The story is a few weeks old. But that does not change the fact that media in Canada have no problem with presenting thier subjective narrative even if it is done on the back of unethical journalism.

Toronto Metro, owned by Torstar, featured an interview with Bayan Khatib, a Muslim woman who came to Canada when she was seven. It was on the front page under the headline:

“Torontonians worried about effects of Trump's travel ban

Many dual citizens have friends and families in the United States and are concerned about new regulations”

She is very concerned about President Trump’s executive order regarding travel from some Muslim majority countries. A Canadian citizen, with dual citizenship, she is worried about traveling to America to visit family. She said regarding Trump's 90 day travel ban aimed at people from Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and Libya “This is very shocking and blatant racism…I never thought things would get this ugly in the western free world.”

The article contained the apprehensions of Toronto resident and Iranian-Canadian Newsha Ghaeli now living in Boston. She decided to postpone her visit to Canada. “The way I understand it it’s the discretion of border services whether you go through or not. I don’t want to take chances. It puts us under a lot of anxiety.”

In the midst of the sharing of fears by these two Canadians there was one comment posted by Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen who said Canadian dual citizens and permanent residents are not affected by the Trump’s travel ban. All the other pertinent details that would have stopped the spread of unfounded fear were on page eleven.

From Metro Canada (Toronto),30 Jan 2017 by Ryan Tumilty Metro | Ottawa:

“Hussen said he has received assurance from officials that dual-Canadian citizens and permanent residents with a valid card would not be stopped. Hussen, who immigrated from Somalia himself in the mid 1990’s, said he was never concerned about his ability to travel through the United States even when the implications of Trump’s ban were unclear. ‘I am a Canadian citizen,’ he said. ‘There is no issue with my ability to travel.'" 

“Daniel Jean, Canada’s National Security Advisor, said his American counterparts have assured him that dual Canadian citizens were never the target. ‘They never intended to ban Canadian citizens including dual citizens of the seven countries.’”

So why was this interview, filled with misgivings and fear, given pride of place when all these concerns were unfounded?

Is this not abusive media?