How often have we, as a society, looked back at the well-educated German people in the 1930’s and questioned how they came to accept Nazism and Hitler?

Well, look around you. See how many people are behaving like good little Nazis walking in lock step with those who want to lock us down, shut us in our homes, take away education, and demand masks on all of us. And for those who will not follow the rules, we can count on the local brownshirts, I mean snitches, to help the authorities. Look how well we are training our young children to be afraid. Fear loathes freedom.

As with all fascist organizations/governments, our personal freedoms are not taken away with one sweep of the law. It is done slowly, drip by drip, so you hardly notice that you are the lobster in the pot. And then all at once you realize; your freedom is dead, like the lobster.

We have all become adept at moving away from each other so that we maintain 6 feet. I am amazed at how quickly I learned that dance move. I was in a Tim Hortons, the famous Canadian doughnut shop, where there were yellow boxes painted on the floor to keep us apart and I realized that the gentlemen in front of me was too close! Not that I cared about the space, but I cared that I was so aware of space.

I stopped shaking hands, something that we have done forever. I caught myself holding back my hand when someone offered his. We both laughed. It wasn’t funny.

I now carry a mask wherever I go. Pack my purse with money, cards, driver’s license, mask. I automatically reach for the mask as I get out of the car to go into a store. And every store has a big sign with the RULES on the front door. There are hand sanitizers everywhere. And there I am using them because they are there. Wonder what else I could be “encouraged” to do if left out for me everywhere with government instructions. And then Plexiglas. Someone is making a fortune on Plexiglas that is ubiquitous to keep safe from the breath of someone on the other side of the counter who is wearing a mask. Some schools are building Plexiglas cubes for each student!

And then we witness the people of authority; Mayors, Premiers, Governors who run their fiefdoms, small and big. Masks will be worn everywhere, including in your house. Water and power will be shut off if we find you are having too many people at your home.  Well, someone called and reported you. Spot checks by police at your home. In New Zealand the police suggested it would “pay” for people to carry workplace identity cards, or letters from employers, to prove they were an essential worker. Ahhh “Show me your papers!!!!!” Police arresting people not wearing a mask.  Curfews to keep you in line.

And we agreed not to be with our elderly parents in elder home care centres or even in their homes. FOR MONTHS. We agreed to let them die without our presence. We agreed to give up funerals and weddings and baby naming’s and worship services and all the beautiful celebrations of the life cycle. At the same time, we went merrily to Walmart and food stores and my favourite, political protests – without masks!

There was some push back. Of all, though, my favourite is a video of a group of “shoppers’ going to their local Walmart on a Sunday and there in the aisles, a pastor started a Church Service! Well done!

Leaders, not lemmings.

We have all watched main stream media sharing horror stories every night to keep us in line with the “Experts.”  Nothing like non-stop fearful stories to scare people into submission. Whatever you do, don’t let your own eyes or intelligence get in the way of what you are told to do! In America all I hear is the failure of the government. Well, I have to agree; Gov. Cuomo was a real failure: 11,000 to 12,000 nursing-home and assisted-living residents have died from COVID-19, half of all the virus deaths statewide. New Jersey was not far behind. A running tally by The Associated Press shows that more than 68,600 residents and staff at nursing homes and long-term facilities across the nation have died from the coronarivus, out of more than 164,000 overall deaths (as of Aug 11).

But MSM loved to scare everyone with case numbers. Who cares how many people have the virus? How many people per capita are dying? Are the numbers diminishing? Are the most vulnerable being protected or is everyone being treated the same way? A one size fits all plan.

And the last thing allowed is the belief in a cure for Covid. That would end the locksdowns and quarantines. And the power grab. And that is the reason many prestigious doctors are silenced when they share PROOF that hydroxychloroquine works and is safe. Listen to Dr. Risch, epidemiologist from Yale.

We all listen to leaders, like Joe Biden, who call for another shut down/lock down as if we have not learned a lesson from the first one where the “cure” truly is worse than the illness itself.

Especially for children living in poverty or close to it.Children who had no access to Wi-Fi in places like Baltimore – owned and operated by the Democrat party since time immemorial. “The Abell Foundation found that while 73.3% of White households in Baltimore have wired internet service, only 50.2% of Black households and 46.4% of Hispanic households have the same. Meanwhile, just 33.8% of low-income residents have wired internet service compared to 83% of households with an annual income over $75,000.” What do you think will be the end result of the lock down? The shutdown of in person schools? There are children living in places with no air-conditioning, no green space. Children with parents unable to teach them because they are not high school graduates, or are too busy trying to put food on the table. Seems that deaths from suicide and overdose are not particularly important during Covid.

Was all this worth it when Covid 19 recovery rate is between 97%  and 99.7%?

I have listened to people talk about the Germans in the 1930’s. They know they would never give in to something like that. Give up their freedom. Really? Time for everyone to take a good look in the mirror.


From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”