I asked Rabbi Kaplan about the response from the Jewish organizations.
Sadly, B’nai Brith was the only organization that reached out. Stony silence from the rest. B’nai Brith strongly encouraged Police involvement, and suggested looking at legal options as well.
Rabbi Kaplan is still under attack on social media.
These are vile, ugly and open expressions of anti-Semitsm. A lunatic pushing the envelope can do serious damage to our community. In my opinion, this is not a laughing matter, and ignoring this is unwise, and could, G-d forbid, be at our own peril.
There’s been a huge outpouring of support from private individuals, not only from our community —but really from across the world as my video classes and posts engage a significant international audience. In the short term, I’d say we’ll be stronger and more united as a result of this. The longer term? I’m not so sure… the residual impact is of greater concern to me.
I asked if he was concerned about the safety of his congregation.
I believe that the “Guardian of Israel neither sleeps nor, slumbers. Surely Hashem will shield us, His children,” yet at the same time serious precautions need to be taken and security meaningfully upgraded. I certainly think that the time has come for greater and more robust efforts in that area.