As a Jewish grandmother with nine grandchildren, I fear for their future. Not from the right. One thing I know is the position of the KKK and the Nazis. The left is spreading hate under a veil that has been provided by the media. They talk about free speech but prevent it. And the media says nothing.

The left, the Democratic Party, of today is filled with antisemitism. From Linda Sarsour to BLM and of course the two leaders of the DNC. Yet hardly a word or a murmur. The left is filled with people who will not condone the free exchange of ideas. The left is filled with young people demanding a “safe space.” Think about that. Demands for a safe space in America. The whole country is supposed to be free. The name free spaces is an oxymoron. They are not free to all. They are segregated spaces, free of free speech.

The attacks on the right need to be stopped.

And the attacks from the left must be exposed for what they really are.

Attacks on freedom itself.