Dear Jews: We are driving the Jew-haters crazy. I know from the responses I get on line! The time has come to change tactics. We don’t need to defend ourselves or duck and hide. When these Jew-haters are out protesting, calling  “Death to the Jews” “Death to Israel” “Death to America,” just turn and look them in the eye and laugh yourself silly.

Know that you have turned these hateful people into psychotic ( “Experiencing a gross break with reality testing.”) robots! They can’t believe we are still here. We are. And always will be. So, let’s just laugh!

In 2020 I wrote a piece The Palestinian Princess and the Pea. I talked about Israel’s accomplishments and the response of the poor Palestinian Princess. She tossed and turned but could not avoid the great Israeli accomplishments that made her so upset.

Things have really changed. The hatred for our people is unparalleled. Memory is short. The world has, once again, come together, to attack us as individuals and as a country – the only Jewish country in a world of 195 countries, 50 of which are Muslim.

We write about it, we protest: to no avail. We are hated.

The makeup of hate is comprised of “uncertainty, insecurity, loneliness, awkwardness, lack of confidence, self-doubt, unassertiveness, timidity, anxiety, instability, vulnerability, and defenselessness.”  Hmmm

And I suggest that our response to that hate is a failure. Talk is cheap. But laughter… now that can really change the atmosphere. Gelotophobia: “potentially debilitating fear of being laughed at.”

Start laughing at these people. The screamers!


And then the screaming, in Toronto,  when Iran attacked Israel!

And in Ottawa!

And telling police in Toronto to get a real job!

And Columbia University

And when they scream and spit at you!

A Jewish female graduate student at Columbia wearing an Israeli flag told reporters she was yelled at and called “Zionist b***h” when she exited the subway station and walked over to the pro-Israel demonstration.

“I can tell you in the past 30 seconds that I got off the train I was called a ‘Zionist b***h,’ I’ve been called a ‘genocidal b***h,’ I’ve been called 30 other forms of ‘genocidal b***h’ within the last 30 seconds just walking over to the street, and that’s very typical of an experience for a Jewish student on this campus today.”

How can you not laugh at people who look like this when they protest?

What do you do when the banshees scream, wail, and shriek? You LAUGH at them. What will they do? What can they do when you laugh at them: over and over and over!

I am sharing a response to my post: Nothin’ says lovin’ like a baby in the oven and Islam does it best.

These Jew – haters have no facts – only feelings – of hate: innate, systemic endemic Jew hatred.I laughed at him. Nothing like a little ridicule to shame them.

Here we go. The person responding to my link is a male.

HIM How do you sleep at night after posting this debunked bullshit all day? Your religion is clearly mental illness.

ME Love people like you. Your Jew hatred is on your sleeve, your forehead, your backside. The reason you have the right to share your hate is because of our Constitution which mentions God. God, who gave the JEWISH people the ethic of freedom and free will to share with others. God who gave us the right to free speech. That JEWISH ethic was then spread by Christianity-and is now known as the Judeo/Christian ethic. You, on the other hand, obviously stand with ISLAM -the religion known for promoting lies TAQIYYA when it comes to promoting Allah and sharia law and trust me when I tell you, there is no free speech in Islam. No free will either!

HIM You’re projecting, lady…all the hatred is coming from you. And Canada has no Constitution, you’re an odious hypocrite, wrapping yourself in “judeo-christian values” while advocating genocide. Seek therapy, and be prepared to burn in hell if you truly believe in such fables.

ME Oh such a kind man. And yes, Canada has a Constitution Pierre brought it back to Canada-you know, Justin’s father.

Let’s talk about genocide, shall we. Hamas just came out and admitted it lied about its numbers. Oh… Taqiyya-shock. How about Syria…/un-human-rights-office…

And those Christians in Nigeria. How many murdered by Muslims?…/over-50000-christians…

And just so you know, the number of Jews massacred, raped and pillaged and beheaded in Israel on October 7 is equivalent to 44,000 Americans. Keep in mind 9/11-3500 Americans were killed and America went to war for 20 years. I told you, you are a first class Jew hater. Not to be upset, you are with millions if not billions of people who hate the Jews-for bringing in the ethic that denies the right to murder, to revenge, to adultery to incest, to stealing to gossip. Freud-you have heard of Freud-oy, another Jew, wrote all about this.

Only true blue Jew hater would not believe what happened in Israel. There are videos everywhere. Taken by your delightful pals the Muslims-themselves. And they did share their utter joy at burning people alive. At least the Nazis had the decency to kill my people first before they out them in an oven. On the other hand, many Nazis enjoyed throwing Jewish babies in the air and catching them on their bayonets. You would have loved that.

As for hatred. Not fond of Islam. An ideology that promotes the death of all Jews and then the Christians. Only conversion to Islam will save you. And look how these lovely people treat Canadians and Americans. Blocking roads and bridges and hospitals while screaming “Gas the Jews”-bet you like that- and death to America and Israel. No calls for death to Canada because we are small potatoes. I’m not worried about going to hell. If I were you, on the other hand…it’s been a real hoot chatting with you.

HIM You are bat-shit crazy  No therapy can help your kind of mental illness. The Constitution Act dictates the terms of governance of Canada, it says nothing, whatsoever, about any “god”, or rights to anything that you assert. You should try actually reading the shit you post  All your hasbara and hate cannot change the fact that zionist Nazi scum are conducting genocide as we speak, and that you are complicit in making excuses for it. This will ultimately lead to the destruction of your beloved Zionist settler colony, either through international status as a pariah, apartheid state, or through it’s demographic dissolution via a One State solution. Israel can no longer bully it’s neighbours, attack sovereign states, assassinate people in embassies and hide behind it’s stolen, illicit nuclear arsenal, because Iran just demonstrated that all the air defences of Israel, SA, USA, UK, France and Jordan could not stop Iranian hypersonic missiles from slamming into their targets with impunity last weekend. Iran can now strike the Knesset, or Dimona, if it so chooses, and irradiate the zionist colonial project for centuries, tending the “Jewish State” uninhabitable. Facts.

ME I love your facts. Where do you get them? Palestine International! Or Hamas gazette? Pierre made sure God was mentioned in the Constitution. That means the ethic. Jews have been living in Israel/Judea/Samaria for 3500 years. Jesus, the Son of God, lived in Jerusalem and wandered Israel preaching. He was a Jew. There were no Palestinians at the time. Not until 1964. I love that you think Israel is a bully! Surrounded by 22 Arab states all created in 1948-did you know that? There was no state called Palestine. Britain decided to hive off 3/4 of Israel and call it Jordan. Bet you love the fact that there are 50+ Muslim countries and 100 Christian states. Only little Jewish state-and it affects you like the pea under the Princess’s mattress. I love it. Makes you crazy! Did you know hitler was upset that Germany was a Catholic country and not Muslim? He loved the Muslims and their religion. Nazis and Muslims are BFF. They worked together to rid the world of all her Jews. hitler’s last words were about Muslims-he felt he had not done enough to murder the Jews and hoped they would carry on! PS The Iranian missiles didn’t hit anything in Israel.

And then came silence. Yup, facts were fun, but I knew by his responses that I was the pebble in the shoe, the pea in the mattress. And I laughed at him.

From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”