The Canadian Trucker Convoy woke people up from their slumber, and now they are on the march


It’s been difficult to be a proud Canadian under the tyranny of Liberal PM Justin Trudeau – the clown and his leftist wing-man Jagmeet Singh – the court jester.

What kind of leader asks if citizens who disagree with political decisions should be tolerated?  Hmmm, so reminiscent of the Nazis. Two years ago a group of freedom-loving Canadians banded together and formed a trucker convoy to Ottawa to protest against the oppression put upon us by our “leaders.” In response, our PM called out the police to go after peaceful protesters in Ottawa and enacted the Emergencies Act rather than speak to the citizens. And if that were not enough, he arranged to have bank accounts of the truckers frozen. Well, the PM has shared his love of China. “There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime.”

And that Convoy, that Convoy For Freedom, gave hope to other countries suffocating from the strict shut down caused by “Covid.” And they began to fly the Maple Leaf.  A shining symbol of hope and freedom. What a proud moment in time for those of us who believe that government bends the knee to “we the people” and not the other way around.

France waved the Canadian flag.





New Zealand  and Australia waved the  Canadian flag.

“It became a rallying call with so much of the protest movement that we see based on populism and nationalism and that flag can be resonant with them. It can be a social movement tool, so we can see them finding unity.”

That was two years ago. Two years. And today, the calls for freedom that came from Canadian Truckers are being heard around the world as others fight the tyranny of their “elected” officials. Freedom-loving citizens in Europe are rising up, trucks and tractors, against the totalitarian demands made by their governments that come directly  from unelected organizations: WEF and CEPS, Centre for European Policy Studies(a new one to me), and of course, from the great minds that meet each year in Davos (Here is a link to Agenda 2024)

Seems Farm to Fork, a recently adopted strategy that is “at the heart of the European Green Deal,” whose goals are to promote sustainable farming, including protection of the environment, production of high-quality food in sufficient quantities, and adequate farm incomes, are not appreciated by the average working man.

Proposed with fanfare by the EU executive May 2020, the Farm to Fork strategy(oh, look-supported by the WEF) is a major plank of the European Green Deal, which lays out plans to make food systems fair, farming more environmentally friendly and diets healthier by the end of the decade, be it by slashing the use of agri-chemicals or nudging consumers toward more sustainable choices at the supermarket. And, of course, food systems cannot be resilient to crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic if they are not sustainable(Another pandemic on the way?) This “dictat” comes from the WEF! (Shocked) in conjunction with CEPS!

For far too long, liberal governments have chosen to bend the knee and be  loyal to unelected organizations like WEF and CEPS and, of course, Davos rather than showing loyalty to the electorate.

Freedom-loving people have risen.

Bet you haven’t seen any of this in Main Stream Media.

Opposition to the policy in the Netherlands has been fierce and messy. The Dutch are rising up in the Netherlands against the attacks on farmers who now fly their flag along with the Canadian flag and F–k Trudeau banners. Their red, white and blue flag is meant to be a show of solidarity with Dutch farmers protesting their government’s efforts to halve emissions linked to nitrogen-based fertilizers by the end of the decade.

In recent months, farmers in the Netherlands have blocked food distribution centres, set bales of hay on fire and spread manure on major roads. Dutch farmers have been protesting since court rulings in 2018 and 2019 forced the country to drastically cut its nitrogen emission levels, which at the time were exceeding commitments made under international climate change agreements! It is one of the most intensively farmed countries in the world and the proposed changes would mean huge reductions in farmland and livestock.

“Dutch farmers produce the most food per hectare of farmers anywhere, and the Netherlands is the world’s second largest exporter of agricultural products.”

Dutch cattle farmers own 70 percent of Holland, but the government is pushing for a forced buy out of 50 percent of their land, claiming it’s necessary to reduce pollution.

In 2024, discontent  among Europe’s farming community continues with protests in France, Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands denouncing strict EU environmental standards amid declining incomes. In addition to national demonstrations, farmers are rolling into Brussels to take action in front of the European Parliament.

Flemish farmers take their tractors to the city center of Brussels, to protest against proposed new rules to reduce nitrogen emissions

This photo is from 2023!


And these protests continue in Germany. Watch

German farmers have had enough. On Monday 15 January 2024, thousands of tractors and tens of thousands of Germans descended on Berlin – capping off a week of protests in which farmers blocked roads and brought life to a standstill across the country. The demonstration was sparked by government plans to abolish tax breaks on agricultural diesel and bring in new taxes on farm vehicles. But it’s also so much deeper than that. Farmers are furious with green ideology, with being made to pay the price for the government’s lofty climate goals.”

And in France, where the farmers are protesting the increasing cost of farm diesel, late payment of European Union (EU) subsidies, burgeoning bureaucracy and competition from imports. They set bales of hay alight and sprayed liquid manure at a local prefecture to press the government to loosen regulations and help protect them from cheap imports rising costs. Farmers said the protests, with long lines of tractors snarling roads, would continue as long as their demands are not met(sounds familiar to me: a proud supporter of the Canadian Trucker Convoy).

Just outside Macron’s home in France

The French farmers are now turning the motorways into fields!

Watch: France and Germany

In Scotland, protests have kicked off in the Cairngorm National Park, with farmers and land managers criticising the Scottish government’s rural policies, arguing that the green agenda is set to ‘bankrupt the industry.’

Protests by farmers sprung up all over Poland opposing EU bureaucracy and eco schemes. Watch a discussion about Protests in Poland.

And now, America. “Take Back our Border”


States’ rights are up against Federal rights over the porous border. And the truckers are rising up having learned from Canada that truckers have power. In America, truckers are making their way to the border to demand that the southern border, made wide open by Joe Biden, be closed. It seems that the Governor has asked them not come in as they will fill the towns and make it difficult for officials to do their jobs. But Truckers intend to keep on truckin.

We, the PEOPLE, have power. We must not bend the knee to false gods, mostly unelected big-shots, who seem to think they call the shots.


All it takes to take back our freedoms are people willing to fight. And lately it has been people with trucks.

So let’s give them a big SHOUT OUT and support them wherever you see them!

From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”