A YouTube video about fighting Islamophobia was summarily removed by Facebook for apparently going against community standards. The video received 170,000 views, 2000 shares, and 1900 comments before it was taken down. This leaves me perplexed. If  the teaching of Islam or fighting against Islamophobia is against FB standards what is Facebook…for?

The video shares the policies of the Islamic Party of Ontario. This particular video shared the Party’s views on the LGBTQ2 community. Would a  post on the policies of the Conservative Party or the the Liberal Party regarding the LGBTQ2 community  been removed?  Or the views of the Christian Heritage Party? And if the post was so offensive why did it take 170,000 views, 2000 shares, and 1900 comments before Facebook reacted? That is concerning, too.

I am left pondering, again, after being jailed many, many times for allegedly “offending” the community, exactly what constitutes offending  the community?

I normally share videos but this time I will just share the link to YouTube in deference to Facebook.

The video was removed from this page FightIslamophobia.ca where the administrations clearly states:

“Community standards regarding comments will be enforced. We do this in an effort to maintain an open and sincere dialogue .www.islamicbooth.ca. Kindly refrain from vulgar, abusive hateful language. We appreciate comments and questions that advance learning and understanding of alternate perspectives. With love and sense of community that supports the LGBTQ life style, Islamophobia the irrational fear of Islam will be defeated.”



From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”