There are many therapies for mental illness. We’ll learn about the different talk therapies from psychiatry to cognitive behaviour therapy and psychoanalysis, drug therapy and spiritual care. We’ll hear, again, from Dr. Koczerginski, psychoanalyst Dr. Stephen Fowler in Streetsville, Ontario, two pharmacists from Erin Ontario and Spiritual Care Provider, Pearly Daniel from CAMH in Toronto, Ontario.

I was doing well with medication and talk therapy. I had bouts of depression, but I felt well and felt in control of my life-my moods and feelings. But, I shamefully admit that I became a victim of Tom Cruisification. Tom Cruise, the famous actor, the one who jumped up on Oprah’s couch, announcing his love for Katie Holmes, told me that I didn’t need medication. And I listened. To an actor. I began to think that I was weak if I couldn’t live without meds. I am a woman of a certain age and well-educated and I listened to an actor.