On May 9, 2018 I sent the following media inquiry to Jennifer Yang, the Toronto Star’s Identity and Inequality Reporter, and Kathy English, the Star’s public editor:

You [Yang] wrote in your article regarding Jonathan Halevi: 

“He has also been a go-to pundit for the now-defunct Sun News Network and its offshoot Rebel News, a right-wing media website that has drawn controversy for its anti-Muslim coverage.”

Toronto Star Pubic Editor Kathy English stated:

“Understanding the sensitivity of the subject matter, the reporters and her editors put an immense amount of thought and consideration into this piece.”

I have recently discovered that Jonathan Halevi sent you an email November 23, 2017 in which he wrote:

I am not the “go-to-pundit” for Rebel Media. I was interviewed in one singular instance by The Rebel Media before it was incorporated. I was not hired or paid by The Rebel Media and did not and does not represent or speak on its behalf.

He asked you to “correct the biographical information” about him.

Here is the text of Ezra Levant’s statement:

To whom it may concern:

This is to confirm that Jonathan Dahoah Halevi is not and has not been a pundit for The Rebel media. Mr. Halevi was interviewed once by The Rebel in early 2015. He was not hired or paid by The Rebel and did not and does not represent or speak on behalf of us.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant



Unless you have information that can support your allegation, does it not behoove you to correct the article; unless, of course, the Toronto Star possesses any information that can supports the allegation that Jonathan Halevi was a “go-to-pundit” or a “pundit” for Rebel Media?

If you do not correct/remove the statement would that not be an indication of support for false information (fake news) about Jonathan Halevi even after being notified by Mr. Halevi about it?

One more question. Why did the Toronto Star not mention that Jonathan Halevi appeared several times on CTV as an expert on the Middle East?

Please respond by 11 AM May 10. If you need more time, please let me know.

Neither Jennifer Yang nor Kathy English responded to this media inquiry or corrected the false information they published on Jonathan Halevi.

This is classic #FAKENEWS. Errors are made in articles. A professional corrects them.

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