With frenemies like this…who needs enemies?

Too many Jews have forgotten the meaning of the Ninth of Av.

“The Second Temple, when Jews were keeping mitzvahs and learning Torah, why was it destroyed?” Sin’at chinamunwarranted hatred.


It takes a certain amount of Orwellian Double speak with a dash of “Stupid is as stupid does “ for people to be frenemies.

Today, I nominate….

Drum roll…

Vivian Bercovici,  outspoken friend of Israel is not happy with the Netanyahu government. She is all for the protests all over Israel, from the left, whose candidates lost the election. THEY LOST THE ELECTION.

She wrote in the National Post: “Netanyahu and his religious extremist coalition(emphasis mine) partners loathe the judiciary.” She stands with protesters trying to take down the government that was elected on the desire to change the overwhelming power of the Supreme Court which to millions of Israelis is “ essentially a juristocracy where unelected left-wing judges who select their successors can decide all policy questions on an arbitrary basis of “reasonableness” rather than on the basis of law, seeks to override elections and honoring the people’s choice.

Ms. Bercovici  was the Ambassador to Israel (2014-16)nominated by Canadian PM Stephen Harper, a man who respects Jews and acknowledges that the Jewish people have a legal and historical right to the land of Israel.

She is the founder of stateoftelaviv.com, an independent digital platform and podcast covering Israel and the Middle East.

She resides in Tel Aviv.

Ahhh Tel Aviv, a city as full of Yiddishkeit as San Diego or Vancouver. You know, the “anywhere” people who have no real ties to the city or country but are globalists at heart.  Tel Aviv, Progressive, unlike let’s say Jerusalem or Tzfad/Safed or anywhere in Judea/Samaria.

Vivian Bercovici, the outspoken friend of Israel, knows. According to her:

“Name calling and verbal bullying has become a hallmark of this coalition government and its supporters. If you oppose then you must be a leftist anarchist from the State of Tel Aviv.”

But what if you stand with them? Then what?

Well she got the leftist part correct. The left all over the world is AGAINST Israel as a Jewish State.

But wait: She, an outspoken friend of Israel, quoted President Biden:

“Finding consensus on controversial areas of policy means taking the time you need. For significant changes, that’s essential. So my recommendation to Israeli leaders is not to rush. I believe the best outcome is to continue to seek the broadest possible consensus here.”

Ms. Bercovici, outspoken friend of Israel, noted: “This warning from one of the most pro-Israel presidents (emphasis mine) is deeply concerning. Israel relies on American support.”

Read more about Biden.

I’m sorry. You said Biden is one of the most pro-Israel Presidents? You mean the guy who’s working to help Iran get the nuclear bomb? Or the guy who returned money again to the “Palestinians” through UNRWA, who use that money for pay to slay? You know, money for killing Jews, oh OK if not killing, then at least maiming.

From the party including the Hamas Squad, including Congressional Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., who  called Israel a “racist state,” AOC, Ilhan Omar and Rashid Talib. The party calling for “Free Palestine.” That pro-Israel party?

The Party whose  State Department claims that international law considers Judea and Samaria an “illegal occupied” area, and that the UN Security Council Resolution 242 mandates an Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria?  The party that says America must not trade with Companies in Judea/Samaria? Isn’t that BDS?

The party of the KKK, and Biden’s friend Sen. Robert Byrd of the KKK, and FDR,the President who refused to allow Jewish refugees fleeing from Hitler, to come to America? That party?

The esteemed President of the USA wants all of Israel to hear his words. Because what he says is so important. So, Thomas Freidman of the NYT (not fit for toilet paper-IMHO) made sure that everyone around the world heard the wise words of Biden  warning Netanyahu to back down on judicial reform, saying it was the protesters—those men and women who are employing thuggish tactics to shut down the country, tank its economy and even harm its security—that embody “Israel’s democracy, which must remain the core of our bilateral relationship.”

Thomas Friedman wrote:

The president wanted to be sure, having spoken to the prime minister of Israel, and the president of Israel, that he also found a way to speak to the people of Israel, directly, and that was really the motivation for our interview.”

God forbid the people of Israel did not hear the WORDS of Joe Biden.

Is this what Ms. Bercovici supports?

Ms. Bercovici also stated:

“In addition to the ultra-orthodox coalition partners there are 14 members of the Knesset from three so-called religious Zionist parties that adhere to a messianic iteration of Judaism, pursuant to which they believe that the kingdom of ancient Israel is their birthright.”

Ahhh. So Jews who are not secular enough, and believe that the kingdom of Israel is their birthright are bad people She noted Netanyahu’s religious-nationalist (my emphasis) government launched its judicial overhaul plan soon after it was sworn in. The proposed changes include curbs on the Supreme Court’s writ, while granting the government decisive powers in appointing judges.

Sounds a lot like America and Canada. Hmmm.

Ms. Bercovici, outspoken friend of Israel, are you OK  with the mass street protests to overthrow the democratically elected government, whose majority proved that most citizens wanted the judicial reforms that had been touted as one of its proposed objectives.

Ms. Bercovici, outspoken friend of Israel, are you OK  with the Brothers in Arms organization which has repeatedly engaged in vandalism such as damaging the offices of the Kohelet Forum, using barbed wire, sandbags, and stickers to deface the space?

Ms. Bercovici, outspoken friend of Israel, whose opinion of Netanyahu’s government I shared earlier, were you OK when PM Lapid who was on his way out as leader of a transitional government gave away natural gas fields(Qana) to Lebanon? After all, the US Ambassador  to Israel, Tom Nides,  supported the deal. He told JNS, “We are satisfied and happy that Lebanon will now be able to develop the fields – the one that everybody is talking about [Qana], as well as other fields in those waters.”

I know I am thrilled when America tells Israel what to do and then she does it. What I don’t understand is the lack of protests when Lapid made this monumental decision without Knesset approval – while Netanyahu IS going through the Knesset.

We do know that immediately following the agreement on the deal, Nasrallah celebrated it as a victory, citing Hezbollah’s “resistance” as the primary factor in convincing Israel to agree.

Appeasement always breeds contempt.

But that did not stop Lapid from calling for protests when he lost the election.

Ms, Bercovici, outspoken friend of Israel, are you OK with the call by Olmert:

“I call on the United States to make a new assessment of relations with Israel for all that this implies. I call on world leaders not to meet with [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu.”

In February, Olmert urged the protest movement against the judicial reform initiative to move to the “next stage.”

“What is needed is to move to the next stage, the stage of war, and war is not waged with speeches. War is waged in a face-to-face battle, head-to-head and hand-to-hand, and that is what will happen here.”

It seems if one is not standing with the left and the previous PM’s Lapid and Bennett, that one is a traitor to Israel. The left lost the last election. Yet seems to believe that they can take down the majority and “impede the implementation of policy formulated by a majority coalition with which they disagree—something that, in and of itself, is a blatant and brazen contravention of democratic norms.”

Ms. Bercovici, outspoken friend of Israel, where was the Sturm und Drang when Lapid  included a MUSLIM from the Ra’am party; a party calling for the destruction of Israel. The political wing of the southern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel, Ra’am is guided by a deeply conservative Islamic ideology and holds a virulently homophobic outlook. Its lawmakers also have pro-Palestinian views; the party’s charter supports a right of return. Did Ms. Bercovici write or talk? I don’t know. I don’t recall major protests in Israel, calls to shut down the airport or roads or intimidate members of the Knesset But the excitement from the Left– such a broad coalition. When the coalition is on the right that includes Haredi Jews – well, that cannot be countenanced.

Ms. Bercovici, outspoken friend  of Israel; are you OK with attacks on Members of the Military for standing with the government or do you prefer they refuse to protect the State of Israel because they disagree with the government of the day?

A prominent Israeli newscaster was viciously attacked online and compared to a Nazi after he expressed his intention to continue serving in the IDF reserves. This, from Jews in Israel.Who needs enemies?

And then police  cracked down on protesters by using water cannons and arresting those who try to block roads. How dare they?

Where were all these caring people when religious Jews were attacked?

In Bar Ilan St.in Jerusalem a group called Peleg Yerushalmi refused to register at the draft office several years ago to get legal deferrals for learning Torah full time. They did not trust the government to uphold its promise.

Click the word “Watch”

So Ms. Bercovici, outspoken friend of Israel, do you think your views have helped Israel in the world? Do you think attacking a democratically elected government because you disagree with it  helps Israel in the grand scheme of things?

Iran is all excited.

Or is it possible that your attack on the Government led by Benjamin Netanyau has only added fuel to the fire for the Jew haters, those who promote BDS the apartheid and Occupation lies, and Anti-Zionists?

Ms. Bercovici, outspoken friend of Israel, you are a friend when left-wing ideologues are in charge, but with frenemies like you, who needs enemies?  You are aiding and abetting these Jew haters by attacking the duly elected government because you disagree with their policies.

Ms. Bercovici, outspoken friend of Israel, before the destruction of the First Temple, prophets gave warnings for more than one hundred years. The sages tell us that the Second Temple was destroyed because we strayed from G‑d, that Rabbi Akiva’s students died because they were wicked to one another.

We say in our prayers:

 “Because of our sins we were exiled from our land.”


Benjamin Netanyahu: “I always remember one thing: We are one people, with one fate. We have no other country. We are brothers.”


From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”