Antisemitism is on the rise. And it has been getting worse since the election of Donald Trump to President of the USA. Stay with me as I explain.

James Mason, the man whose writings provide an ideology of virulent anti-Semitism for the group, the Atomwaffen Division, told NPR in the Frontline PBS documentary called “Documenting Hate,” that he was thrilled with Trump because the President’s mantra is Make America Great Again. And to Mason this meant make America white again.  And that of course means-wink, wink, nod, nod-that Trump is antisemitic. And why not be thrilled with the prospect of Donald Trump as President? David Duke was on cloud nine.

Since the day Donald Trump threw his hat into the arena for the Republican Candidate for President, we have been inundated with statements from pundits, politicians, professors and celebrities about the racist, white nationalist, antisemite Donald Trump. They knew from the get-go that he is the new Hitler.

And shared their truth everywhere and often.

I will not fill this article with links to these comments because I know that my readers will verify the truth to this statement about Trump. Just look up Trump, the media, professors and antisemitism.  Oh and of course, the celebrities, who by virtue of being a celebrity are also experts on Trump and Antisemitism. Just a tease: Joy Behar, Noah Trevor, NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC,  BBC, CBC, fill in the blank…

So Jew-haters and those in the closet licked their lips in anticipation, believing they now had permission to share their views without fear. And they did. Because they were told across the board that Donald Trump is an anitsemite!  And so they marched, protested and vandalized.

And then they discovered slowly but surely, that Trump’s antisemitism is not alike any antisemitism that had previously been disseminated. Or else Donald Trump, with the assistance of MSM and professors and politicians and, and of course celebrities ( Mark Ruffalo, Jane Fonda, Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler) have changed the meaning of antisemitism to love of Israel and the Jewish people, because it seems to me that Trump’s actions have gone a long way toward protecting and defending the Jewish state and the Jewish people everywhere. Whoever thought that would be labeled antisemitic!

Obama and Farrakhan

Think about it. Under Obama, Israel was attacked from the President’s office to the EU to the UN. Here was a President who felt he had the obligation to interfere in the Israeli election to remove the Prime Minister and replace him with someone more amenable to his idea of peace in the Middle East. Trump came in and tore apart every policy Obama had made regarding Israel. Trump tore down the Iran treaty which provided Muslim Jew-haters with billions of dollars to spread terror, especially in Israel, itself. Trump, unlike Obama who pushed Israel under a bus with his abstention regarding UN Resolution 2334 which declared that Jerusalem the Western Wall and parts of Judea/Samarai were no longer Jewish, declared Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel, revoked money to UNRWA and the PA, all organizations that paid Muslims for murdering Jews and the corrupt United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).  Publicly standing with Israel, he appointed Nikki Haley ambassador to the UN, who demolished the anti-Israel rhetoric at the UN.

I think that the antisemites around the world who had been told for years, over and over and over again, that Trump is an anti-Semite got their hopes up. Perhaps a little too high. After all, during the Obama years they had to have been happy with Obama’s policies toward Israel and were expecting even better with a President who according to sources was a born and bred, loud and proud, antisemite. They had every reason to believe once Trump was inaugurated that they would be given a green light for their hate. They relied on MSM and its cohorts. After all, isn’t the media the ethical organization that seeks and shares facts?

Well what a shock. But the hate had been unleashed, again. And now more than ever. Because there is in the highest office in America and the most important in the world, a man who stands with Israel and the Jewish people against all Jewish hatred. Antisemites are reeling from his policies.

Trump’s leadership regarding the Jews and Israel has done one thing that others failed. He united the Right and the Left in a common cause: Antisemitism and its 2.0 rendition, anti-Zionism, together.

The power of the media and their elitist cohorts.


From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”