The concept of the Jews returning to their homeland on the wings of eagles is a powerful and enduring one that has deep roots in Jewish history and culture. And in America the Founding Fathers selected the bald eagle as the emblem of the nation. The fierce beauty and proud independence of this great bird aptly symbolizes  strength and freedom.

Maybe the ultimate threat to the West comes…from our own lack of understanding of and faith in our own cultural heritage. —Niall Ferguson, Civilization: The West and the Rest

 We must protect our ethic of freedom  from the evil of the Bullies of Woke and the ideology of Islam. 

In the name of tolerance, inclusion and accommodation, we invited Islam into the West, despite the fact that Islam is not in any way shape or form compatible with our Judeo/Christian ethic. In the name of DIE-diversity, inclusion and equity, we allowed Progressives to implement their ideology: Wokeness, Critical Race Theory, and cancel culture that also attacks western values. We have naively invited ideologies that disrupt and disfigure our way of life, into our life.

When will enough of us wake up to the evil and fight back? Eve stood right beside the Serpent in the Garden but did not recognize the Evil she was embracing. Once recognized and acknowledged there is hope for repentance and redemption. But what of those who come face to face with the serpent and choose to ignore what is right in front of their eyes?

Is it that too many cannot see the evil right before our eyes?

This is the definition of Islamophobia in Canada.

“Islamophobia – Includes racism, stereotypes, prejudice, fear or acts of hostility directed towards individual Muslims or followers of Islam in general. In addition to individual acts of intolerance and racial profiling, Islamophobia can lead to viewing and treating Muslims as a greater security threat on an institutional, systemic and societal level.”

Let’s take a look at Islam, a religion and ideology that we are told is compatible with Western Values. But is it?

NCCM, which is the equivalent of CAIR in America, believes that core Islamic values are aligned with and reflect Canadian values including equality, freedom, inclusiveness and justice….interesting as…

ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) Canada shares in the book, Riyad us Saliheen

The political system of Islam is totally incompatible with western democracy. The concept of government party and the opposition is alien to Islam. All belong to one Ummah with only one goal and pursue the same aims and objects of Islamic guidelines.”

The motto of the Muslim Brotherhood:

“Allah is our objective, the Prophet is our leader, the Qur’an is our law, jihad is our way, dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

When a religion calls out for the death of others, is that religion/culture compatible with the West?

Pious and religious Muslims who pray five times a day invoke a verse that refers to Jews as people who have incurred the “wrath of Allah” and Christians as “people who have been led astray.”

The actual verse of the Quran says:

“Guide us to the straight path

The way of those upon whom you have bestowed your grace

Not the way of those who have earned your wrath

Nor of those who went astray”

The Al-Islam organization has provided:

“An enlightening commentary into the light of the Holy Qur’an Volume 1.

Who are those who have brought down wrath or those who have gone astray? They are the Jews and the Christians.

For, as the Qur’an has clearly pointed out in different verses, the misguided Jews used to show a special grudge and enmity against the invitation of Islam, though, at the beginning, their scholars and learned men were the bearers of the glad tidings of Islam. Very soon, though, under the effect of deviation of thought, belief and notion, and, also, because their financial gains were being endangered, they became the most obstinate enemies of Islam and they did whatever evil they could against the progression of lslam and Muslims. (Even today, Zionism and Zionists hold the same position regarding the manner in which they treat Islam and Muslims.)

Therefore, to render these people as ‘those inflicted with His Wrath’ seems very correct.

But, the misguided of the Christians, who upon encountering with Islam were not so grudging, but were misled because of their misperception of the Divine religion and therefore refusing the Truth, were rendered into / dallin / ‘ those gone astray’.They believed in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost instead of clinging to true Monotheism, the worship of Allah. This is, in itself, one of the greatest examples of ‘astray’ and ‘aberration’.

Osman Haji Madad, Sahaba Masjid. Edmonton, Alberta: “Who are those who earned the wrath of Allah?… They are the Jews… Those who were cursed by Allah. Allah was angry at them and turned them into monkeys and pigs.


Canada: Muslim cleric Younus Kathrada says “Non-Muslims Are Our Enemies – Our Children Must Understand This; May Allah Annihilate the Heretics and the Atheists”

And then we have:

The last hour won’t come before the Muslims would fight the Jews and the Muslims will kill them so Jews would hide behind rocks and trees. Then the rocks and tree would call: oh Muslim, oh servant of God! There is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only “Gharkad” tree, it is of Jews’ trees.”

Meanwhile, governments are telling us that we must not criticize Islam; it’s hate speech.

Interesting, as so far, attacks on Jews and Christians are considered free speech.

Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar stated: “The entire 510 million square kilometers of planet Earth will come under [a system] where there is no injustice, no oppression, no treachery, no Zionism, no treacherous Christianity, and no killings and crimes, like those being committed against the Palestinians, and against the Arabs in all the Arab countries – in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and other countries.” Talk about canceling!

Islam is now part of cancel/dox culture.The Muslim Student Association (MSA) at Hamline University tried to isolate and punish an art history professor who displayed pictures of Muhammad, painted by Muslims centuries ago, to students. Students felt unsafe; from art work! Shades of Charlie Hebdo. How dare you insult the Prophet! Jesus on the other hand…

Insult Jews and Christians-well that’s OK.

CAIR, The Council on American-Islamic Relations sought an “injunction that they wanted a federal court to issue that would prevent the teaching of Islamic terrorism in class or for that matter in any other class in the entire college district.” A district attorney explained that CAIR was “trying to create a defamation of Islam exception to the First Amendment.

Which brings me to the attack on Western Values by Woke Progressives promoting Critical Race Theory, and cancel culture, which includes the destruction of family; the smallest unit of authority in any system. While Islam promotes dhimmitude – the teaching that Muslims are superior to all others, Progressive Woke ideology promotes revenge racism – that white people are by nature, evil.

Here are some examples of Woke ideology from my book Bullies of Woke and Their Assault on Mental Health:

Angela Harris wrote in her foreword to Critical Race Theory: An Introduction: Unlike traditional civil rights discourse, which stresses incrementalism and step-by-step progress, critical race theory questions the very foundations of the liberal order, including equality theory, legal reasoning, Enlightenment rationalism, and neutral principles of constitutional law.

Dr. Moss, a private-practice psychoanalyst from New York, gives a presentation entitled “On Having Whiteness,” which is targeted toward other psychoanalysts and social workers. In it, Moss argues that whiteness “is parasitic in that it is contagious, passed on by other infected people,” and that “biologically ‘white’ people have a particular susceptibility to ‘Whiteness.’”

The American Medical Association has produced a 54- page document called Advancing Health Equity: A Guide to Language, Narrative, and Concepts. Sally Sartel dissects it: The guide condemns several “dominant narratives” in medicine. One is the “narrative of individualism,” and its misbegotten corollary, the notion that health is a personal responsibility. A more “equitable narrative,” the guide instructs, would “expose the political roots underlying apparently ‘natural’ economic arrangements, such as property rights, market conditions, gentrification, oligopolies and low wage rates.” The dominant narratives, says the AMA, “create harm, undermining public health and the advancement of health equity; they must be named, disrupted, and corrected.

Dr. Aruna Khilanani, a psychiatrist who gave a lecture at Yale University’s School of Medicine titled “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind”  admitted that she sometimes fantasized about shooting white people, which has prompted a backlash against her and the university. She defended her behavior as a means of expressing herself as a person of Indian background!

Experts like Dr. Joy DeGruy, a clinical psychologist with a doctorate in social work research and author of the book, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury & Healing, writes about how “… being Black in America impact(s) your stress level, therefore your body’s ability to operate its own immune system.”

Then we have Progressive Boston University Professor, Ibram X Kendi, whose works on “anti-racism” are widely hailed by proponents of critical race theory, and approved by the Biden Administration for his anti-racism, declared: “to be born in [the United States] is to literally have racist ideas rain on our head consistently and constantly.” He wrote: “our kids are basically functioning on racist ideas, choosing who to play with based on the kid’s skin color,” Kendi said. The solution, in part, is to “diagnose” employees as “racist” in order to help them become “antiracist” and “stop hurting somebody else.”

And of course, we have comments from WEF the World Economic Forum: “Critical race theory tells a story about institutionalized racial disadvantage and systemic racial inequality. It examines how the legacy of slavery and segregation in the US is embedded in modern-day legal systems and policies.” And insists “there is a profound sense of urgency for companies to actively work to tackle inequality and the inequity that follows as a result.”

Black Lives Matter had posted on their website, which has since been removed: “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.” According to Bill Pan:Public school districts from Boston to Seattle are teaching lessons that correspond to core BLM values, such as “Diversity and Globalism,” and “Trans-Affirming,” “Queer Affirming,” and “Collective Value.” Seems these policies promote fatherless families. How’s that going?

Author and Rutgers professor, Brittney Cooper was also showcased on PBS in an interview with Judy Woodruff about her book, Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower.  Here are some of Cooper’s comments: “I think that white people are committed to being villains in the aggregate.” “I wouldn’t be mad at the black people who want to get [white people] back.” “[White people] are so corrupt. Their thinking is so morally and spiritually bankrupt about power that they fear viscerally, existentially about letting go of power.” In response to a question about whether white people will ever give up power and resources, Cooper said:

“The thing I want to say to you is we gotta take these motherfuckers out,’ before admitting, ‘but we can’t say that…I don’t believe in a project of violence.’ ‘Whiteness is an inconvenient interruption’ to black and indigenous people’s existence.”

New York’s East Side Community School is encouraging white parents to become “white traitors” and advocate for “white abolition:” There are eight stages of white identity development— from the lowest form, “white supremacist,” to the intermediate forms of “white confessional” and “white traitor,” to the highest form, “white abolitionist.” The goal of this process, according to the graphic’s creator, Northwestern University professor Barnor Hesse, is challenging the “regime of whiteness” and eventually to “subvert white authority” and “not [allow] whiteness to reassert itself.”

For Critical Race Theory to take hold, one has to believe that “truth” does not exist, that everything we believe is a “social construct” resulting in a “narrative” and that “alternate narratives” are of equal value. At least at first, until alternate narratives are erased. Removing facts makes it easier to manipulate emotions.

Islam and woke ideologies want the same thing – the destruction of Western culture, a culture that is firmly rooted in the Hebrew Bible that declares all people are born with equal intrinsic value, all life is sacred and we have free will.

If we do not stand up and fight for our values, if we remain silent, then all will be lost.

From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”