While our attention has been drawn to Russia/Ukraine: look over there! 24/7, Covid is back.  Shanghai is under assault.  On China’s central coast, Shanghai is the country’s biggest city and a global financial hub. Let me repeat, Shanghai is a global financial hub and major port – as in supply chain. To put it simply, Shanghai is one of only four port-cities in the world to be categorised as a large-port Megacity, due to its high volumes of port traffic and large urban population. One would think it would be important to pay attention when a major port city…in China…is shut down. But we are overwhelmed by news from Ukraine. There are 44 million people in the entire country of Ukraine – or there were before the war. There is an expectation that 8 million Ukrainians will flee. There are 26 million people in the city of Shanghai. We care about the people in Ukraine but not in Shanghai – why is that? We are watching people starve and cruelty to animals and don’t seem to care.

Right now, anyone with a positive Covid result is held in an isolation centre, some of which have been newly created from converted gymnasiums and exhibition halls. Authorities have installed fences to restrict the population’s movement. Green barriers have appeared without warning outside buildings where those inside are forbidden from leaving.  There are metal barriers in multiple districts to block off small streets and entrances to apartment complexes

Oh, like a ghetto, but not.

If that isn’t good enough, Shanghai city officials said infected patients and close contacts will be transferred to government-run centralized quarantine. Can’t begin to imagine how Trudeau would handle this in Canada!

The Chinese government is aiming again for zero Covid, which is like holding on for zero colds. They locked up, I mean locked down, everyone. People were told to leave their pets behind. Then the government took pet cats and put them in plastic bags to be left at the curb and took shovels to bash the heads in of dogs, often the pets of people who tested positive.


A health worker in Shanghai chased down a pet corgi and beat it to death with a shovel because its owner was infected with Covid.  How many other pets have been murdered, or left to starve because the owners have been taken away? But then again, why would anyone care? We all turned a blind eye to Pope Fauci when we learned he provided funds to a lab that tortured beagles-for science!

But hey, it’s Covid. The leaders are treating every living thing as an object – to do with at will. New measures include placing electronic door alarms to prevent those infected from leaving, as well as evacuating people to disinfect their homes.  Hundreds were forcibly evacuated from their homes to allow for buildings to be disinfected.

Only health-care workers, delivery drivers and volunteers can move freely. Robots patrolling the street encourage residents to disinfect their homes, avoid gatherings and “remain civilized”. Oh the irony – robots making sure people remain civilized.

Restrictions have caused supply chain bottlenecks and strained the neighborhood committees (Brownshirts) that are responsible for looking after the locked-down residents. People are screaming for help from their apartments.

Food shortages are rife across the city. Wonder when these shortages will arrive on our shores.

Abuse of people; animals, who cares? Apparently… no one. I have not heard one call of crimes against humanity for locking people up and letting them starve. Well, China did this the first time around without backlash. And then the crimes against the animals?  The America Veterinary Medical Association stated:

“Across cultures, companion animals are an integral part of our lives, in good times, and, perhaps even more so, in bad times.”

So rescue efforts are underway in Ukraine. But Shanghai? In our world all creatures great and small are to be respected. Where is PETA?

Why the lack of concern?  And what about the children?… as if many anywhere care about the children ( we locked down ours for almost two years and had them cover their faces and fear human contact), but in Shanghai the children are dressed in hazmat suits to go to school. Wonder when that will come to America. Perhaps when the media grinds everything it can from the war in Ukraine.

Why is MSM mostly silent about Shanghai? And our governments? The last time Covid came from China we were glued to our electronics for the latest news and abuse. But not this time? Hmmm.

What’s the plan? We know there is a plan. This new round of Covid will not be put to waste in the West.

People always ask why the world is on the run
People like you and like me
Is it really true you can really never win
Movin’ to the upside, tell me when does the fun begin

Gordon Lightfoot


From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”