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Life is likened unto two roads: one of fire and one of ice. If you walk in  the one, you will be burned, and if in the other, you will be frozen. What shall one do? Walk in the middle.

Diane Weber Bederman is a spokesperson for current events & writer on topics such as; Ethics, Politics, Religion and Mental Health. She is a book author and highly published columnist.   Diane feels, “There is a shortage of respectful dialogue, today.  And too much opinion expressed that is fact free.”  Welcome to ”The Bederman Blog- Your Passionate Voice of Reason”, Diane’s collection of articles where the opinions you read may not be yours, but they will always be based on fact.
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CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas with Diane Bederman

  Andrew Rouchotas  sat down once again with Canadian author Diane Bederman. Today we discussed The American Constitution, their failures and their successes with respect to achieving their stated and intended values and beliefs. We delved into the recent Times...

Hey Jew: What’s that? That? That’s my emotional support bat!

  A time to kill, a time to heal A time for war, a time for peace Ecclesiastes 3:3    Dear Jews We have a great history of defending ourselves yet, today we sit back and allow the bullying to take place over and over and over. Why? How about a different tactic? There are emotional...

Dear Jews: Stop playing defense: Ask questions!

  The time for playing defense-what I call “Jewsplainin” is over. Dear Jews: Stop playing defense: It’s time to ask questions and demand answers of those who promote attacks on the right of Israel and the Jews to exist.  You know, the people who scream “Palestine will be free from the river...

Where is the moral outrage?

              A good friend of mine, Lucie, asked me to write about the dearth of moral outrage. I think she is referring to the unending political corruption in government. Well, there is outrage, but moral outrage requires morals and there is definitely a...

Enough with the Jewsplainin’

Enough with the Jewsplainin’ We, the Jewish people are the Light Unto the Nations. We bend the knee to no one. We gave the world the ethic of freedom, without which we all would be serfs serving a pharaoh. I don’t know about you, but I have had enough Jewsplainin’. Explaining my right to exist as...

       About The Book

Not only are we under attack from those who hate our way of life, but our Western culture is crumbling from the internal pressures of worshiping the false gods of absolute tolerance, inclusion, and accommodation to the point that we welcome beliefs, customs, and rituals that undermine our democracy—in the name of democracy!


“An Intimate Soul Searching Journey. I highly recommend Back to the Ethic as a must read for all people of faith and people struggling with faith…”

“I’m very impressed with this book. Diane Weber Bederman give a very thorough understanding of exactly why the Judeo Christian tradition is the very foundation of our society. She shows exactly why it works and why other belief systems do not…”