, justice and human rights – values for which my people have been striving.”

I have to assume that Arafat has a different interpretation of OUR values than we do. All that the Muslims have shared with us is terror. And what a smart idea – they terrorize while the Americans, the EU and the UN tell us to sit down with these people and make peace by giving them the Land of Israel.

Sheikh Ahmad Adwan, a Jordanian Muslim scholar, wrote:

“The Palestinians are the killers of children, the elderly and women. They attack the Jews and then they use those (children, the elderly and women) as human shields and hide behind them, without mercy for their children as if they weren’t their own children, in order to tell the public opinion that the Jews intended to kill them. This is exactly what I saw with my own two eyes in the 70’s, when they attacked the Jordanian army, which sheltered and protected them. Instead of thanking it (the Jordanian army), they brought their children forward to (face) the Jordanian army, in order to make the world believe that the army kills their children. This is their habit and custom, their viciousness, their having hearts of stones towards their children, and their lying to public opinion, in order to get its support” (emphasis mine).

I have to assume that the peacemakers from the West knew this at the time. Yet that didn’t stop President Clinton from waxing poetic in his imaginings:

“Together let us imagine what can be accomplished if all the energy and ability the Israelis and the Palestinians have invested into your struggle can now be channeled into cultivating the land and freshening the waters; into ending the boycotts and creating new industry; into building a land as bountiful and peaceful as it is holy.”

Imagine if Arafat and his cabal had invested this energy into peace. And that has been and remains the problem on the ground.

Friedman wrote on that fateful day that “Israel could no longer go on ignoring the PLO, the organization that represents the Palestinian people.”

The “Palestinian people?” On March 14, 1977, Farouk Kadoumi, head of the PLO Political Department, told Newsweek: “Jordanians and Palestinians are considered by the PLO as one people. So although there is no such thing as a Palestinian people, the media in the West keep telling us about them.

Friedman noted “Mr. Rabin …articulated the deep ambivalence that he and so many Israelis felt about this reconciliation with a man they have only known by the name ‘terrorist’ for 30 years.”

And Rabin was right about that ambivalence. Yet that seems to have been expunged by the Rabin peace worshipers.

They have removed from their recollection the truth espoused by his daughter Dalia. “Many people who were close to father told me that on the eve of the murder he considered stopping the Oslo process because of the terror that was running rampant in the streets, and because he felt that Yasser Arafat was not delivering on his promises.” And “Father after all wasn’t a blind man running forward without thought. I don’t rule out the possibility that he was considering a U-turn, doing a reverse on our side. After all he was someone for whom the national security of the state was sacrosanct and above all.”

It is well documented that Rabin no longer trusted Arafat. At the end of 1994 Rabin was pessimistic about Arafat’s performance. He told the Knesset on October 3, 1994, that “[Arafat’s] results up until now have been far from satisfactory – to use an understatement.” In an interview in The Jerusalem Post on September 24, 1995, a month and a half before his assassination, Rabin said that for at least the next 30 years, Israel would have to maintain its military strength and not cut the defense budget. (That would be 2025.)

Rabin once said that a Palestinian state would be a “cancer” in the Middle East, and Rabin often expressed his preference for Jordan as the more responsible partner for securing Israel’s eastern border in the long term. Which makes sense as Jordan was the state illegally carved by the British from the British Mandate for the Jewish Homeland.

“We will not return to the June 4, 1967, lines. The security border of the State of Israel will be located in the Jordan Valley, in the broadest meaning of that term.”

On that historic day these words were also spoken by Prime Minister Rabin:

“We the soldiers who have returned from the battle stained with blood, we who have fought against you, the Palestinians, we say to you today in a loud and clear voice: Enough of blood and tears! Enough!”

It seems the real Rabin was right. His ambivalence has proven correct. We scream “Enough of blood and tears! Enough!” and the answer we get back is “Kill the Jews wherever you find them” while the Muslims continue to speak lies to our faces. And why not? It works. The West continues to resurrect the mythologized Rabin while offering to sacrifice the Jewish people on the altar of world peace.

Today there are 250 cities and towns in Judea/Samaria with 400,000 Jews, 12% of the Jewish population, and another 300,000 Jews in East Jerusalem. The facts on the ground make it imperative that the Israeli government release the Levy Report so the world comes to realize that Israel, the Jewish state spreads from the river to the sea.

Originally published Nov 29 2016 United With Israel