Here is a copy of the complaint I sent four times from two different email addresses to  Esther Enkin, the CBC Ombudsman, regarding the article written October 24, 2017 by Neil Macdonald; another of his “opinion” pieces about the Jews:

Forget the ‘slippery slope’ — Israel already is an apartheid state: Neil Macdonald

Since the election of Donald Trump, colonization has surged with an invigorated enthusiasm

Each time the missive bounced back with this message: rejected your message to the following email addresses: (
Your message couldn’t be delivered. When Office 365 tried to send the message, the external email server returned the error below. This is probably due to a problem or policy setting on the recipient’s email system

Not to worry. I will get the complaint to her.

Complaints have been laid against Neil Macdonald for years.

After sending my complaint I read this article by Dov Smith written 7 years ago.  Here is an excerpt. Read the entire article.

Macdonald has never made a secret of his opinions about Israel. In 2000, he referred to “the ferocious appetite of Jewish settlers for Arab land.” In 2002, he asked rhetorically whether the terror group Hezbollah is “a national liberation movement or, as Israel and its supporters maintain, a murderous global menace?… Commenting on the CBC Web site on Dec. 3, Macdonald offered his analysis of a UN reform committee’s proposal to declare that “there is nothing in the fact of [Israel’s] occupation [of the West Bank and Gaza] that justifies the targeting and killing of civilians.” While this seems like a reasonable proposition, Macdonald felt it important to point out that “Israeli soldiers who enforce the occupation kill a great many Palestinian civilians. If Palestinians have committed terror, the Israelis have certainly committed war crimes.”

Here is my letter.

This is an official complaint regarding Neil MacDonald and his article

Please note that there are two types of unethical journalism. One is the statement of “facts” that are proven incorrect. A fairly easy thing to do. And the other, more diffiuclt, the omission of facts.This is not the first time that complaints have been lodged against this “columnist.”

Here is one link to Honest Reporting with a list of complaints.

It seems that none of these complaints have registered any change in Mr. Macdonald’s’ reportage. Reporting that seems to leave out facts.

Let’s talk about apartheid.

The definition of apartheid as understood in South Africa was the complete separation between two people -solely on race. Complete separation from water fountains to access to government and health care. Every moment of one’s life was based on the colour of one’s skin.

There is no apartheid in the State of Israel. None. The only apartheid of which I am aware in the Territories is against the Jews. There are signs that say “No Jews beyond this point.” I have yet to see similar signs in Israel against any group of people. The roads to which Mr. Macdonald refers that are now closed to Palestinians were built for all, but Arabs took their trucks and attacked Jews on the road. They used their trucks as weapons and we all know, don’t we, Ms. Enkin, how much damage a Muslim behind a truck can do when on a suicide mission. The Jews were then given separate roads-to protect them from being murdered. I assume Mr. Macdonald is not against the state of Israel protecting her citizens.

Then of course there is the containment of Jews on the Temple Mount while Muslims have free access. This despite the fact that Muslim terrorists ambushed two Israeli border guards on the Temple Mount. I assume they thought they were murdering Jews but, no, they murdered Druze. Can you imagine people bringing in guns and bombs into one of their holiest sites?Please note that the Temple Mount is the Holiest site for Jews and only the third holiest for Muslims. And even that is disputed as there are those who point out that the Mosque in question is not the one in Israel. But I leave that for another time. Perhaps your researchers would care to look into that.

The wall was built to protect the Jews from Muslim terrorists who enjoyed blowing up people in buses and restaurants and the beaches. My son went to school with Marni Kimmelman who was blown up on a beach in Tel Aviv by Muslim terrorists.Perhaps you could have Mr. MacDonald interview the family.

Has Mr. Macdonald or anyone from the CBC reported on the wall that Egypt built to keep out Gazans? And stop the terror from Gaza?

Let’s talk about the fact that the future Palestinian country will be officially Judenrein. You know the meaning of that word, don’t you Ms. Enkin? It was the Nazi policy. I don’t recall any comment about that from Mr. Macdonald. Is it acceptable to him that a country in the 21st century should be officially without Jews? That all Jews living there must be removed? Perhaps then Mr. Macdonald would approve of Israel removing all Muslims from the Jewish state?

Here are links to articles about Jews banned from countries-today. Post Holocaust.

Is that apartheid by any chance?

Let’s talk about health care for Palestinians. They have their own hospitals as they should. But it seems they prefer Israeli Hospitals. And Israel takes care of these people with the same standard of care as Israelis-who come in all races, colours, creeds,  sexual orientation (let’s never forget that Muslims murder gays) and religions.

Israel cares for Syrians involved in the war.Conan O’Brien suggested that Israel receive a Nobel Prize for that care.

credit JPost

Mr. Macdonald wrote “Settlers are entitled to carry arms and use them in self-defence; Palestinians are not.” First of all, let’s talk about language. The Jews are not settlers as in colonizers. They are residents as Muslims are residents of Israel. Now can you imagine if Muslims were allowed guns? The reason Jews have guns is to prevent terrorist attacks by Muslims in Israel and the under the PA. Mr. Macdonald has no problem with moral and cultural relativism.

Perhaps you could arrange for Mr. Macdonald to read this report. 

It seems Mr. Macdonald cannot quote Mr. Sarid often enough despite the complaints lodged by Honest Reporting. I gather then that the complaints that are lodged are not followed through  by editors.

Let’s address the formal reconciliation between Hamas and the PA shall we? There is a link to that as well in his article. Mr. Macdonald certainly has a unique view on that. More moral relativism. He needed to compare the Irgun with Hamas. Hamas one day will be like the Irgun, he asserts.

“…when Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party signed a formal reconciliation recently with the “terrorists” of Hamas, who rule Gaza, both Israel and the United States objected, saying such a union endangers, yes, the peace process. The fact that today’s terrorists tend to become tomorrow’s statesmen (the Irgun bombers later joined the nascent government of Israel, and former Irgun chief Menachem Begin became prime minister) is apparently irrelevant in this context.”You know what is relevant Mme. Ombudsman?  Facts.

Especially those that were left out.

“Fatah Central Committee Secretary Jibril Rajoub says the unity agreement with Hamas does not mean that Hamas has to give up its use of “resistance,” i.e., the PA euphemism for violence and terror against Israel, since Fatah itself “has not given up and will not give up the resistance.”
Rajoub explained in an interview on the Lebanese TV channel Al-Mayadeenthat Fatah wants to achieve “national unity” based on “true partnership” with Hamas:
Al-Mayadeen TV host: “What has actually changed? Why will the reconciliation [with Hamas] eliminate the resistance, or the idea of resistance (i.e., violence)…?”
Fatah Central Committee Secretary Jibril Rajoub: “First of all, Fatah has not given up and will not give up the resistance. We are ready to enter a dialogue [with Hamas] and to refine our positions in order to reach a general agreement… We want to achieve national unity [with Hamas] on the basis of true partnership.”
[Lebanese TV channel Al-Mayadeen’s YouTube channel, Oct. 6, 2017)”


Perhaps Mr. Macdonald would care to comment on this (That Fatah/Hamas agree Israel has no right to exist)

And this:

Hamas insists that it has not tempered its view of Israel. It remains committed to the annihilation of the Jewish state.

Now let’s talk about President Carter and all the peace process plans.

If I recall correctly, you have 20 working days to respond to this complaint. Please note that Jew hatred is on the rise-far faster and far greater than any other discrimination in this country. I suggest that articles like this one the CBC allowed to be posted is a direct cause for that hate. There is opinion and then there is hate speech. This article contributes to hate for Israel and the Jewish people in its brazen bias.

I look forward to your remarks.


Dear readers, if, after reading this post you are as disgusted as I am and Dov Smith then contact the ombudsman at


 “Rabbi Tarfon used to say, it is not incumbent upon you to complete the task, but you are not exempt from undertaking it.”