Governments in fascist and communist countries tend to control the message the media shares with their citizens.  There is no freedom of speech; no freedom of the press. One message is shared by all. Think of Pravda.

This has happened in Canada.

Not one MSM outlet shared the story about the Islamic Party of Ontario; the announcement of its formation and its “Principles and Policy” took place December 8, 2018. To achieve their objectives, the Islamic Party of Ontario will follow the peaceful and democratic means provided by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.

Here are some highlights.

The Islamic Party of Ontario believes in “Supremacy of God” and understands that it is our constitutional requirement to make all the rule of laws of Provinces and Federal in obedience and according to the will of God

We understand and believe that Islam is the native DEEN of Ontario and Canada.

Neither right nor left, Islam is the straight path. It balances human life.

The sexual relationship is only between men and women.

The concept of “gender identity” or “seven-colour gender” is a false concept.

We believe in a complete ban on abortion except in a situation when a mother’s life is in danger.

Obscenity, vulgarity, nudity, and perversion must be checked.

Liquor, drugs, adultery, gambling, etc. should be banned in society. 

The experience and surveys show that “boy only” and “girl only” schools produce much better resultsWe will support a gradual transition from co-education to gender-specific schools.

Interest-free economy: Interest is the main source of exploitation. It sucks the blood of the poor (labor, worker) to establish a class of super-rich

A strict law will be suggested to ban blasphemy of any religious (all) symbols and personalities.

One month following the announcement, not one outlet believed that the citizens, at least in Ontario, had the right to know about the formation of a new party, as well as its policies.  Yes, there was an op-ed in the Sun written by Tarek Fatah,  but not one “news” story; a report on the party, its founder, its objectives.


Why does the media in Canada choose silence regarding this new political party?

Silence is Collusion.


From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”