AMALEK IS BACK: Islam is Nazism 2.0



Fatah: “Strike the sons of apes of pigs… slaughter everyone who is Israeli”

Get ready to strike them and to burn them, slaughter them.

Set out, all of you, with your weapons….

“Today is a tiding of days of victory, Allah willing – for this is Jihad, Jihad, victory or Martyrdom” 


Israel, the Jewish people, follow the rules of God: to be just and merciful to practice charity and loving kindness. And that is the reason in a world of 8 billion people, there are only 15 million Jews, a people in existence for 3500 years.

The country most attacked is Israel. The only Jewish country in a world of 195 countries. There are 50 Muslim majority countries. There are 158 mostly Christian nations – including America. There is only one JEWISH country.  The United Nations never fails to condemn Israel; not Iran.

Jews like to appease in the name of peace. We do it over and over only to be attacked, again, by the same animals and barbarians. As Einstein, a Jew, said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

In Israel’s modern history, she has been asked over and over to agree to ceasefires, to peace, to appeasement, to make the Middle East safe. Nonsense. Appeasement breeds contempt.


October 7 was deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust

Israel is under attack, again. Is it that we did not eradicate the Amalekites when God told King Saul to kill them; the tribe that attacked the Jews as they fled Egypt. The tribe that attacked the weakest, the stragglers. Sound familiar? Saul was victorious against the Amalekites, killing their strongest warriors while allowing the others to return home and he also spared the choicest of their flocks and the Amalekite king, Agag. He could not bring himself to wipe them out. So the Amalekites are still amongst us. And today they are Hamas. An evil barbaric people. People who believe in Islam.

Islam, the religion that calls for the death of all Jews.

It is narrated in the hadith that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “The Hour will not begin until you fight the Jews, until a Jew will hide behind a rock or a tree, and the rock or tree will say: ‘O Muslim, O slave of Allah, here is a Jew behind me; come and kill him – except the gharqad (a kind of thorny tree).’  This Hadith was reported by Al-Bukhari.

This is Islam. Period.

Today, in Israel, in the Middle East, we see the animals and barbarians at work. Sneaking, like the cowards they are, into Jewish homes, kidnapping Jewish children and the elderly, murdering many in front of their families, beheading Jewish soldiers; like true barbarians.

What happened to our David’s, our Maccabees, our Kahanes?  When did we go from warriors to appeasers? The world begrudges us one country -a- country we have inhabited for 3500 years, despite the many exiles we have experienced from the Babylonians 500 years BCE, to the Romans in the second century CE when we were forced to leave, and Rome changed the name of our beloved land, Israel, to Palestine, a name now taken by Muslims to culturally appropriate Jewish land  and history, for these Muslim Palestinians have no history.

Israel is surrounded by people who are steeped in the teaching of death and murder of the other.Their god, ALLAH, teaches them to kill all the Jews. Yet, today, the vast majority of people will not acknowledge this outright hate for Jews. When we finally announced that Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews in Europe, millions had been murdered and the world and the Pope had known. With their silence they appeased the monsters.

And, today, there are too many appeasing the barbaric Muslims who attack the Jews.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh calls for more violence from his posh villa in Qatar He is a billionaire living a life of luxury while making profits off aid money originally intended to feed the poor in #Gaza

This is what is taking place in Israel – atrocities committed by MULSIMS who have been raised bathed and swaddles in Jew hatred from birth to death.

Hundreds of people murdered at the Supernova music festival.  A MUSIC FESTIVAL. Several of the women were raped and appear to have been later executed.

Here is a Palestinian in Gaza filming Israeli women and calling them them sex slaves ” sabaya.”

Others were taken to Gaza. In photographs released online, you can see several paraded through the city’s streets, some with blood gushing from between their legs.


This is Islam. Such bravery. Murdering civilians. An Israeli family, including three children, slaughtered.


Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh calls for more violence from his posh villa in Qatar He is a billionaire living a life of luxury while making profits off aid money originally intended to feed the poor in #Gaza

Watch and listen to Noah Tishby.

How does this happen. It begins with the children. Palestinian schoolchildren are being taught to hate Israel and to see fighting Israelis as a holy Islamic duty, according to a report by an Israeli media monitoring group.

Some terror cells went house to house in kibbutzim and moshavim (cooperative agricultural communities), slaughtering entire families, while others mowed down residents of the nearby cities of Sderot and Ofakim who were driving in their cars or standing on the street.

Here is one brave terrorist standing over an elderly woman.

How about this, the cold blooded murder of a defenseless man.

Most of the world still makes excuses for the attacks. And celebrates! Muslims all over the world are cheering the attack on Israel – the way they celebrated 9/11!

These cowardly horrific actions are cheered all over the world. Muslims around the world are standing with these animals and barbarians.

In Philadelphia

Toronto, Canada

And more celebrating rape and torture on the streets of Toronto.

In Mississauga Ont.


Sydney, Australia

An Australian man is taken out by police for sharing the Israeli flag.

Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib, an outspoken critic of Israel, has finally broken her silence on the unprecedented Hamas terrorist attack on Israel that has killed at least 600 Israelis and prompted Israel to officially declare war for the first time since 1973.

Tlaib’s office released a statement to the Detroit News on Sunday, more than 24 hours after Hamas launched thousands of rockets at southern Israel.

“I grieve the Palestinian and Israeli lives lost yesterday, today, and every day,” the statement reads. “As long as our country provides billions in unconditional funding to support the apartheid government, this heartbreaking cycle of violence will continue.”

Tlaib has routinely accused Israel of committing “ethnic cleansing” against Palestinians and argues that Israel is an “apartheid state.”


Appeasement always breeds contempt for the appeaser. The Jews are a brilliant people. Throughout  all of our exiles we always knew the importance of education. Israel is a country of extraordinary science and technology. How can we be so brilliant and still bend the knee to Amalekites? When will that end?

We must save Israel. We must destroy AMALEK and restore the Temple. If not NOW, when?

From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”