It’s never too late-until it is too late


Dear Israel, you are the body of Judaism and we, in the Diaspora, are the soul of Judaism. We need a strong, safe Israel. And Israel needs a strong, safe Diaspora. The time is late. You, Dear Israel, are the physical protection of the Jews, all over the world: we, in the Diaspora, are here to fight the Propaganda War which is attacking the soul of Judaism.

Just give us one more day and we will perform miracles. We need you to declare an official holy-day: San Remo: the anchor to debunking the Occupation Lie/Fabrication. The Jewish people are such a small minority in the world. There are 8 billion people: 2 billion Muslims; 2 billion Christian/Catholics and 15 million Jews. We have been on the receiving end of prosecutions, persecutions, pogroms, inquisitions, expulsions,  autoda-fés, and then the Holocaust where the modern world not only CHOSE to ignore the Nazi death camps, they denied them.

Here we are in the 21st century, back in our homeland, and the modern world turns against us again. Why? Because we are Jews. Yet, God is always with us. And He has given us a gift that we must not let go to waste. He has given us San Remo. The official world declaration of the Jewish homeland in the Biblical Lands of the Jews – Israel. San Remo ended the occupation and colonization of Israel by the British (1918-1948),  the Arabs, and the Ottomans.

Yet, Israel is still occupied by Muslims – in Gaza and Judea/Samaria. Why are Muslims in our country; making demands of the Jews? Denying our rights? Denying our history.

Archaeologists unearthed a Seleucid fortification destroyed 2,100 years ago by the Hasmoneans in Lachish Forest. Our Chanukah story on the ground.

Israel Antiquities Authority archeologists and student diggers found weapons, burned wooden beams, jugs and dozens of coins in the structure.

“The excavation site provides tangible evidence of the Hanukkah stories,” said excavation directors Saar Ganor, Vladik Lifshits and Ahinoam Montagu.

“It appears that we have discovered a building that was part of a fortified line erected by the Hellenistic army commanders to protect the large Hellenistic city of Maresha from a Hasmonean offensive. However, the finds from the site show that the Seleucid defenses were unsuccessful.”

They believe the building was destroyed under Hasmonean leader John Hyrcanus around 112 BCE. His conquests are described in the Books of the Maccabees and by Roman-era historian Josephus.

Then there was the discovery of a Maccabee mansion hiding under a modern home. When Theo and Miriam Siebenberg built a house in Jerusalem’s Old City in 1970, Theo had a hunch that ancient Jewish leaders had inhabited this area close to the Temple Mount.

Sixteen silver coins dating to the Hasmonean period (135–126 BCE) were discovered in April 2016 in an Israel Antiquities Authority excavation near Modi’in, hometown of the Maccabees.

While the silver coins honor Seleucid emperors, numerous bronze coins were also discovered, bearing the names of Hasmonean kings such as Yehohanan, Judah, Jonathan and Mattathias.

In 2019, remains of a 2,000-year-old Hasmonean village were discovered during the digging of the foundation for a new school building in Jerusalem.

A perfectly preserved oil lamp from the Hasmonean era was discovered in 2020 during excavations of the Pilgrimage Road in Jerusalem’s City of David, just outside the Old City walls.

The Pilgrimage Road is the monumental thoroughfare through which pilgrims ascended to the Temple Mount in the Second Temple period (516 BCE to 70 CE).

Where are the Philistia Muslim remnants?

Declaring the Holy-Day of San Remo will be our Sword of Iron, the symbol of power, protection, authority, strength, and courage; which the Diaspora will use to destroy the world-wide propaganda attack against Israel: a hate so evil that nations around the world BLAMED Israel for the October 7 Massacre of Jews.

Look how quickly the UN, the EU and too many in America claimed the massacre was in the name of MUSLIM RESISTANCE to JEWISH OCCUPATION.

The Massacre revealed hidden Jew haters around the world. The Jew-hating propagandists came out of their closets and shared their false narrative far and wide.

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and the Pope accused the Jews of shooting Christian women in a church in Gaza. A lie.

Leaders of Islam stand with Hitler!

Former Palestinian Ambassador: I Am Not Surprised Hitler Committed the Holocaust against the Jews.

These are the people, the teachings that we must debunk and destroy.


We are experiencing a tidal wave of attacks, verbal and physical. All over the world, thousands, if not hundreds of thousands are protesting against Israel: after the October 7 massacre.

“Pro-Palestinian protesters—Arab and Muslim immigrants joined by locals—have filled the streets of European and North American cities with crowds of thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands in Berlin, Washington, Stockholm, Paris, Toronto, Oslo, Chicago, London, Rome, Los Angeles, and others… in New York City, large crowds of demonstrators waving Palestinian flags besieged the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree-lighting ceremony, fought with police, and harassed tourists, then moved down Fifth Avenue and defaced stores with pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli, and antisemitic graffiti. At Grand Central station, commuters and tourists are greeted regularly by large mobs masked in black-and-white keffiyehs and draped in other resistance styles enacting their version of “intifada.” Thousands marched across the Brooklyn Bridge and hoisted Palestinian flags a stone’s throw from a mass grave holding the remains of 2,753 people killed by terrorists who claimed the Palestinian cause as their motive for murdering Americans.”

Our universities are filled with protestors against Israel, calling for the eradication of Israel, and our leaders quake in fear and bend the knee to the Jew haters. Our Jewish children and grandchildren are afraid to wear anything that identifies them as Jewish. But I have heard about young Jewish men who are taking courses to obtain gun permits; to protect their families. I have friends who witness protests of Muslims in their Jewish neighbourhoods. Muslims hang signs over our highways attacking Israel, accusing all of us of genocide. Whoever thought the day would come when we would be defending ourselves against accusations of genocide? We are the only people all over the world accused of genocide when responding to an act of war.

Our students, Jew and non-Jew, have no facts to help them stand up to the Muslims who have infiltrated our education system for decades. Is Jewish history taught? After all, the Founders of America were so enthralled with Israel and the Jews, that they praised the Jews, chose the teachings of the Hebrew Bible to be their source for the Constitution: all people are born with equal intrinsic value; all life is sacred; we have free-will. These Western Values are not found in Islam.  They taught Hebrew in their universities. Yale has a Hebrew insignia.

We are in a propaganda war with the media, governments and educators. And losing badly. We must not despair. We have our facts on the ground. We must share them everywhere.

And we have our champions. Douglas Murray.


Most importantly, we, in the Diaspora have our propaganda narrative.

San Remo.

We have the ammunition.

Just give us the gun!

Give us one more day: Yom San Remo

And we will perform propaganda miracles.

From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”