Where are the righteous amongst us?

Before the Holocaust there were 18 million Jews.

After the Holocaust there were 12 million.

Now there are 15 million Jews.

50 Muslim countries

One Jewish state

We are living through what too many are calling a Second Holocaust – because the call of Hamas and all those who stand with them is the annihilation of Israel-the only Jewish country in a world of 195. And the world stands with Hamas.

In 2021 I wrote about the insidious spread of Islam around the world, in government, media, and education. And now we see the damage of that infiltration.

Calls for the elimination of Jews in Israel: where are the righteous Muslims?

Islam is Nazism 2.0

Seventy-five years post-Holocaust, there are still millions of Holocaust deniers. Days after the vicious, cowardly massacre of 1500 unarmed Jewish men, women and children; some burned alive (The Nazis killed the Jews before burning them), the elderly and babies by despicable Muslims, massacre denial took over. This, despite the fact that the barbarian Muslims filmed their Day of Jihad and gleefully posted the videos on social media.

Hamas is the ISIS of Gaza, a savage organization, funded and supported by Iran. Hamas is ISIS. Next time you go after the Germans for standing with Hitler-look at these people.

Hamas called for the barbaric murder of Jews in 2018.

And now “Young girls were raped violently, and kidnapped or killed. They were dragged to Gaza, to the sound of cheering, while blood was dripping down their legs. A peace music festival, with 3,000 young people, became a bloodbath. Dozens of citizens from your countries have been murdered or kidnapped.” Instead of disgust, people around the world cheered.

There are documents that prove these Muslim barbarians intentionally went  after children!


And the beheading of children.

Where is the righteous anger toward these people?

Khaled Meshaal, the former leader and co-founder of Hamas, called on Muslims around the globe to unite against the IDF and to “apply jihad” to cleanse the land of Israel of Jews.

He specifically appealed to Muslims living near Israel, encouraging them to invade Israel en masse.

“Tribes of Jordan, sons of Jordan, brothers and sisters of Jordan … This is a moment of truth and the borders are close to you, you all know your responsibility,” he said.

Meshaal wants “Muslims to fight against the Jews…he said this is the time for Jihad to be applied on the ground rather than just in theory,” tweeted Brother Rachid, a terror expert.

“He asked the [Islamic fighters] to go in long caravans to spill [Jewish] blood on the land of Palestine.”

Following the barbaric, vicious, inhumane attack of Hamas on the civilians in Israel, deliriously happy  Gazans; as in civilians, poured through the border to join Hamas fighters.

And that was just the beginning.

For Hitler, slaughter of the Jews was a dream come true. He was sad at the end as he was unable to kill all the Jews. He shared his views with the Muslims of the Middle East and encouraged them to carry on. And they did. And they do. See – nothing has changed. Hamas supporters and other antisemitic activists have threatened and targeted Jewish and Israeli individuals and institutions worldwide.

Oh, look, just like pre-Holocaust

Columbia University Professor Cheers Hamas Barbarity

Writing in his favorite online “resistance” propaganda outlet, The Electronic Intifada, Columbia University professor Joseph Massad is excited about what he calls “the Palestinian war of liberation.” He is ecstatic over the “shocking success” of “the Palestinian resistance.” The videos on social media that horrify normal people have him whipped into a triumphalist, perverse frenzy.

Where is the righteous anger in response to these frenetic calls support the killing of Jews?


Watch Muslim barbarians photographed their sickening acts of violence. They put the Nazis to shame. The Nazis didn’t film themselves burning Jews and share it to the outside world. Then again, there was no social media.

And from CNN!

Everything happening today: calls for death of the Jews, in media, in universities, and from government officials like ex-MP Jeremy Corbin in Britain and the Hamas Squad in America where “blame the Jews” is the mantra in government in the West, are the same as those pre-Holocaust. Except pre-Holocaust it was in Germany. Now the calls are everywhere. You can read about the similarities in my book: The Serpent and the Red Thread:The Definitive Biography of Evil.

During World War II there were many Righteous Gentiles: men and women who defended the Jews; brought them into their homes or hid them elsewhere. I am going to share a story about a remarkable town which protected the Jews during the Holocaust. And then I will ask: Where are the Righteous Muslims attacking the narrative that the Jews are responsible for their own massacre, being burned alive, and children beheaded?  Muslims aren’t being asked to protect Jews physically- just verbally. And that is too much.

In 1940, in the early onset of World War II, it took Germany a mere six weeks to conquer France. For two years the country was divided between the Northern occupied half and the Southern “Free Zone.” Thousands of Jews lived or made their way to the south and for two years lived in relative peace. About 5000 Jews, mostly children, made their way to a small Protestant village, Chambon-sur-ligne, located in the mountains 350 miles south of Paris. In 1942 the Germans went into Southern France and began to round up the Jews to send them to concentration camps where they would be murdered.

There were approximately 5000 residents in the village of Chambon-sur-ligne. They were proud descendants of the first French Protestants, the Huguenots, who had been persecuted for their beliefs. The village, which became known as “that nest of Jews in Protestant Country,” was also a place of convalescence for the Germans soldiers. The Nazis were the neighbours. Yet, the families of Chambon-sur-ligne sheltered every Jew that came to their village. They did this knowing full well that they were defying the French government which was collaborating with the Nazis. The villagers provided the Jewish refugees with food, an education, forged identification papers, and escorted many to Switzerland, to freedom.


Not only are Muslims deafeningly silent; The United Nations, Human Rights Groups and Main Stream Media are making a moral equivalency between Israel’s defense of her people from a catastrophic attack by barbaric cowards, and the death of Gazans as a result of war: war brought on by Hamas. Israel must hold back and not kill Gazans in the war. Only Fox News is reporting facts.

Did America warn Japan before the two atomic bombs were dropped? Did the Allies warn the Germans before D-Day. Did anyone warn Dresden before America destroyed the city? Here, I’ll help you. No. Only Israel is told to hold back. That her response should be “proportional.” What does that even mean? For decades Israel held back after attacks by Hamas and Hamas responded October 7, 2023 with extreme barbarity: entering Israel and murdering people in their beds and then made videos of these atrocities and shared on line.

The double standard – the hate for Jews is at this time unfathomable.

“Where for example were media concerns about proportionality when Western armies fought ISIS in Iraq just six years ago? In the Battle of Mosul (2016-2017) upwards of 40,000 civilians were alleged to have been killed by allied bombing and a coordinated ground assault by over a hundred thousand troops…It is hard not to conclude that for many in the media a different moral yardstick applies when it is our militaries fighting radical Islamic extremists as opposed to Israel’s.”

In Canada the CBC referred to the death of Adi Vital-Kaploun, a 33-year-old Israeli woman with Canadian citizenship as a result of a conflict – the abhorrent sin of omission  -it was the result of barbarism at the hands of Hamas.

Muslims are preventing their own people from leaving Gaza because these barbarians care not at all about human beings.

Listen: Only one moral humanitarian question.

Following the exposure of the atrocities of the Holocaust, Germans were shamed for their actions. And the West was called out for its silence. Never Forget? They forgot; the question that must be asked “Is it intentional?”

Never Again? Yet, again, the media and too many countries in the West are silent or standing with Hamas.

Have you seen the protests around the world? This one combines Nazis with Islam. Australia calling for gassing the Jews.

The hate is so entrenched that “Queers” stand with Palestine! That’s like chickens for Kentucky Fried Chicken or BLM for the KKK

Next time you righteous Gentiles and Muslims call out Hitler for his evil deeds and the Nazis who stood with him, look in the mirror and ask yourself what have you done for the Jews, today?

Where are those righteous Muslims? Are they at the protests? No

Are they calling for an end to the hate? No.

Are they protecting Jews? No.

Thankfully there are a handful of Righteous Muslims and Christians who know EVIL when they see it.  Bless them.

Righteous Muslim Former Hamas member Mosab Hassan Yousef

Righteous Muslim Mohammad Kabiya:

Righteous man

And Mayor Adams of New York City



From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”