Dear, sweet Sarah Silverman, standing shoulder to shoulder with her new BFF, Ilhan Omar, praising the idea of a two-state solution in Israel. Where Israel is divided, again, into a smaller state to make room for another Muslim state-number 24 in the region- so that peace will reign. After all, calling for “Palestine will be free from the river to the sea”  does not really mean the end of Israel. It’s just a rallying cry. That the land designated for the Jewish people was reduced illegally and unilaterally by the British, giving all of what is now Jordan to the Arabs, doesn’t count. Or that the little bit of Israel that was around in 1948 was divided again. And heaven forbid that a country attacked by 5 neighbours actually survives and then takes back land that had been designated Israel-well that cannot happen if the country is the only Jewish state in the world of 193.

But Sarah stands with Omar. Because she believes her intentions are good.

“Omar says Israel is ‘the Jewish people’s historical homeland [as well as] the historical homeland of Palestinians,’ drawing support from the comedian

“I support a two-state solution, with internationally recognized borders, which allows for both Israelis and Palestinians to have their own sanctuaries and self-determination,” Omar wrote. This represents a major shift in tone for the Minnesota representative, whose comments have been interpreted by many as anti-Israel.

Jewish comedian-turned-beating-heart-of-the-liberal-movement Sarah Silverman signed off on Omar’s message. “I am so down with this,” she wrote on Twitter, in support of the op-ed. “Thank you [Ilhan Omar] for this piece, let’s work toward a two-state solution and let the U.S. be a force for peace and freedom and justice for all.”

Replied Omar, “Thank you, Sarah! I’m with you!”

But Omar knows something that Sarah and her Progressive friends don’t.

You cannot be loyal to two religions.

American Muslim scholar Daniel Haqiqatjou, from Houston, Texas, has written a scholarly article about the dangers of liberalism. He attended Harvard University where he majored in Physics and minored in Philosophy.

The Jewish people are suffering from the same illness. It’s called Progressivism.

Here is more.

Haqiqatjou says:

Liberalism (democracy) is a dangerous religion, ‘distinct from Islam’

He also shared his thoughts on liberalism, trying to educate the Muslim community on liberalismand really the dangers of liberalism and how to critique it. In the Quran it says  Allah says that he hasn’t made any man with two hearts within him, meaning that you can’t be faithful to two separate faiths, two religions [دين] at the same time.

Omar knows that Liberalism is a religion, a complete religion and faith.

Time for Silverman and the other Progressives to wake up to that, too. You cannot be a Progressive and a Jew. Any more than you can follow liberalism (democracy) if you are a true Muslim.



From the Ethics of the Fathers: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”