I am not one to tell people for whom to vote. But I am here to say:

Justin #Turdeau’s got to go!

He has proven himself to be the most corrupt, unethical, immoral, inept PM in Canada’s history.

Remember his forays into Black-face and dressing like an Indian; was that his idea of promoting diversity?

Let’s not forget his understanding of sexual misconduct. It’s not an action per se, it’s about one’s perception. She perceives it as a sexual aggression, he thinks of it as friendly. This from a self-proclaimed feminist.This is the PM who fired a woman from cabinet; because she would not bend to his unethical command.

Now we learn that he is way ahead of his time regarding wokeness. It seems when he studied math, necessary for understanding economics, he took woke math.  Look at his economic plans. Two plus two does not necessarily equal four. It can equal three or five or whatever number feels good.

“I don’t know. When I think about the biggest, most important economic policy this government, if re-elected, would move forward. You’ll forgive me if I don’t think about monetary policy,” said #Turdeau.

And why would he think? He proposed a budget of more than 10 billion dollars-hey America, that’s small potatoes for you but HUGE for us, and almost all of it helps others, not Canadians.

Now he is offering 1 billion dollars for the development of a vaccine app. What? Why would a leader offer a billion dollars for an app to track a vaccination when the virus is on its last legs, despite the variants? Why would freedom-loving people allow the government to track them as they go about their daily lives visiting restaurants, gyms, public spaces, and my favourites description – non–essential businesses. Tell that to the non-essential business owners – again

Justin #Turdeau has got to go.

He has made a fool of himself and demeaned all Canadians. He is snubbed on the world stage. He pandered to the UN security Council to get a seat by standing shoulder to shoulder with Iran and North Korea! And despite his efforts, we still did not get a seat. Hmmm. And where are the Two Michaels  Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, still languishing in a China prison.

This is the leader who, like his Liberal counterpart in America, Joe Biden, left Canadians behind in Afghanistan. What could have been on his mind? Oh, an election. An election he called with the fear of a fourth wave of Covid coming through.

Remember the early days of Covid? The sky is falling the sky is falling. Run for your lives. Lockdown; mask up. Only essential people can go out! Essential people? Who is he? God? Under God we are all essential. ALL OF US. No one gets to choose who is and who is not essential. But we let him. We let our governing people divide us into essential and non-essential people taking away our God-given freedoms. Then we were told about the miraculous vaccine that will save us. Well, you’d better get that vaccine mister and missus and Ms. It is for the greater good. The Common Good.  If you do not follow orders, we will deny you your freedom again. Because that’s what fascists do – they divide us and conquer us.

Oh, and no restaurants or gyms or movies for you! And that will do wonders for the restarting community. Just look at France.

And yet in the midst of all the fear-mongering, #Turdeau felt it essential to call an election TWO years before his mandate ended. TWO YEARS in the MIDDLE OF A FOURTH WAVE of a “Killer” virus. Calls for social distancing and masks, but it’s OK to go to rallies and listen to our dear Leader share his views. But don’t share yours. His feelings get hurt when you call him names.

#Turdeau has been under attack at his rallies by people who are especially upset with his Covid policies. Dozens of angry protesters outnumbered Liberal supporters. MSM reported it this way:

“The Liberal campaign cancelled an early evening rally Friday after an unruly group of demonstrators denouncing Justin Trudeau and pandemic policies set off security concerns, with Trudeau himself saying that going ahead with the event would have put people at risk…

“Dozens of protesters followed the Liberal campaign to the rally. They used expletives in chants, waved their middle fingers…

It was an unruly group!

How dare they not want to be forced to take a vaccine so they can have their innate freedoms to live.

#Turdeau remarked that he had never seen such anger and intensity on the campaign trail, even recalling going with his father out West where former PM Pierre Trudeau was vilified. Now that is a lot of dislike, people.

And then there is voting day. Ahhh, yes. September 20; just after the children have returned to school after a year of lockdowns and useless education. And are we not all worried about the children? Yes, of course. They can’t get vaccinated. And where have we always gone to cast our votes during an election? Schools!

Can’t wait to hear where we will cast our votes this time.

This is the leader who said that Canada has no core values.

After the October election, 2015, Justin #Turdeau told the New York Times:

“There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,” and consequently that “makes us the first post-national state.” Turdeau concluded the interview with the, “I’m excited to be on the world stage.” And continued, ”I think people are starting to see that I’m actually reasonably fit for this office.”

Well, dear Turdeau, we have core values.

Pierre Trudeau, his father, wrote about the Charter in his memoirs:

“Writers and poets have always searched for the Canadian identity; almost instinctively, Canadians have tended to say that they are French Canadians or English Canadians or Ukrainian Canadians or whatever, or simply new Canadians. But what is Canada itself? With the charter in place, we can now say that Canada is a society where all people are treated equal and where they share some fundamental values based upon freedom. The search for this Canadian identity, as much as my philosophical views, had led me to insist on the Charter (emphasis mine).”

Until #Turdeau took over.

It’s time to go, Justin #Turdeau


From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”