Show me your papers!

Never thought I would ever hear those words in my lifetime. My grandparents heard them. The Nuremberg Trials of the Nazis led to the Nuremberg Code, 1947. That code stated that no one could ever again say “I was only following orders,” when the orders were immoral. We don’t teach morals and ethics any more so perhaps that is the reason that people in positions of power have no idea when their actions are immoral or unethical.

But the most important lesson from the trials expressed in the Nuremberg Code: no one can ever, I repeat, ever, be coerced into taking any experimental medication of any kind – ever. And if we follow the spirit of the law as well as the letter, that means no medication, experimental or not. Ever. Remember Nancy Regan – “Just say no?” Or “My body my choice?”

The Nuremberg Code must not be optional. It should supersede all government regulation that may force anyone to undergo a medical procedure.

The 10 elements of the code are:

  1. Voluntary consent is essential

“The voluntary consent of the human subject is essential. This means that the person involved should have the legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved, as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that, before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject, there should be made known to him the effects upon his health or person, which may come from his participation in the experiment.”

  1. The results of any experiment must be for the greater good of society
  2. Human experiments should be based on previous animal experimentation
  3. Experiments should be conducted by avoiding physical/mental suffering and injury
  4. No experiments should be conducted if it is believed to cause death/disability
  5. The risks should never exceed the benefits
  6. Adequate facilities should be used to protect subjects
  7. Experiments should be conducted only by qualified scientists
  8. Subjects should be able to end their participation at any time
  9. The scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment when injury, disability, or death is likely to occur

According to the FDA, the Covid vaccine is still experimental. Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) only. The action allows the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to authorize formally unapproved products for temporary use as emergency countermeasures against threats to public health and safety.

The latest research from the Mayo Clinic indicates the experimental vaccine does not work as described. So what else is it not doing – or doing?

There are enough concerns to warrant a refusal to take this vaccine.

Studies have determined that the mRNA vaccines cause some young adults to develop myocarditis (inflammation of the muscle of the heart) and pericarditis (inflammation of the tissue that forms a sac around the heart). A recent analysis of post Pfizer vaccine myocarditis cases at Boston Children’s Hospital revealed that 80% of the patients had “late gadolinium enhancement,” a prognostic marker which is associated with a nearly fivefold increase in the chance of future severe cardiac events.

Without any vaccinations the survival rate of Covid-19 (per the CDC) for young adults (20-49) is 99.98% and for those 0-19, 99.997%. (Additionally, age 50-69– 99.5%)

The authors of the study concluded:

Thus, our observations should prompt to pause the campaign, while clarifying the underlying reasons for those excess deaths, especially in the context of a low mortality risk from Covid-19 within adults under 50 years of age.

Europe has also expressed concerns about side effects from the vaccine

And yet, a Judge, Justice Barrett of the Supreme Court of America, seems oblivious to the Code. Justice Barrett will not even hear a case by university students who do not want to be forced to be vaccinated: University students-whose chances of getting Covid and dying are extremely low.

Yet, the vaccines do not seem to be doing their job. Recently, of the 6,083 new cases reported in Israel, 44.4% were unvaccinated, compared to 54.3% who were fully vaccinated, and 1.3% who had received one dose of the vaccine.

Nearly 3% of medical workers in a new Israeli study contracted COVID-19 even though they were vaccinated, and 19% of them still had symptoms six weeks later. Vaccinated people could experience long-term symptoms such as such as fatigue, brain fog and shortness of breath.

There has been a 30% increase in cardiac arrests and heart attacks among young adults in Israel since the beginning of the mass vaccination program. And a shocking increase of 83.6% in heart attacks among young women in the 20-29 age group

As we enter into a third vaccine – now called booster, we are hearing that Covid will become seasonal, like the flu, and vaccinations will be needed on a regular basis. But what of the vaccine mandate: take the shot/ shots or lose your freedom to assemble anywhere? So people who choose not to take the vaccine will be isolated for years? Is that the plan? Or is there a date when the mandate will be removed?

Current Affairs “Journalist” Robyn Urback wrote in the Globe and Mail, one of Canada’s main stream outlets, that vaccine mandates can offer relief. Vaccine Passports will help the vaccine hesitant to make the RIGHT decision and get the jab to avoid losing their freedom. Urback suggests you let your Nanny, I mean the government, make your decisions and take away your personal responsibility for your decisions. You know, if you get sick or die from the experimental vaccine, not to worry, it’s not YOUR fault – it’s the government.

So, first we let the government reclassify us into two groups; essential and non-essential, breaking with the western ethic that all people are born with equal intrinsic value, and now we are going to give our free-will over to the government; our moral agency given to us by God. Great. What’s next?

But there is more good news for the “vaccine hesitant.”  Psychologist Barry Schwartz wrote about the “Paradox of choice.” When people are presented with too many choices, they avoid making a decision for fear of making the wrong one. Too many choices? Do you want the vaccine or not. That’s too many?

For Urback, the government making the vaccine decision for you: vaccinate or lose your freedom, is a good thing. It can offer invaluable mental relief.

But for those who have no hesitancy and refuse the vaccine – well tough to you and your mental health is of no concern.

This is where we are in the 21st century.

Perhaps if all the information had been made available, not just the info that fit the propaganda machine, there would not be so much hesitancy. People were removed from social media for sharing concerns about the vaccine, its efficacy, and more than that, the failure to talk about therapeutics; particularly ivermectin.

But if the vaccines are so great why are many health care workers saying no?

More than 250 people from all over Colorado gathered for a third rally outside UCHealth of the Rockies in Loveland to protest against mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for health care workers.

“…many healthcare workers are concerned that the rights to medical freedom and bodily autonomy are being eroded and ignored.”

“Being threatened with losing your job for not participating in a medical procedure that you do not consent to is not honoring autonomy. We are advocates for our patients’ right to autonomy and now unfortunately we are having to advocate for our own.”

Stephanie Thorpe, a registered nurse at UCHealth said the vaccine mandate goes against the idea of informed consent and bodily autonomy.

In Hawaii, nearly 1,200 first responders are suing the state over its imposed vaccine mandates.

From Israel


I leave you with the words of  Senator Rand Paul said

“They can’t arrest us all

“We are at a moment of truth and a crossroads,”

 “Will we allow these people to use fear and propaganda to do further harm to our society, economy, and children?

“Or will we stand together and say, absolutely not.

“Not this time.

“I choose freedom.”

When they ask for you papers, show them your copy of the Nuremberg Code.

From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”