The  Beaverton- a so-called satire on the Comedy Network posted remarks about Ezra Levant and an 82 year old woman. They called it satire.You decide.

I sent in a letter of complaint. Here it is followed by thier response -in less than half an hour.

My letter to The Beaverton:

According to your website you use “fake news” to share “devastating insight and biting commentary on Canadian life, politics and the world around us.”

I just had the pleasure of reading some posts by Jeff Detsky about Ezra Levant. Mr. Detsky has an excellent resume: a television writer/producer and a graduate of Ryerson University and the Canadian Film Centre, is an author at The Beaverton. According to his bio, his work has been broadcast on channels and platforms as varied as HBO Canada, City, CW, DirecTV, PBS, TVO, YTV, Teletoon, Netflix, and Comedy Central.

This line really got my attention:

On February 2, 2017 Jeff Detsky post on The Beaverton an article entitled “campaign to finance investigative report on why “Ezra Levant is such a fuckface

This really got me going:

We will also explore the rumours that Levant wears adult diapers because he was never potty trained; whether or not he currently has a hamster stuck in his rectum; and expose the cover-up of evidence that he once had sex with a pig carcass to completion.

Levant, the bald-face profiteer of horrific tragedies, demonstrates many other aspects that need to be explored by our staff.

Fell on the floor with this:

Why is he the world’s biggest dick, despite having the world’s smallest penis?


So nice to know that Ezra Levant’s tiny penis is a tag, today. One can learn so much from Mr. Detsky’s brilliant use of the English language.

This is what goes for humour, today, in Canada? Potty mouth language that one hears in bars and from sailors but hey this is funny? Homophobic memes? You are proud of Detsky, a graduate of Ryerson and the Canadian Film Centre for writing this juvenile tripe? And you advertise your programme as “devastating insight and biting commentary on Canadian life, politics and the world around us.”

If this is your idea of biting commentary then we in Canada have a problem. These comments are so low brow that I am offended for all Canadians. A ten year old could have written this. It would have at least explained the quality of writing.

This is nothing less than malicious ad hominem attacks on someone with whom you disagree and you hide it under the rubric of satire. What has happened to satire?

And Mr. Detsky so proud of his work tweeted: “Sometimes we do really important journalism.” I am waiting.

This had me rolling on the floor-after I fell off my chair!

The York Region District School Board was shocked and appalled to hear that one of their trustees used the n-word in a public response to a black mother.

That was, until they heard it was 82 year old Nancy Elgie, who shares more than a passing resemblance to a female version of Clint Eastwood from Gran Torino.

Parents from Elgie’s diverse district have been suspicious for years that she looks like the woman who “don’t take too kindly” in every piece of Southern Gothic literature.

But after using the most offensive racial epithet imaginable towards a woman who was trying to get answers about her own childrens’ discrimination, their fears were confirmed.

It’s horrifying to hear such hurtful language, especially from our elected officials,” explained fellow York trustee James Hogan. “But are you really that surprised it came out of the mouth of a woman who looks like Paula Deen’s mom? Frankly, I’m surprised it hadn’t happened earlier in her tenure.”

More well thought out satire. Just attack the human being and get a good laugh-like ten year olds in the school yard. Impressive.

In case you missed the satire- consider this an official complaint against The Beaverton, its producers, editors and of course the brilliant satirist Jeff Detsky and Comedy Network. It is my understanding that there are some standards to which even a “satirical” show must hold and if you did not break those standards then the CRTC should be ashamed of itself.

You want to eviscerate someone-go ahead. But this puerile attack is beneath all of us who call ourselves Canadians This is not my Canada!

You owe Mr Levant and Nancy Elgie an apology. More importantly you owe the Canadian people an apology.

I look forward to your response to my complaint and my request for an apology. I will follow up with the CRTC.

I expect a response within ten business days.

Diane Weber Bederman

The Beaverton’s response (February 2, 2017)

Hi Diane, no need to wait 10 days. Our response is as follows: we will not be apologizing. While we understand you do not approve of the language we use in the Levant piece, we disagree.

Crass language has a long and hallowed tradition in comedy and satire. And while you may not have enjoyed it, the thousands of people who read, liked and shared the article suggest that many did.

Also I am sure you would agree that Mr. Levant’s attempt to stoke the fires of racial and religious hatred by suggesting with no evidence that the attack on the Mosque in Quebec City was actually carried out by a Muslim as opposed to the white nationalist the police arrested is far more offensive than a few naughty words.

As for the Elgie piece, you are right when you say that we attacked her. We attacked her for using a racial epithet against a woman of colour. For attempting to demean and belittle someone on the basis of their race. For being comedically, absurdly racist in a day and age when that is unacceptable.

While we understand our actions have offended you, rest assured your offence is nothing compared to the offence we and many others take that Ms. Elgie remains employed.

It is clear from your message that you do not enjoy our brand of comedy, which is fine. We have never suggested that we are for everyone.

So might I suggest blocking us on social media? That way you will not be troubled by our “puerile” comedy any longer.

All the best, The Editors of the Beaverton.

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