I am of the generation of liberated women: women who showed their liberty from patriarchy by burning their bras. I didn’t. Never understood that. Did they remove their girdles and Spanx as well? I still don’t understand the purpose; the meaning? Freeing one’s breasts means …what?

Sometimes we need to take a break and look at the past to see where it is leading and where it was led.

Feminism was never about freeing women from the patriarchy. It was about taking the children away from their mothers.  And, today, we are going through another upheaval. In the name of transgender rights (for the few who truly are confused) the government is taking away the rights of parents over their children. Schools are told to withhold information about gender identity.  Children shouldn’t tell their parents. Really? Isn’t that stranger danger?

The idea of women’s’ liberation was never meant to liberate women. It has enslaved them: to meaningless jobs like making widgets and serving burgers. It has enslaved them to working two full time jobs: the widget making and then caring for children. Then again, women’s Lib taught as that anyone can raise children. Yup. And we are seeing the results: high anxiety, fear, mental illness in our children and many mothers.

There was a time when raising children was an honourable profession. Little pay, not too many compliments but the joy of raising a child to adulthood, to be a happy, productive human being. What greater, more important job is there than bringing new life into the world? But Women’s Lib said “No.” We want to be free to join the workforce – 5 days a week from 9-5. Now that’s liberation. The children will be raised by the state. Do you think they thought of that when they burned their bras? Because the Marxists knew.

In her book Totalitarianism Hannah Arendt wrote that the first order of business for aspiring totalitarian regimes is to get their hands on a country’s children.

The Marxists want you to always bow down to the gods of government because they know best. But who are these gods? Who made them gods? Oh, YOU did when you gave up your God given gift of co-creating, making babies and raising them in the ethic of freedom.

Today, your children, in day care, including before and after school care, are being taught the values of the state: not yours. If you don’t want your children exposed to the LGBTQ agenda that includes telling your children they can change their sex, well, tough. You don’t have rights over your children – the state does. Did you know that? Your children are not being taught the Judeo/Christian ethic that gave the world freedom because Marxists don’t want personal freedom or moral agency. They want you to listen and follow orders. They learned a great deal about us during Covid. The number of people who obeyed without question.

Feminism declared that the right to aborting babies is sacrosanct! The responsibility to not get pregnant doesn’t seem to fit into their paradigm. My body, my choice. Great. But do you really know what you are aborting? When women scream for their right to abort up to birth, and now at birth, would scream if they saw an animal “aborted” the same way. The cutting of limbs when the fetus feels the pain. What happened to empathy?  But “My body: My choice”- not my responsibility.

Feminism has one goal: to remove mothers. There is no concern for mothers and the important work we do. If we were important the government would go out of its way to make it easier for us to stay home and raise OUR children. Keep in mind, one can recall a faulty widget, but one cannot recall a child who has lost his way. But, no. I have a young friend who pays $30,000 a year for day care. The family had to plan the children so that two children were not in daycare at the same time. How much must she earn to make it worth it?  Did she have to stay at work out of fear of losing her job or her seniority? How nice it would have been if the government had helped the mom stay home and given a great big tax break. But the government does not want mothers at home. They want parents busy from 9-5 so you have no idea what is taking place in the schools. The LBGBTQ2 agenda, the denial of science regarding men and women; the introduction of Drag Queens who have no purpose in life other than mocking women. Parents are kept out of deciding which books will be in the classroom and which will be removed.  Today, books must fit the Marxist Woke agenda that pushes the lie that we can change our sex, that we are are racist, sexist and oppressors. It is the tribalization of our society for the sole purpose of destroying freedom – of speech and of choice.

I lived through these times and did not see the damage that was coming. That is the sad thing. Those who want the destruction of our way of life plan in advance. I don’t know how they do this. I guess Marxists pass down their values much better than those of us who live in freedom because we take it for granted. Marxists don’t. We allow our way of life to be taken away, slowly. We don’t notice the taking away of a right here or a right there. We’re busy. We are at the point of no return. I have heard that before and laughed. Oh please. Don’t be silly. I’m not being silly. I am watching as my grandchildren accept the “fact” that a boy can become a girl and vice versa. I listen to my children when they say Drag Queens – they’re not harming anyone – they are like clowns. No, they are not.

Feminism may have started with a good premise – a woman can be anything she wants: a teacher, an engineer, a lawyer – anything. Except we threw away her most important job – motherhood. Not just giving birth but raising that child; keeping a home that is a shelter from the storm. And that requires a father, as well. When feminism took hold, the family was the loser. And too often the father disappeared.

I was able to stay home and raise my children. I’m not going to romanticize it. I, too, had my days. I’m sure my children have horror stories to tell about their mother losing it! But I was the constant in their life. They knew that I would protect them from anything and anyone. And I could do that because their father was at work.

The family is the smallest unit of authority in a society. As we allow the “powers that be” to destroy motherhood and the family, we are destroying our society.


From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”