If there is one lesson we must take away from the Horror of the October 7 massacre it is that Israel cannot win the military war without winning the Propaganda War.

How do we end the wars in the Middle East? Begin by destroying the propaganda “Occupation/Colonization” Lies with the Israeli Declaration of a national holiday: Yom San Remo: the foundation upon which the modern Jewish State of Israel sits.

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You can help end these wars by sharing the facts.

The San Remo Conference, which took place on April 19, 1920, lasted for seven days and published its resolutions on April 25, 1920. These seven days laid the political foundation for the creation of the 22 Arab League States and the one and only Jewish State of Israel.   This was formalized in the Weizmann-Feisal agreement which led to the League of Nations recognizing the Land of Israel (then Palestine) as the homeland of the Jewish people.  Before the San Remo conference there did not exist a single Arab independent nation state. Not one. All 22 Arab states that exist today (as part of the Arab League) became nation states either as a direct result of the San Remo conference, or much later. Therefore, the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish state is exactly equal or greater to the legitimacy of any of the Arab nation states.


  1. The San Remo Conference, according to Haim Weizmann, Israel’s first Prime minister, was the most significant event in the history of the Jewish people.
  2. The San Remo Conference took place on April 19, 1920, in San Remo, Italy, under the auspices of the Supreme Council of the Principal Allied Powers: Britain, France, Italy and Japan, with the US as an observer.
  3. Prior to the San Remo Resolution, Palestine was merely a geographic area encompassing Judea and Samaria, the Jordan Valley, Jerusalem, Israel without the green line, and present day Jordan.
  4. At The San Remo Conference, the last two days, April 24-25, 1920 were devoted to the disposition of the former Turkish possessions in the Middle East.
  5. The San Remo Resolution declared, for the first time in over 1800 years, that the geographical region known as “Palestine,” since Roman times, was to become a legal entity.
  6. In San Remo, the Palestine boundaries were not precisely defined: the prevailing idea was to identify them with the Biblical ancient Jewish kingdom of Judah and Israel, popularly referred to as “from Dan to Beersheba.”
  7. The San Remo Resolution turned the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917, which was until then an expression of British foreign policy, into a document of international law.
  8. The San Remo Resolution declared the Jewish National Home to be “reconstituted” in Palestine, giving the Jewish Homeland international recognition; the key element of the Mandate for Palestine, awarded to Britain as the Mandatory power.
  9. The San Remo Resolution, alongside the Jewish national rights in Palestine, conferred equivalent national rights to the Arabs in Syria including Lebanon, and Mesopotamia – present day Iraq.
  10. The San Remo Conference, besides fulfilling the national aspirations of the Jewish People-Zionism, also marked the end of the longest colonization in history. It gave the Jewish people sovereign title on Palestine, as well as the Arabs equal rights in Syria and Iraq.


Article 80 of the UN Charter implicitly recognizes the provisions of the “Mandate for Palestine” of the League of Nations:  the Jewish people’s unalterable right to live anywhere in Palestine, in the region between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. And that guarantee remains valid even after the termination of the Mandate for the Jewish Homeland in Palestine, May, 1948.

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July 24, 1922, The League of Nations gave Britain the authority over the Rebirth of the Nation of Israel whose first King was Saul from 1021-1000 BCE.

Israel has been conquered and occupied by foreign forces many times since the Jewish kingdoms reigned there. Over the last 3,000 years, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantians, Khalifates( Caliph Umar 635), Crusaders(1099CE) Ottomans(1516 CE), British(1917CE), have occupied the land as part of their foreign empires.

War will end when the world acknowledges the legal, historical and Biblical rights to the land of Israel in the Middle East.

The Jews are accused of ethnic cleansing. Who are the people who have participated in ethnic cleansing in the Middle East?

Can you find Israel? The“Occupier”? Israel – still occupied and colonized by Muslims living in Jerusalem, Judea/Samaria and Gaza.


I end this media release with the battlefield eulogy for a young Jewish soldier in 1956, by Moshe Dayan.  It was delivered in Nahal Oz, the same Nahal Oz that was infiltrated by Hamas murderers on Oct. 7.

Dayan said, “Not from the Arabs of Gaza must we demand the blood of Roi, but from ourselves.” Jews have forgotten, he lamented, that the youth of Israel carry the burden of “the heavy gates of Gaza, beyond which hundreds of thousands of eyes and arms huddle together and pray for the onset of our weakness so that they may tear us to pieces.”

The millions of Jews, annihilated without a land, peer out at us from the ashes of Israeli history and command us to settle and rebuild a land for our people. But beyond the furrow that marks the border, lies a surging sea of hatred and vengeance, yearning for the day that the tranquility blunts our alertness, for the day that we heed the ambassadors of conspiring hypocrisy, who call for us to lay down our arms.

It is to us that the blood of Roi calls from his shredded body. Although we have vowed a thousand vows that our blood will never again be shed in vain we were once again seduced, (Again on October 7 2023)brought to listen, to believe. Our reckoning with ourselves, we shall make today. We mustn’t flinch from the hatred that accompanies and fills the lives of hundreds of thousands of Arabs, who live around us and are waiting for the moment when their hands may claim our blood. We mustn’t avert our eyes, lest our hands be weakened. That is the decree of our generation. That is the choice of our lives — to be willing and armed, strong and unyielding, lest the sword be knocked from our fists, and our lives severed.

From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”