PBS has a series Human: The World Within

“Go on a journey with parents who are preparing for babies to see how our bodies create and sustain new life. Through their stories we learn about what is fundamentally shared and absolutely unique about the experience of birth.”

First episode talks about the meeting of the sperm and the ovum –the first step in creating a new life. Really good information. Much has been learned since I had my children especially how going through the birth canal aids in the development of the brain-do not panic if you had C section.

Love to share it with you but it seems it is not available. I left the link just in case.

We meet three couples. The first couple is having trouble getting pregnant so we learn about in vitro insemination. The second couple is from Singapore. Seems over there it is rare for a woman to keep working when pregnant-certainly not teaching dance! But she did.

Then we meet this this American man; nice beard and moustache.  He tells us he is a doula. What? That caught my attention. I thought women were doulas. What woman would go to a male doula? Before male doctors and gynecology, women worked together to help each other during pregnancy and delivery. Doulas are today what women were to women for years – a woman helping a woman deliver her baby. Definition of doula: a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.

He tells us about friends having babies and says it made him want to have one, too. Then we meet his wife. Lovely woman.  She doesn’t want to have a baby. So he says he decided to have the baby. Pardon????  Oh, it seems he was a woman who decided he was really a man. He had his breasts sliced off and took testosterone for years. It worked. He is a hairy fella. He tells us he had to go off his testosterone. No kidding!

And then we get to be in the delivery room with the lovely couple. A hairy “man” giving birth. He said, though, that he did not want to have a vaginal birth – although he must have known, as a doula, that it is better for a baby to go through the vaginal canal than have a C-section. But he decided that giving birth vaginally didn’t fit with his vision of himself.


It’s OK to have his friend donate sperm to impregnate him and carry a baby for 9 months while looking like a man, but vaginal birth doesn’t fit his vision of himself. So he had a C Section.  If he was so sure that he was a man and not a woman or more scientifically, she was a male and not a female why did he still have her uterus and ovaries? He’s taking testosterone to make her a male, yet the doctors are OK with her keeping his uterus and ovaries as they shoot out estrogen while he is taking testosterone.

And this is considered normal. Really? If this is normal, what’s abnormal?

This is a full blown mental illness unfolding. You really think you are in the wrong body-bye bye boobs and uterus and ovaries. Think you are a male in a female body-bye bye penis. But no. He kept her uterus. And many women have kept their penis. Why?

For reasons that are beyond me, the medical professionals and scientists have decided in the name of “People who have a uterus and ovaries can become pregnant and give birth” that a male can become a female (and vice versa) so they participate in the disfigurement of the person and shoot hormones into them so that a “man” can have a baby. And in the name of science a man who “becomes” a woman may soon be able to get a uterine transplant!  This put the Scopes Monkey trial to a new level. Well, it makes a mockery of it. The trial pitted the Bible’s version of the first human with evolution. Evolution won. If these doctors and scientists had been around I fear Creationism would have won. Maybe we need a trial to confirm that a male can now become a female and a female can become a male. Love to watch that.

In fact:

Transgender medical interventions pose a tremendous risk to children and adolescents because they create a host of irreversible physical consequences, even though the vast majority of children eventually grow out of their dysphoria and become comfortable in the bodies they were born with.

  • According to the World Professional Association for Transgender Help (WPATH) transgender standards of care,which HHS (Health and Human Services)  relies on, “In most children, gender dysphoria will disappear before, or early in, puberty.” Indeed, WPATH’s recommended studies demonstrate that up to 94% of children referred for gender dysphoria (77-94% in one set of studies and 73-88% in another) will grow out of their gender dysphoria naturally.
  • Other researchers note that “[e]very study that has been conducted on this has found the same thing. At the moment there is strong evidence that even many children with rather severe gender dysphoria will, in the long run, shed it and come to feel comfortable with the bodies they were born with.”

Now, not all doctors believe in this new age “sexuality.” But they have been attacked by government. In America:

“The Biden Admin says it can punish doctors and hospitals for ‘sex discrimination’ unless they perform controversial gender-transition procedures…The Transgender Mandate not only threatens religious doctors and hospitals. It also threatens patients, as there is ample evidence that certain gender transition procedures can be deeply harmful.”

And then those of us who actually study science and question this insanity, we are called transphobes. I do not have an irrational fear of transgender people. I have a rational fear of a medical system that allows this.  If you could change your sex then a man would exchange his testicles and penis for a uterus and ovaries and breasts and a woman would give up her uterus and ovaries for testicles and a penis. Voila-man becomes woman and woman becomes man. Let’s be clear: that does not happen. Yet, we are changing our way of life to “Accommodate” these people. New rules about bathrooms and sports teams and teaching our impressionable young children that science isn’t really science anymore and that you should believe that you can choose your sex. Absolute nonsense. This is full blown child abuse by those whose parents put them on hormone blockers and to the young children whose minds are being hurt by fake science.

Gender is much more fluid than biological sex. GENDER. How one sees oneself on a spectrum. There are boys who are more “feminine” and there are girls who are more “masculine.” But change one’s sex? You can call it gender all you want; play with the language as Progressives are wont to do, but hormone therapy and disfiguring surgery will never, ever, ever turn a male into a female or a female into a male. PERIOD.

I am a hospital chaplain. I visited patients in the psychiatric ward . These particular people, men, believed that they were Jesus Christ. They knew they were Jesus Christ. And because we knew they were not Jesus Christ, we kept them in the psychiatric ward as we helped them find their way back to themselves.  But a man says he is a woman or a woman says she is a man and we are off and running to assist them in their hormone therapy and body mutilation. Does this make sense to you? Scientific sense?

This is insanity that we are permitting. I fear, what is next? Don’t laugh that off. Did you ever think that doctors would agree that a male can become a female? There was a time, not that long ago when people who had these concerns were treated for mental unwellness.  Like the men who believed they were Jesus.


From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”