Emil Durkheim wrote that Jew hatred is like slashing water with a knife.

Here we are post Holocaust still slashing with that knife. Today we are told that anti-Zionism; attacking the Jewish state of Israel, (Israel has 0.11% of the world’s population the only Jewish state in the world out of 195 countries about 50 of which the majority of the population is Muslim and 30 countries with a Muslim population in which more than 90% of the inhabitants belong to Islam and another 20 countries with a Muslim population of between 50% and 80% and 26 countries where Islam the state religion by constitution), is not at all the same as antisemitism that was spread throughout the world for the past 3000 years and did exceptionally well under Hitler.

Really? I think we need a lesson in grammar. Antisemitism and anti-Zionism are synonyms, not antonyms and not homonyms. Synonyms. Two different words that mean the same thing. Hatred for Jews, whether in one state or spread out in the diaspora.

A hate for one is a hate for all.

And the Jew haters today know that to divide is to conquer so they are busy dividing the Diaspora from the State. The Jew haters today are not white supremacists or Nazis. There are a few but we shut them down quickly-because they are white! Today’s Jew haters par excellence are Muslims and the left together. Muslims and Progressives who push diversity, equity and inclusion, except when it comes to you, dear Jews.

I am sharing a story with you about righteous gentiles during the horror of Nazi Germany. Stay with me and I will explain the reason.

In 1940, in the early stages of World War II, it took Germany a mere six weeks to conquer France. For two years afterward, France was divided between the northern occupied half and Vichy France in the south. Thousands of Jews who lived or made their way to the south survived in relative peace for two years. About 5000 Jews, mostly children, made their way to a small Protestant town, Le Chambon-sur-lignon, located in the mountains 350 miles south of Paris. In 1942, the Germans went into southern France and began to round up the Jews to send them to concentration camps, where they would be murdered.

There were approximately 5000 residents in the village of Le Chambon-sur-lignon. They were proud descendants of the first French Protestants, the Huguenots, who had been persecuted by the French government of King Louis XIV for their religious beliefs. The village, which became known as “that nest of Jews in Protestant Country,” was also a place of convalescence for German soldiers. In other words, the locals’ next-door neighbors were Nazis. Yet the families of Le Chambon-sur-lignon still sheltered every Jew who came to their village. They did this knowing full well that they were defying the French government, which was collaborating with the Nazis. The villagers provided the Jewish refugees with food, education, forged identification papers, and they also escorted many to Switzerland and freedom.

These people, strangers to the Jews saved them while putting their own lives, and the lives of their children, at risk. Where are the righteous people today? What happened to all those people with whom the Jews have stood in the name of Tikkun Olam? Where is the black community especially BLM with whom so many Progressive Jews stand as BLM stands with BDS calling for the elimination of Israel?

In case you have forgotten, or worse, never learned, the Jews marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and died fighting for black voter rights. So where is BLM? Oh, right, attacking the Jews for being white! Where are the Churches?  Where are the indigenous peoples? Why are they not standing with the Jewish people, the indigenous people of Israel, from time immemorial?  So many Jews stood and continue to stand with Linda Sarsour who is busy rewriting Jewish’s history; culturally appropriating it for Islamic history as she declares that King David was a MUSLIM!

We are the descendants of King David and his army; the most respected army in tis time.

Keep it up, dear Jews, and cancel culture will cancel our 3500 year old Jewish history.

And now Jews in America stand with the Democrat Party of America which includes the Hamas Caucus  that hates Israel –oh, but not the Jews. I mean, after all, antisemitism isn’t the same as anti-Zionism (Re-read above).

You Jews stood with others to protect their rights. Do they stand with you, today, now that an open season on Jew hatred has been declared?  Do they stand with 14 million Jews  -yes, that’s the number of Jews today when there should be 200,000 million of us? Are 14 million Jews and one Jewish state just too many? And if 14 million Jews are too many, how many are enough?

The Huguenots put Progressive Jews to shame.

Where are all of your friends? Are they marching with you? Are they standing with you by placing signs on their lawns: Say no to Jew hatred? How about flags or bumper stickers with the Star of David?

I’m going to guess no. But you held up BLM flags. And put signs on your lawns. And kneeled.

How did we manage to raise a new generation of Jews so totally ignorant of recent history; let alone our 3500 year old history? Progressive Jews who apparently have no knowledge of the assimilated, progressive, diverse, inclusive Jews in Germany? Not those shtetl Jews –  oh no, these were German Jews – like American Jews or Canadian Jews, or name a country Jews.

Dear Jews: a Jew is a Jew is a Jew and you can lick the boots of inclusivity and bend the knee to BLM  but in the end you are a Jew and will be escorted to the “ovens,”  metaphorically speaking.

Right now the only people saving the Jews are Jews who have no need to be liked or included with those who hate us. We have no fear of being disliked or doxed or canceled for the crime of being Jewish and standing with the only Jewish state in the world. A Jewish state of half the Jewish population; 7 million, surrounded by 18 Muslim only states with 230 million Muslims.  For our enemies, one state is one state too many. And you stand with them.

The Jew haters are trying to put up a wall between Israel and the Jews in the diaspora and you, dear Jews, are aiding and abetting in that. Divide and conquer!

We have risen from the ashes. We are not going back. And if you do not own your own Jewish identity then we will drag you forward with us because we are one people, one nation:

Am Yisrael Chai.




From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”