Leaders in mental health advocacy, where are you?


Where have you been since Zehaf-Bibeau murdered Cpl. Cirillo and attacked the Parliament, just a week or two after one of our soldiers was run over in Quebec?

The media-CBC, National Post, Globe and Mail all conflated terrorism with mental illness. Judi Rebick called these men criminally insane, John Cruickshank, publisher of the Star threw around all kinds of words about mentally ill people. The Globe and Mail in their editorial referred to studies that connected anxiety and depression with terrorist acts. When questioned about these studies they refused to answer. When they did, it was one specific study from London, England done on second generation Pakistani immigrants. Where were you?

Where were you defending the 20% of Canadians with mental illness while we were under attack? While the media spread fear of us in their reportage rather than speak the truth that we were attacked by Islamic terrorists.

I was busy. I launched complaints. Two at CBC and won one. And I have taken the Globe and Mail to the Ontario Press Council. I feel like the lone voice in the wilderness. Where are you?