Fourteen year old Carson Crimeni is dead. From an overdose. From a drug, ecstasy, that was given to him. By some nasty boys who thought it would be fun to watch him. And share his demise on line. They watched as he sweat through his grey hoodie, swaying to music, they laughed and howled as he slowly lost the ability to speak. And what did those who saw this on line do? Nothing.  Hahaha. It was all just fun! They did nothing as a young boy was taunted and suffered, curled inward, terrified. He suffered while those around him, only a few years older, laughed.  Why was Crimeni with these boys? Because he so wanted to be liked and be part of a group. And then they left and Carson suffered alone and died alone.

Carson’s father had moved to the middle-class neighbourhood to get away from the drugs and gangs in his old neighbourhood and ensure that his son had the best chance at a good education.

He was loved by his father who raised him. And by an extended family.

Carson was different. A little hyperactive. Not great at reading emotions and faces. But harmless.  He was young for his age and still had baby cheeks. Just the type of person that nasty people, with no sense of self-respect or dignity would choose to bully. A young girl spread a rumour that he had wet his pants. Nice. What did the school do then? Did they call her parents?

Carson did find a group who liked him. On line. Playing a game. And they did try to protect him at school.

The question asked is “What went wrong?”  What went wrong? We stopped teaching children manners. We stopped teaching the morals and values that help us become compassionate people in a compassionate society. We stopped teaching children to care for the other. We stopped letting children lose…at anything. We told children they are all special. We stopped having serious consequences for meanness. We stopped shaming children for their callousness.

Too many parents are too busy working and come home too tired. Fewer hours at home to watch over their children.  To notice heartlessness developing.  We are so proud of work outside the home we delegated raising children to others. After all, anyone can raise a child, but how many can make a great widget?

And the schools? All these lessons about bullying. Not working. Were the teachers blind to the attacks? Other students were aware. He had been kicked, hit and mocked.

But not to worry. The RCMP are on it.

Criminal lawyer Kyla Lee said “This situation says so much about the way that peer pressure and mob mentality can completely put people’s blinders on to what the appropriate response is in a circumstance.”

That is an inexcusable excuse.

These boys took a life because it was just plain fun. Making fun. They took a life because somewhere along the way no one taught them the meaning of life; the sanctity of life.  I wonder about their parents. What are they thinking? What are they saying to their boys? Were they so unaware of their nastiness? Their lack of empathy?

These boys and those who watched on line have grown up at a time when sharing on social media is the be all and end all. These boys tricked an innocent, naïve boy, desperate to be liked, to join them for their own enjoyment, shared on line. Because what is more important, today, than sharing on line! Look at me! Look at us! Isn’t this hilarious? And it was, to them.  And to those who sat comfortably at home watching the entire murder take place on line. And saying nothing. NOTHING. So far from any sense of the sanctity of life that they sat there and watched and did nothing.

And that is the sickness that has taken over our children, our communities.


Look. A memorial. Loving and caring. Too bad that love and care was not there when it mattered.

Jimmy Jeong/The Globe and Mail


Update August 22: Now being reported that police were called at 8PM by someone who saw all of this on social media. The police did not find Carson.

From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”