Can men ever be too drunk to consent?




I am the mother of three and grandmother of nine. I fear more for my grandsons than my granddaughters. I consider myself to be a feminist-one who acknowledges that we can be equal but different. Today’s feminism is about raising women up by trashing men.

There is a great deal of information about alcohol and consent and women. What about men? Universities bring together large groups of young men and women, hormones raging, many of them with no experience with alcohol, thrilled to finally be away from home and to go out to get drunk.

Spring Break America is the place to be for fun and frivolity: and disorderly conduct, drunkenness (including the underage party-goers) and promiscuity-is that word allowed these days or is it misogynistic?

Many residents of these party places are upset with the post party litter.

Cecile Carson, vice president of litter and affiliate relations at Keep America Beautiful said  “If you brought it on the beach, don’t leave it. We want everyone to have fun, but keep it clean.” beer cans spring break

So the big concern is clean beaches-what about drug and alcohol overdosing and all the behaviour that comes from over-indulging?

According to Project Know, 40% of college students travel to spring break destinations, spending more than $1 billion annually for trips that are often “rife with alcohol and drugs.”

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Dr. Eric Collins, a psychiatrist who specializes in treating addiction, and Physician-in-Chief at Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, CT, says the greatest danger of spring break is associated with binge drinking.

What about the Iowa state sophomore, who along with three girlfriends, tripped the light fantastic and topped it off by drinking tequila straight from the bottle down her throat. And her view of all this “We just party,” Whatever happens, happens.”  REALLY!!!!!!



And then there are the frats that come prepared for 24 hour booze fests with all you can drink $45 tickets.Others purchase wristbands provided by tour companies or nightclubs that announce your right to drink all you can.

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More still were seen getting drunk day and night, with some downing beer through funnels and others doing shots in the pool to chants of ‘drink, drink, drink, drink!’ – all despite the city banning drinking on the beach.A group of college students drink beer through a funnel and tube poolside during spring break in Palm Springs, California

“The booze-mad party animals down shots and take part in twerking contests, and by mid-afternoon young men and women lie passed out on the ground.” And add to that a mix of cannabis and Class A drugs like cocaine. Wonder how alert many of these young people remain  considering that the pre-frontal cortex-the moral thinking part of the brain doesn’t really mature until one is 25 years old.

One study conducted by the American College of Health found that the average male reported drinking 18 drinks per day and the average female reported up to 10 drinks per day during spring break, well above the safe levels of alcohol consumption.

Am I to be shocked by this statistic Sexual Abuse: More than 97,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 are victims of alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape?

According to a new report released  by the Association of American Universities, “nearly 1 in 4 college women say they are sexually assaulted before they graduate…Three out of four  women sexually assaulted are either freshman or sophomores, and 84 percent of the time the perpetrator is another student. In the majority of cases, the victim knows her attacker, whether as an acquaintance, classmate, friend or (ex)-boyfriend.

Many of the victims are ‘survivors of ‘incapacitated assault’: they are sexually abused while drugged, drunk, passed out, or otherwise incapacitated.”

And how many of these assaults take place at Spring break? Or other parties where booze flows freely and no one seems to understand the risk of unlimited alcohol on the brain. The idea of being responsible for one’s actions is long dead and buried. Based on articles about Vice President Pence not going to events where alcohol is served without his wife present-these young people never developed a moral compass worth sharing.

The Girl Code Movement, is a college-focused anti-sexual assault organization   teaching  college women to identify at-risk women and take action to stop a rape from happening. Do they SHOW UP AT SPRING BREAK to care for their sisters? Do they preach responsibility for your own actions? Or do they drink?

If a woman who drinks too much ends up with a young man who has had way too much to drink and they end up having sex, we know the young woman can claim she was too drunk to consent. What about the man? Can men ever be too drunk to consent?