For three years we have been drowning in Russian Hoaxes and now Ukraine. Trump is a Russian spy! Trump is a danger to America and freedom!

And these views have been pushed, every day by main stream media. Yet, when the Russian hoax was proven to be a hoax; the dossier that started all of this was fake, and that those presenting their information to the FISA court lied, did you hear an apology?

How is it that reporters at MSM, from the New York Times to the Washington Post and CNN etc, and in Canada, The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star, not to mention the left of left CBC, can be so wrong, for so long, and not ask for forgiveness?

I send emails to Lawrence Martin of the Globe and Mail Canada. I have been sending emails to him for years, pointing out his lack of facts. I sent notes each time facts came out proving that his opinions were wrong. Week after week, year after year. He has been wrong, forever.

How is that possible when he lives in Washington and I live in rural Ontario? I live in a tiny community where we still have hydro poles and no cable and I have been right far more often than this esteemed journalist. It started with my prediction that Donald Trump would win the 2016 election.

In his latest article, Martin wrote about visiting people in Pennsylvania to get their views on the impeachment. In Scranton, Biden’s hometown, he wrote about a man at the gas station and the man was 100% behind Donald Trump. He attacked the media. And said the Democrats have poor timing, to say the least. He shared all of Donald Trumps’ triumphs.

“Another record-breaking day for the stock market. Smiles on the faces of most every investor. A trade truce with China – even a new start-up agreement to give Americans a better deal. A resolution on continental trade, with the new NAFTA. On the war-and-peace front, 4,000 troops will soon withdraw from Afghanistan.”

I remember the media promoting Paul Krugman and his dire warnings about the stock market crashing if Trump were elected. And then some. / Hmmm

Promises made: Promises kept.

And this same man referred to the Horowitz report which exposed many “errors” committed by the FBI. “The FBI and Justice Department were found to have used illegitimate practices in pursuing members of his campaign team.” No!

Surprise, Americans do know the truth!

Martin’s next encounter was with a woman at the cashier’s counter in a store. Now, she is thrilled with impeachment. Trump insults people! Did you hear them? He shames America she said!

“Did you see, she asked, what that – and here she used an expletive that rhymes with “plastered” – said about Nancy Pelosi? Commenting on why the House Speaker had changed her mind on what to include in the articles of impeachment, Mr. Trump tweeted, “Because Nancy’s teeth were falling out of her mouth, and she didn’t have time to think!”

“Incredible, the cashier said. Donald Trump insults his fellow Americans like this all the time. And now it’s payback time. The smear king is going to get the biggest insult a president can ever receive. Many Americans are like her.”

And that, dear people, is an excellent reason for impeachment!

The real reason is that her highness Hillary lost the election. And she had more votes than Trump! How many were illegal we will probably never know but now that Democrats are making it possible for illegal people to get a driver’s license, who knows how many more illegal people will be voting Democrat? Talk about fixing an election!  The Electoral College may not be able to overcome that. But the Democrats want to end that, too, because Hillary lost.

The media was silent when calls for impeachment came right after the election followed by more demands after the inauguration. That the President has been called an impostor by the highest ranking member of the Democrat Party in the House does not bring fear to the media, is frightening. That the media is licking its lips over the impeachment should make every American afraid for their country.

The media has been caught red handed lying to the public. They know it, and we know it. Where is their shame? Why are the Ombudsmen at these organizations not screaming at them for their disinformation? Whys are none of these reporters not fired? They have been wrong more often than meteorologists.

That someone like me can find the facts and share them while these “journalists” share lies is unconscionable. These are acts of treason by the media who wanted Hillary to be crowned.

This day of impeachment is a day for great sadness, but also hope.

Never Forget:Silence is Collusion.

And there are many like me who will not be silenced.


From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”