Not too long ago, a young man named Tim Tebow took  a knee and bowed his head during a football game.

He took a lot of flak for his faith. “Players from other teams, as well as fans, have openly mocked and ridiculed Tebow’s Christian beliefs, and even media outlets have taken jabs at his faith, albeit in mostly subtle ways. Still, Tebow has remained steadfast and has attracted the attention of fellow Christian Kurt Warner, a former quarterback for the New York Giants and St. Louis Rams, who has some advice for Tebow: Tone down the public displays of your faith.”

Now, look at this photo.Colin Kaepernick. Taking a knee during the anthem. Not after a touchdown. The National Anthem. And he was praised by the media and the left. No calls for toning down his display-except from the President of the United States who called attention to his behaviour.



Here is a young man blessed to be adopted in a loving family. A white family. Able to reach his dreams-not without their help and the help of others. What a gift he received. So many others with similar ability just didn’t get that brass ring. But he did. He could have shared his gratitude, everywhere. He had two choices in life as do each and everyone of us. He could look at this moment in life- a snapshot- and choose to be bitter, or choose to be better. Kaepernick chose bitter. And he spread that bitterness everywhere. Look how easy it was for so many others, as blessed as he, to jump on the bitterness wagon.

May I suggest the next time you take a knee, Bow your head in gratitude for the gifts you have received.

Ask God, “Why me?” Why me, God? What did I do to deserve so much when so many have so little? Why does my cup runneth over?”

Take a knee and bow your head in gratitude that you were born in America. Not a third world country, because in America you were able to reach such heights, no matter where you started.

Take a knee and bow your head in gratitude that by working hard you excelled in your field and now receive hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to play football.

Take a knee and bow your head in gratitude to your families and friends who helped you and now you can help them. You can return to your neighbourhood as role models. You can put your boat beside the boats of others and help lift them up.

Take a knee and bow your head in gratitude that you remain healthy. Take a knee and bow your head when a teammate is hurt. Be thankful that it is not you. And then pray for his wellbeing.

I was watching when Pittsburgh Steeler, Ryan Shazier, fell to the ground, grabbed his back rolled over and stopped moving. I watched as the medics came on the field checking his legs. I watched as he was taken off the field, his hands covering his eyes, his legs still not moving. And I gave a short prayer that he not be paralyzed.

I was watching when Indianapolis Colts tight end Brandon Williams went down to the ground and didn’t move. And again I prayed along with his teammates.


Take a knee and bow your head in prayer asking God to keep you on a moral path away from abusing drugs or alcohol. From being unkind to women.

Take a knee and bow your head in prayer asking God to help you be a respectful child, a wonderful spouse, a loving parent, a great friend, a true teammate and a proud American so that you can pass down to the next generation gratitude for the gift of being born an American.


From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”