While the PM of Canada, Justin Trudeau, pushes globalization, free trade agreements and the need for the EU to stay together, Canada is being cannibalized. How does he square this circle? Remove the edges?

We have 617 First Nation communities in Canada. Here are the numbers of First Nations in each province and territory: Newfoundland-4; Nova Scotia 13; PEI 2; New Brunswick 15; Quebec 39; Ontario 126; Manitoba 63; Saskatchewan 70; Alberta 45; British Columbia 198; Yukon 16; Northwest Territories 26.

And we, as a country, get to negotiate with each community. Any one community can stop a project that could provide employment for thousands of other Canadians. They have rights that are different from the rights of other Canadians.

Then there are barriers between provinces. No globalization in our own country. Don’t even think of taking beer across some provincial borders. 


Yet the call to take down these borders comes with resistance. Kelly McParland wrote in the National Post:

“Taking down the barriers, opponents say, would be immensely disruptive. It would make for a different Canada. And that’s exactly why the court should insist that it happen. It’s an absurdity for Canada to eagerly seek free trade deals across the globe while demanding protectionism at home.”

Not only that; “Modern Canada is built on protectionism. And not just our high wall of taxes and tariffs and duties and sneaky little bureaucratic barriers at our international borders, but a whole cadre of other rules impeding trade and labour and commerce between our provinces, and even our municipalities….Protectionist unions see to it that workers from one province cannot cross over and work in another.”

There are rules about catching lobster off season in Nova Scotia-rules that only affect some people. The Indigenous have different rules.” Indigenous people are allowed to harvest lobster for food, social or ceremonial use at any time.” This has led to some discord down East. How much is acceptable as social or ceremonial use?

“The ongoing dispute stems from a September 1999 ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada that confirmed First Nations have sweeping fishing and other treaty rights but left lingering questions about the limits…Most First Nations in the Maritimes and Quebec have since signed interim fishing agreements with Ottawa, which has spent more than $600 million providing Indigenous bands with boats, equipment and licences”.

Then there is Quebec. A distinct nation within a nation. Another “tribe” that was defeated by the English and does not want to accept that fact. After the panic in 1995 when Quebec almost left after a referendum, we now have the leader of the NDP, Mr. Jagmeet  Singh, saying if a majority of Quebeckers voted to secede from Canada in a third referendum, he would “respect the decision of the people, without fail and without a doubt.”

“[The right of self-determination] is so fundamental, and if people choose their future, I am completely in agreement with their decision.”

According to the National Post NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has long identified “with the grievances of the Sikh community against the Indian government. ” There is some bad blood between Hindus and Sikhs and Jagmeet Singh is a Sikh. Seems there are concerns over whether he is representing all the Canadians or just one particular interest. He has been reluctant to speak out against the glorification of Talwinder Singh Parmar who was never brought to trial for his alleged role in the 1985 bombing of Air India Flight 182 which killed 329 people — 280 of them Canadians. Some Sikh temples in Canada display posters hailing the alleged architect Talwinder Singh Parmar.

Bal Gupta, whose wife was killed in the Air India bombing asked “If leaders in Canada don’t disown terrorists and terrorism, then who would?”

I have the same question of my Prime Minister. Omar Khadr.

So what does it mean to be Canadian?  What exactly holds Canada together? Are we a nation? Or are we little cantons that tolerate each other? Trudeau tells us diversity holds us together.

Well that doesn’t seem to be working out all that well, when we have Natives claiming  separate rights as if they were each and every one of them a separate and distinct country within a country, and trade barriers between provinces, then the NDP leader saying that Quebec can leave. We have Canadians calling for death to the Jews.

All this while the Prime Minister extols the virtues of globalization and more open borders; everywhere but here, within our borders. What hypocrisy.

It seems to me that globalization is an idea pushed by the leaders in government, education and the media but not well received by the little people; the ones who are most affected  by these lofty ”feel good” agendas.

Philosopher Will Durant wrote,

“The trouble with most people is that they think with their hopes or fears or wishes rather than their minds.”


“Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”