Echoes of Martin Niemöller and First they came for…


When did Justin Trudeau become a dictator? When citizens agreed to lie to get funding. When they         agreed to give up their moral values, their ethical stances and stand beside him in the lie.  Arm and arm with their Leader.

I often hear people ask after a horrific event, “Why did God let this happen?” From the Armenian genocide to the Holocaust; from the Killing Fields of Cambodia to Rwanda. This isn’t about God. This is about people who so easily  give up their moral values, their ethical stances, because they have decided that the ends justify the means. A little wilful blindness here, a little ignorantia affectata  there, and the next thing you know we are all walking down the road to perdition; the Road to Serfdom. And it all begins with a “white lie” to appease the Leader.

Justin Trudeau is under the impression that he has the right to separate Canadians from our revered Constitution which is firmly rooted in the Judeo/Christian ethic whose pillars include the values that all people are born with equal intrinsic value, all life is sacred, and we care for the other.

Our Prime Minister has declared that tax payer money-tax payer-that’s all working Canadians, will not be given to charitable organizations which refuse to accept his edict as shared in the Canada Summer Jobs Program. He has decided that he will dictate what we can and cannot hold dear. What religious teachings we can and cannot have to participate fully in our diverse and accommodating society. It seems our Supreme Leader has forgotten that FREEDOM of RELIGION is in our CONSTITUTION.

One might ask why our Supreme leader insisted on organizations signing the attestation.

According to  Abolition Rights Coalition Canada, anti-abortion organizations received funding!  When  Employment Minister Patty Hajdu’s office heard about this they released  a statement that said:

“Any funding provided to an organization that works to limit women’s reproductive rights last summer was an oversight … That’s why this year we fixed the issue and no such organizations will receive funding from any constituencies represented by Liberal MPs.”

Here is this year’s requirements to receive funding from the Canada Summer Jobs Program.

The program, which provides wage subsidies to employers to create jobs for students, now requires applicants to check a box affirming that both the jobs and the organization’s “core mandate” respect human rights in Canada, including the values underlying the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms — and specifically, reproductive rights.

According to the government’s guide for applicants, “the government recognizes that women’s rights are human rights. This includes sexual and reproductive rights — and the right to access safe and legal abortions.” 

Andrew Bennett, Canada’s former religious freedom ambassador says the Trudeau government is displaying “totalitarian” tendencies with its controversial changes to the student summer jobs program.

Employment Minister Patty  Hajdu explained: “Our ministry believes in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and these are fundamental expectations of Canadians, and we stand up for those rights — and we [will] ensure that the money that we disperse on behalf of Canadians is not used in a way that violates those hard-won rights.” 

Here lies the problem.

There is no Constitutional right to abortion.

A minor detail, perhaps.

In the Morgentaler ruling, the court did not declare abortion a constitutional right. Only one of  the seven Supreme Court Justices who heard the case, Madam Justice Bertha  Wilson, wrote in support of a woman’s right to abortion, and then only in the  first trimester of pregnancy. Dissenting Justices McIntyre and La Forest  JJ. wrote in their opinion, “Save for the provisions of the Criminal Code  permitting abortion where the life or health of the woman is at risk, no right of abortion can be found in  Canadian law, custom or tradition and the Charter, including s.7, does not create such a right.”

Furthermore, they stated that “there has always been a clear  recognition of a public interest in the protection of the unborn and there is  no evidence or indication of general acceptance of the concept of abortion at  will in our society. The interpretive approach to the Charter adopted by this  court affords no support for the entrenchment of a constitutional right of  abortion.”

That didn’t stop Supreme Leader Trudeau from demanding that applicants must sign a document saying that they agree with the Trudeau Government weltanschaunng.   And yet, our leader is in power having only won 39.5% of the popular vote! 

But here’s the good news! Not to worry about your religious values or beliefs.

Both Hajdu and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have insisted the attestation does not affect religious groups because of the key phrase “core mandate.” They say a church’s core mandate is not focused on anti-abortion activism, so churches should have no problem signing it. What if their core mandate does not allow women to be religious leaders?

Needless to say there are people with religious beliefs who will not sign this document. People like Albertans Rhea Lynne Anderson and William Anderson. They have said their family-owned agricultural irrigation business complies fully with human rights legislation and they refuse to be compelled to agree with the government’s values. 

The government attitude seems to be:

Not to worry. Just hold your nose and sign it to get the money.  Ahhh echoes of Judas.

Is this not government sanctioned stealing? Is this not our sovereign government condoning lies and deceits? 

Which makes me wonder what other proclamations has this government decreed and then told people to lie to get money.

Jeff Hillier, lead pastor at Community Pentecostal Church in Orléans said “We couldn’t hold our integrity and check off the box about the reproductive rights.” He also expressed his shock over the new program rules, which put him in mind of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s requirement for Liberal MPs to vote pro-choice. 

Canadians were warned, weren’t we, with that pronouncement, and what did we do? We colluded; with wilful blindness. We did nothing. 

Echoes of Martin Niemöller and First they came for…

“The fact that monies would be withheld from us based upon not agreeing with our prime minister’s position to me is appalling,” Hillier said.

The Canadian Council of Christian Charities has outlined a three-part strategy for churches to respond to PM Trudeau’s decree: “pray, express concern, contact MPs.”

The rest of us need to speak up and demand our right to disagree with the government.


From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”