This is the year for boycotts. The left has been so busy boycotting I wonder if they know who, what, and where they are to oppose, shut down and destroy. We know Ivanka is on the list.

But 2017 is the year for The Deplorables!! This is the year the winning envelope can go to them. This is the year for 60 million Deplorables and their friends to  boycott the …Oscars!

I can’t deal with another righteous celebrity event where the Rich and Famous; famous for being rich and famous; take to the stage to tell us what to think and most importantly whom to hate. It isn’t that they do not have the right to free speech. Of course they do. Just like everyone else. Except, everyone else does not have a free stage reaching out to millions if not billions of unsuspecting people-people who have gone ga-ga over a movie and are now held captive.

These elite actors, directors  and the other gazillion people listed on the film, have a leg up on the rest of us mere mortals. We don’t have a stage from which to share our bon mots. Our free speech isn’t as free as the free speech of people like Meryl Streep and Mark Ruffalo, Robert Di Niro, Hugh Laurie, Amy Schumer, Francis McDormer, Chelsea Handler, (oh here, read this list of celebrities still in shock over Hillary’s loss)  and all the other swell actors and thier back -ups.

Somehow, free speech is more available to those who  are the best at pretending to be someone else. Or great at CGI, or putting together make-believe-or OK real life events a la the imagination of the screen writer. Please note you rarely hear the view of the script writers; the word smiths.

So let’s make our own boycott. Let’s focus on one event. The biggest Hollywood event of the year. Let all 60 million Deplorables and friends ignore the event. Ignore the  red carpet. Avoid the hype and hyperbole. Let’s show Hollywood and New York we have had enough of  “celebrity” browbeating.