What are the criteria for naming a group white nationalists or white supremacists? What is the definition? What ideologies threaten the security of a community?  Does inclusivity not include protesting against radical Islam?

Canadians live in a remarkable country. One of only a few where one can truly live under a democracy. Freedom of speech, and thought, and protest. “Free to be You and Me” as Marlo Thomas taught.

Citizens in this country have the right to protest in safety. And they have the right to be protected by the authorities when they protest peacefully. Let me make one thing clear; I do not condone protesters in Canada who cover their faces. We are not an authoritarian state. No one should ever fear protesting peacefully. France’s National Assembly has just approved a law banning the wearing of masks at protests

Something has gone wrong in our country when our people decide to protest the policies of the federal government and are not only not protected but are harassed by the police. And this is happening more and more when citizens protest the influence of radical Islam in Canada.When did the peaceful protesting of the Islamization of a country become illegal?

People who question radical Islam are shamed. We do not allow dialogue or protest anymore if one is protesting radical Islam. One can protest against radical Jewish groups and Israel without a problem.  And radical Christianity and its beliefs about abortion. One can question the influence of China in Canada but not the influence of radical Islam.

Members of an organization called Pegida Canada decided to protest. Pegida Canada is a group opposed to Islamic fundamentalism and in favour of pro-Canadian values like free speech; the right not to be thrown off buildings or hanged or beheaded for being gay; and the right of a woman to be treated equally. This article is not about their views in particular. This is about their right to protest radical Islam in Canada with protection.

In 2017, in Toronto, Pegida members were attacked by Antifa. Bloomberg Media described  them: “Antifa has more in common with the Nazis than with American ideals.” Nancy Pelosi, after Berkeley,  declared “The violent actions of people calling themselves antifa in Berkeley this weekend deserve unequivocal condemnation, and the perpetrators should be arrested and prosecuted.” Members of Antifa wear masks, and attack those with whom they disagree.

Over the months members of Pegida were attacked for protesting radical Islamist values.

“In September 2017, one of our supporters was punched to the ground.  Oct 13, 2018, one of our supporters was knocked unconscious by a counter protester. The police stood and watched it happen. They tried to steal our equipment. The police stood by and watched it happen.”

I am reporting eyewitness accounts.

“We started demoing in London in May of 2017, flash demos, we were stopped by police who advised us to go public so they could provide ‘protection’. Our first public demo in London was July 2017. It was chaos. The police stood to the side. Our August demo was unbelievable. The mayor and city council, along with local media, demonized us. We were labeled Neo Nazi white supremacists, no one bothered to contact us beforehand, and as a result, 700 Londoners came out against 30 of us, including city council members and mayor.”

Here is the image of the flyer distributed by those against Pegida.


The city of London then declared that  protests against Islamism were not acceptable.

“The Municipal Council and the City of London stand against all forms of racism, bigotry and hatred, including white supremacy/nationalist groups whose ideologies threaten the security of our community and undermines our commitment to foster a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, and the Civic Administration BE DIRECTED to prepare a council policy to confirm the prohibition of activities of organizations whose ideologies are contrary to the City of London in civic spaces and/or city-owned facilities and spaces.”

They said nothing about Antifa.  Do the Municipal Council and the City of London have anything to say about the sister organization Toronto Against Fascism which was “initiated by the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada.” Its ideology is based on the following principles:

“We support defeating fascism by any means necessary.”

“We do not rely on or collaborate with the state.”

“We do not cooperate with the police.”

“We embrace the spirit of internationalism.”

“We… disavow the enforcement of state borders.”

“We are anti-capitalist. We recognize that capitalism is the system that results in, promotes and maintains fascism.”

“We believe that capitalism must be destroyed.”

Is Abdul-Adhim’s ideology approved by the London City Council?

London, Ontario is home to Mazin  Abdul-Adhim of  Hizb ut-Tahrir, or Party of Liberation. The group’s aim is to resume the Islamic way of life and to convey the Islamic da’wah to the world.

“We’ve been sitting and not really doing very much for the application of Islam in society … We’re required to call for something — the full implementation of Islam — we’re not allowed to call for anything else or compromise in any other way.”

Abdul-Adhim describes sharia as “the best system that exists on Earth” — claiming that it ends racism, has better currency and promotes “economic justice.”

However, he believes others are “trying to turn us away from our Deen (faith) by making us scared of even talking about the application of Islam.”

Wonder what he thinks about promoting World Hijab Day?

The City of London also ignored disturbing statements by an imam at a London mosque who rebuked the Muslim community for hiring Jewish lawyers and prayed for the success of the mujahideen, Muslims who practice the jihad.

Why doesn’t the city of London condemn Muslim supremacists, xenophobes and anti-Semites?

What are the criteria for naming a group white nationalists or white supremacists? What is the definition? What ideologies threaten the security of a community?  Does inclusivity not include protesting against radical Islam?

What must someone do to be labeled a white Supremacist or a xenophobe or an Islamophobe or a Nazi? Is there a check list?

I know in Canada there is no definition for Islamophobia so how do people know they are Islamophobic when there is no definition? In the same way how do you know your ideology is wrong? Who in government is in charge of declaring “wrong” ideologies.

This is not the Canada in which I was raised.


From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”