Justin Trudeau, son of Pierre Elliot and Margaret, is the most arrogant, entitled, corrupt, immoral and unethical politician in the history of Canada. He is a dictator in waiting, turning Canada into a Banana Republic. He makes Fidel Castro, a man he truly admired, and Venezuela’s Madura, look good.

His credentials to be the PM? He is a failed drama teacher. How do I know that he is a failed drama teacher? Because he can barely remember the words fed to him by his ventriloquists Gerald Butts, former top advisor to Justin Trudeau who left government following the Jody Wilson-Raybould scandal and Katie Telford, two more unethical people.

I am listing the various unethical, immoral and who knows, illegal actions, of our Dear Leader in no particular order. I apologize if some have been left out.

First, Trudeau has spent more time in his basement than Joe Biden.

When he comes out he commits treason. He harms Canadians and Canada. How is that vaccine roll out coming along Mr. PM?  What – no vaccine available? Begging the newly inaugurated Mr. Biden are you?

But you reached out to China to work with them on a vaccine. You know, China the country you so admire. Our Dear Leader, the man elected to protect our freedoms and democracy, actually prefers China’s methods. “There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say, ‘We need to go green … we need to start investing in solar.’”

China, the home of the virus. Like Canadians want a vaccine from a country that put melamine in baby powder formula. And  you sent our PPE to China in February 2020. What did you get in return? The #TwoMichaels, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, who were picked up for nothing except in retaliation for Canada holding Ms.Meng from Huawei at the behest of America?   Who have been in solitary confinement 24/7 with lights on while she sashays around Vancouver, leaving her mansion whenever because she has an ankle bracelet. And then what did you do? By gosh by golly you invited her family from CHINA to come over for Christmas while you sentenced Canadians to their rooms. And then the Meng’s went shopping. And what did you get in return? The two Michaels who were picked up for nothing except in retaliation for Canada holding Ms. Meng and are re in solitary confinement 24/7 with lights on all the time? Oh wait. No.

Guess you never learned from history that appeasement breeds contempt.

Speaking of Covid. Didn’t you tell your dear citizens last March to stay home and not celebrate Easter or Passover while you crossed into Quebec to be with YOUR family?

And now our Dear Leader is adding more taxes on citizens who have lost everything because of his failed Covid policies. Love to know the marks you got in math, let alone economics, that led to this edict.

Remember when our Dear Leader stood with Iran and China against Israel, a democracy, because he wanted to get a seat on the UN Security Council?

Justin Trudeau wanted a seat for Canada at the UN Security Council so badly that he spent at least 2 million dollars to get that seat and attempted to make deals with leaders from countries like Tanzania, which Amnesty International recently accused of “ruthlessly disembowelling” its human rights framework; the Democratic Republic of Congo, which stands accused of despoiling tropical forests and endemic violence; South Sudan, where the UN says war crimes have taken place; and Kenya, where Human Rights Watch says police have been responsible for disappearances and extra-judicial killings Our dear leader does like tyrants.

Lorrie Goldstein reported in the Toronto Sun,

“Trudeau had no hope of winning the Security Council seat as long as the Israel-loathing UN General Assembly viewed Canada as a strong ally of Israel and aligned with Trump on the Mideast.”

He would sell his own mother if he could to get what he wants.

And then there is Justin Trudeau, proud supporter of #MeToo. In 2008 a woman working for Creston Valley Advance in British Columbia as well as the National Post, reported that she had been groped by Justin Trudeau at a public event. This was written up in the local newspaper by the victim, and it went unrebutted for almost two decades.  “It is fact, now.”

The paper stated, as fact, that Trudeau had “handled” the female reporter and then, after learning that she also wrote for the National Post, apologized for touching her.

“I’m sorry,” the newspaper quoted Trudeau as saying the day after the incident. “If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I never would have been so forward.”


Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson found in December 2017 that Trudeau violated ethics rules by accepting the trip to the Aga Khan’s island at a time when the Aga Khan was discussing funding for projects with Trudeau’s government.

As a pre-requisite for knowing one has made an error, one must have some knowledge of the meaning of ethical behaviour.

And then there was the SNC Lavalin affair. Here is a man who lied about SNC-Lavalin and pressured his cabinet minister. Here’s the PM : “Every employee in the Government of Canada has the right to work in a safe and healthy environment, and we will always take this very seriously.  Except Jody Wilson-Raybould, while investigating Montreal-based SNC-Lavalin was demoted, unethically. But I thought he was a proud feminist?

Then there was the mishandling of  Vice-Admiral Mark Norman who was saved by our legal system and the great lawyers Marie Henein and Christine Mainville.

And he wore black face three times. Black face. Three times.


And how about that We Charity unethical, immoral, illegal moment?

Justin decided to task WE Charity with administering a programme to help university students out of work because of Covid.  WE Charity Canada would have received up to $43.5 million to manage the programme under that agreement. They had no experience but hey, who cares?

Just over 900 million was originally earmarked for the programme, designed to connect post-secondary students to volunteer opportunities – for which they would later receive a grant – to make up for summer job prospects that had disappeared during the pandemic.

It later emerged that PM Trudeau’s mother and brother had been paid for speaking at various WE events over the years.

Margaret Trudeau was paid $250,000 for speaking at 28 WE events over four years, and brother Alexandre was paid $32,000 for speaking at eight between 2017-2018.

How intelligent must one be to know that his is unethical and illegal?

One of President Biden’s first acts was to cancel the Keystone pipeline. Look at that: Trudeau and Biden both liberals, and Biden shut him down.  What will the PM say? Will he once again fail at protecting Canada? Or will he rejoice at the shutdown of our resources by an outsider and stand proudly with the Green New Deal?

Most importantly, our PM has attacked the Constitution of Canada with his declaration that we have no core values.  In 2015 he told the NY Times “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,” and consequently that “makes us the first post-national state.”

Yet we have a core identity based on core values in the preamble of the 1960 Canadian Bill of Rights which reads as follows:

The Parliament of Canada affirming that the Canadian Nation is founded upon  principles that acknowledge the supremacy of God, the dignity and worth of the human person and the position of the family in a society of free men and free institutions; Affirming also that men and institutions remain free only when freedom is founded upon respect for moral and spiritual values and the rule of law;

And being desirous of enshrining these principles and the human rights and fundamental freedoms derived from them, in a Bill of Rights which shall reflect the respect of Parliament for its constitutional authority and which shall ensure the protection of these rights and freedoms in Canada.

Then in 1982 when the Canadian Constitution was repatriated from Britain the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms included the statement that “Canada is founded on principles that recognize the Supremacy of God and the rules of law.” 

The inclusion of the supremacy of God in the preamble of the Charter came about at the time of the patriation of the Canadian Constitution by the Liberal government of Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau in 1982, Pierre Trudeau, his father, wrote about the Charter in his memoirs:

“Writers and poets have always searched for the Canadian identity; almost instinctively, Canadians have tended to say that they are French Canadians or English Canadians or Ukrainian Canadians or whatever, or simply new Canadians. But what is Canada itself? With the charter in place, we can now say that Canada is a society where all people are treated equal and where they share some fundamental values based upon freedom. The search for this Canadian identity, as much as my philosophical views, had led me to insist on the Charter (emphasis mine).”

Sadly we cannot get rid of this inept, uneducated, immoral, corrupt leader because he runs a minority government which means he is in power  until enough of the opposition take him down in a non-confidence vote. Dear friends, do not hold your breath. We are at the whim of the PM. We get another chance to remove him in 2023 or earlier if he decides to call an election. Again, I am not holding my breath. The leaders of the other parties are dismal.

The light of democracy is flickering.


From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”