Articles written by: Diane Weber Bederman

Please don’t offend Muslims

    I recently posted an article on gross abuse of white girls-GIRLS- in Rotherham England by Muslims. My article shared this information. Between 1997 and 2013 At least 1,400 children were subjected to appalling sexual exploitation in Rotherham, England. Children as...

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No Room at the Inn for Me and my Beau

I love my dog. We went on a road trip. Three of us. Two adults and our dog; Beau. Off to Lake Superior, Gitchigumi (meaning Great Water or Great Lake) in Northern Ontario. We walked a trail that skirted one of the 300 rivers that rough and tumble their way to the...

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Dhimmitude is “Killing Europe”

A French intellectual, Christian Moliner, recently suggested that France should establish a Muslim state-within-a-state that adheres to sharia law, inside the borders of France, to avoid a civil war.  It seems in Canada showing the documentary “Killing Europe,”  an...

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Killing Europe

    It is a sad time in Canada. A library in Ottawa cancelled the presentation of the documentary called “Killing Europe.” It is produced by Michael Hansen who recently returned to Europe, after an absence of 15 years, to make his documentary about the changes that...

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Trudeau: Canada’s Judas

So we will bring them back and give them a home, maybe a car, a computer, a phone, welfare, and then maybe the will like us really, really, really like us, despite the fact they didn’t like us when they had all these things before they left.     I didn't vote for...

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Silence is collusion

One thing I know is the position of the KKK and the Nazis. They carry themselves proudly, with signs that speak to their beliefs and even sing “Jews will not replace us.” I have no fear of these people. I recognize them right away.

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