Where were the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN), and its chairperson, Bernie Farber this past Christmas when the Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Scarborough Ontario, hosted another conference promoting Imams with antisemitic comments and prayers?  Farber and his organization CAHN were all over Beth Tikvah, a synagogue, for merely hosting the Canadians for the Rule of Law (CFTRL) conference that was supposed to take place  in March in Toronto.  Farber, wrote that it was “disappointing to see some otherwise respected players within Toronto’s Jewish leadership lending their good names to those who preach anti-Muslim hatred, homophobia and bigotry.”

Why were they not disappointed with the latest conference at the Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Scarborough Ontario ? Why did Farber not harass the Salaheddin Islamic Centre Imam, Aly Hindy, the way he harassed Rabbi Glover of Beth Tikvah? For all the facts about Farber, CAHN and Beth Tikvah, read Daniel Bordman’s excellent article.

   Bernie Farber and his Canadian Anti-Hate Network  appeared to be deaf dumb and blind to this year’s annual Winter Conference that was held December 24, 2018 at the Salaheddin Islamic Centre where guest speakers are on record calling for the death of Jews. Here are some of the views of Salaheddin Islamic Centre shared  on its website.

Islam is derived from the word ‘salaam’ which means peace. It is a religion of peace whose fundamentals teach its followers to maintain and promote peace throughout the world.

The message of Islam is meant for the entire world… Islam has always been a universal message for all people…

But the media is in the hands of the Westerners who are afraid of Islam. The media is continuously broadcasting and printing information against Islam…

Islam prescribes chopping off the hands of the convicted robber. “As to the thief, male or female, cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of example, from Allah, for their crime: and Allah is Exalted in power, full of wisdom.” (Quran 5:38) The point here is that the moment you implement this law the rate of theft will decline immediately. The potential robber would give it a serious thought before jeopardizing his limbs.

Islam prohibits the molestation and rape of women. It enjoins hijab and prescribes capital punishment for a convicted rapistDresses that expose more than they conceal, are an indirect temptation to the opposite sex for teasing, molestation and rape. The Quran rightly says that the hijab prevents women from being molested…if any man commits rape, he gets capital punishment. The question is, will the rate of rape in America increase, will it remain the same or will it decrease? Naturally it will decrease. Islamic Law gets results…

Forget the fact Farber and CAHN did nothing to “encourage” the Islamic Centre to withdraw its invitation as a venue; they had nothing to say about the guest speakers or Salaheddin Isalmic Centre and its Imam, Aly Hindy, who organized the conference. No derisive remarks. Nothing about a disturbing anti-Jewish element creeps into racism debate in the Muslim community.”

I did  send a media inquiry by email to Farber about the Conference on December 20, 2018; four days before the event; enough time to respond to me and share his concerns with the Imam.

“Toronto Salaheddin Islamic Centre invites speaker who said killing Jews is the solution –


Here is a link to Canadian Islamic Sermons, Literature on Killing Jews and Enemies of Islam


Why haven’t CIJA, B’nai Brith Canada, FSWC, NCCM and the Anti-Hate Network issued any statement with regard to the above articles?

Please respond by 6 PM December 20, 2018. If you require more time, please advise me.”

Not a word from him. Nothing. This despite the fact that this was just one of many similar conferences held at this Centre.

Let’s take a look at the views of the invited guests to the many conferences.

Tawfeeq As-Sayegh (توفيق الصايغ),Saudi Eritrean-born Imam based in Bahrain (“visa pending”) was invited to speak.The American Center for Democracy exposed his anti-Jewish statements including:

“This [killing] is the solution for the Jews. Only killing them is the solution and exterminating them from the face of the earth in accordance to Hitler’s philosophy in case it was real.”

CIJA, Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, reported on December 20, 2018 that Tawfeeq As-Sayegh would not attend the conference. However, Salaheddin Islamic Centre has yet to issue any statement on its Facebook page, and Tawfeeq As-Sayegh’s name and picture remain featured on the poster of the event.

Karim AbuZaid:

“We believe that the rock, the rock will call upon the believer, but look how it will call him: Ya Abdallah, Oh slave of Allah, come! Behind me is an enemy of Allah. The rock will help you to do this.” Note: Karim AbuZaid quoted a segment of the following hadith: “Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: “Muslim,or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.”

Said Rageah – Responding to a question regarding the claim of responsibility for the 9/11 attacks taken by an Islamic organization, Rageah said:

“Well, in this case, actually, you can always refer them to websites, like which are done and designed by non-Muslim Americans like www.whatreallyhappened.com, [conspiracy website accusing Israelis of 9/11 attacks].”

Abu Usamah at-Thahabi:

“The cow is dumb. And what did they do? They took a baby cow and said: ‘That’s our Allah’. Gives you an idea of the mentality and the reality of these people [Jews]. So any time we’re looking at the news and all that stuff like that, you have to look at these incidents with Israel. You have to look at these incidents [from] the backdrop of Islam, the Quran and the Sunnah [teachings of the Prophet Muhammad]… if they [Jews] were like that in the Quran rest assured that’s their nature. That’s their nature.”

Ahsan Hanif:

“And you are not from amongst those people who incurred the wrath and anger of Allah, nor are you from amongst those people who are the misguided [Quote from the Surah Al-Fatiha, the first chapter of the Quran]. Those people who incurred the wrath of Allah, some of the scholars of tafseer [exegesis] said, they are the Jews or they are like the Jews… if a person was then to go and make dua [prayer, supplication] to other than Allah then he is like the Yahood [Jews], he is like the Jews.”

Bilal Philips:

“Now the Prophet Mohammad, peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, told us that المَغضُوبِ عَلَيهِمْ [those who on whom is Allah’s wrath] are the Jews and the الضَّالِّينَ[those who have gone astray] are the Christians. So follow the path of the the righteous, the truthful, the path of the prophets and not the path of the Jews and the Christians. Why? Why did he specify it, not the path of the Jews and the Christians?What is there about the Jews that we have to be aware of? The Jews have knowledgeThey have the Torah. they still have the Torah. They may have changes in it, some, but the essence is there. They have the Book [Torah], but they don’t follow it… There is no worse on this earth than he who hides a witness which he has received from Allah… If you have knowledge and you don’t apply it then you are cursed. You are cursed. Allah’s wrath is on you. You become among the المَغضُوبِ عَلَيهِمْ [those who on whom is Allah’s wrath].”

Riad Ouarzazi:

“In fact let me share we you some statistics. In the GTA alone, in the GTA, Toronto GTA alone, 13-14 cases right now, 13-14 cases in the court happening, Muslims suing one another, not any Muslims, Muslim, Islamic institutions organizations suing one another. All appointing lawyers. Who are these lawyers? Jews. And who is the judge? A Jew as well. Who is paying for these lawyers? You and I… As Muslims, if you are looking for a lawyer, you say that I don’t want to deal with a Muslim lawyer. If you look for mechanic, I don’t want to deal with Muslim mechanic. If you want to deal with a doctor, I don’t want to [deal with a Muslim doctor], why? Why are we away from Muslims?

Now I ask, again, where are Bernie Farber and and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network? Where is their concern for “a disturbing anti-Jewish element creeping into the racism debate in the Muslim community.” Where is their righteous indignation?


From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”