Well done Britain. Promoting the Palestine Expo; Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Westminster, London July 8 and 9, 2017; “the biggest social, cultural and entertainment event on Palestine to ever take place in Europe. In a year of immense significance for Palestine”

You have added another link in the 1000 year chain of British-Jew hatred.

First, there is no such thing as a state of Palestine.

Yes, you read that correctly, dear Britons; there is no state of Palestine. There was a moment in time when there could have been a state.

November 29, 1947, the General Assembly passed Resolution 181, which called for the partition of Palestine into a state for the Jews and a state for the Arabs… The Jews accepted the resolution, the Arabs rejected it… Following the war of 1948-9 Israel and Jordan signed an armistice agreement.”

In other words, there is not now and there has never been a legal state of Palestine because the Arabs refused. 

The Arabs tried to defeat the Jewish state again in 1967. And lost.

When Israel took all of Judea and Samaria and eastern Jerusalem in the Six Day War of 1967, she was only moving into unclaimed Mandate land.  Israel cannot be an occupier in land that according to international law belonged to her in the first place.”

And the Arab states went to war again in 1973 . And lost.

There is no state of Palestine.

Over the decades there have been attempts to create a legal state and each attempt failed because Arab leadership refused to acknowledge the Jewish state of Israel. The Arabs have been trying to exterminate the Jews from time immemorial. This has been documented by the late Joan Peters in her book From Time Immemorial 

Reading Peters’ book, one hears the echoes from the past that are still haunting us in the present.  In 1984, Peters wrote:

“Today, the explicitly stated Arab goals appear to be gaining credence once again through the medium of propaganda and twisted rhetoric, unquestioned by those of us who haven’t known the questions to ask, and unhindered by many who have guessed. Those who understand the reality ought to demand more.” 

And you Britain are promoting that lie by promoting Palestine Expo which is promoting hate for the Jewish people because the Expo is associated with PSC (Palestine Solidarity Campaign) and FOA (Friends of Al Aqsa)

According to David Collier’s in-depth investigation into antisemitism inside The Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the PSC  patrons include: Jeremy Corbyn MP, Pat Gaffney, Rev Garth, Ken Loach, Dr Ilan Pappe, Hilary & Steven Rose,  Alexi Sayle, Baroness Tonge of Kew, and Betty Hunter.  It partners with many of the largest unions in the UK.

FOA is involved with a number of anti-Jewish initiatives, it has been  instrumental in the establishment of the annual ‘Al Quds Day‘ events in London, in which a wide variety of extremist groups march in support of the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah and the Iranian regime.

Friends of Al-Aqsa  is one of the more extremist Islamist organizations at work in Britain today.

“It supports the Muslim Brotherhood-linked charity ‘Interpal’ (proscribed by the US Treasury) and advertises it on its website. It collaborates with the Khomenist Iranian-funded faux human rights organization known as the Islamic Human Rights Commission in organizing events such as Al Quds day at which public support is expressed for the Iranian proxy militia Hizbollah.” — UK Media Watch.”

FOA was founded by  Ismail Patel, described by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center as “a pro-Hamas British organization, based in Leicester, which advocates Israel’s elimination.”

 2011 Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh meets with pro-Hamas activists, including Patel (red arrow)

Did you read that British people: A pro-Hamas organization based in your fair country!


FOA was involved with an effort to bring antisemitic extremist Raed Salah to Britain in 2011.

FOA  has published articles by Holocaust Denier Paul EisenGilad Atzmon, who claims “Hitler might have been right after all”; and Israel Shamir, who’s claimed that Jews “ritually murdered Christian children for their blood” and that Jews are aligned with demonic forces.

Patel was previously spokesman for the British Muslim Initiative (BMI), a group whose officials included Hamas operative Mohammed Sawalha.

Well if that doesn’t say it all, what does Britain? You are supporting a terrorist group which calls for death to the Jews!

And how about those speakers who call for the end of Israel?

Yea Britain! You are supporting an EXPO that has virulent antisemitic speakers who are not terribly fond of the State of Israel. Well done Britain; the home of the Magna Carta.

You are supporting autocratic, theocratic, despotic ideologies rather than supporting Israel, the only democracy in the muck and misery of the Middle East.  Your only sister democracy-whose people gave the world freedom!

Here is John Pilger. 

He is an Australian journalist and film-maker, one of whose documentaries has been described as “a veritable encyclopedia of every anti-Israel canard in existence today”. He has suggested that terrorist group Hezbollah represented “humanity at its noblest”; approvingly cited the arguments of the anti-Semite and Holocaust denier Gilad Atzmon; has suggested that “influential” Jews around the world are culpable in “Israeli crimes” and has likened Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to the Nazi’s treatment of the Jews. According to Pilger , “the Zionist state remains the cause of more regional grievance and sheer terror than all the Muslim states combined.”

You need more proof. READ

Britain, you seem to be filled with systemically, endemically, innately antisemitic people.

Recently Britain you have supported (because I did not hear of a protest) the Jew-hating exhibition at Bath Abbey, brought to you by Reverend Mason, and the antisemitic  Egypt exhibition at the British Museum by Neal Spencer  which obliterates the state of Israel by calling the area of land  Palestine-the state that does not exist. Not now, and certainly not thousands of years ago.

British people; reclaim your reputation. You are the people who shared the Judeo/Christian ethic around the world; the ethic that underpins democracy, and  brought it to America.  Yet, here you are supporting an Exhibit by people who are adamantly opposed to our freedoms, our values.

Wake up and stop the exposition. Stop the spreading of hate; not just for the Jews!  But for the West.

You were once a great empire.


Do not let the last word on the United Kingdom be